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This little work is taken from the Apocalypse Explained, beginning with No. 1091 and ending with No. 1229. As it is there published it cannot be read continuously without considerable difficulty, it being a work which is distinct and complete in itself, and yet added in small portions to the sections of another work, which is also complete in itself. To obviate this difficulty and thus to make this treatise more extensively useful, it has been thought advisable to publish it separately.

Press of the New Jerusalem Magazine.




The Athanasian Creed,

The state of faith and love with man in this world,

and afterwards in the other into which he comes

after death, ..

That the doctrine of faith which has its name from

Athanasius, leaves a clear idea whilst it is reading,

that there are three persons, and hence that there

are three unanimous Gods, and an obscure idea that

God is one, and so obscure, that it does not remove

the idea of three Gods, . .

. : 17

That the same doctrine leaves a clear idea that the

Lord has a Divine and a Human, or that the Lord

is God and Man, but an obscure idea that the Di-

vine and Human of the Lord are one person, and

that his Divine is in his Human as the soul in the

body, . . . . . . .

That nevertheless all things contained in that doctrine,

from beginning to end, both such as are clear and

such as are obscure, agree and coincide with the

truth, if instead of saying that God is one in es-

sence and three in person, it be believed, as the real

truth is, that God is one both in essence and person, 28

The agreement of all things of the Athanasian doc-

trine with this truth, that God is one both in es-

sence and person, in whom is a trinity (trinum), 29

The agreement of the Athanasian doctrine with this

truth, that the Human of the Lord is Divine by vir-

tue of the Divine which was in him from concep-


That this has come to pass by the Divine Providence

of the Lord,

That in the Lord there is a trinity (trinum), the Di-

vine Itself, which is called the Father, the Divine

Human which is called the Son, and the Divine

Proceeding which is called the Holy Spirit, . 37

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