Field and Colliery Surveying: A Primer Designed for the Use of Students of Surveying and Colliery Manager Aspirants

Macmillan & Company, 1911 - 263 páginas

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Página 22 - To draw a straight line at right angles to a given straight line, from a given point in the same.
Página 164 - Triangles on the same base, and between the same parallels, are equal.
Página 19 - Any two sides of a triangle are together greater than the third side.
Página 249 - A section of the strata sunk through, or, if that is not reasonably " practicable, a statement of the depth of the shaft with a section
Página 248 - Every such plan must be on a scale of not less than that of the Ordnance Survey of twenty-five inches to the mile, or on the same scale as the plan for the time being in use at the mine.
Página 16 - A diameter of a circle is a straight line drawn through the centre, and terminated both ways by the circumference.
Página 19 - When the three angles of one are equal to the three angles of the other, each to each, the adjoining diagram shews that the triangles need not be equal in all respects.
Página 12 - A plane superficies is that in which any two points being taken, the straight line between them lies wholly in that superficies.
Página 21 - To bisect a given finite straight line, that is, to divide it into two equal parts. Let AB be the given straight line; it is required to divide it into two equal parts.
Página 34 - We have, then, that the sine of an angle is equal to the cosine of its complement, and conversely.

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