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ter. Ib. xv. 8, And with the Blaft of thy Noftrils the Waters were gathered together, the Floods food upright as an Heap, and the nonn the Depths (the fluid) was congeal'd in the Heart of the Sea. Pfal. lxvi. 6, He turned the Sea into dry Land; They went through the Flood on Foot. Ib. Ixviii. 23, I will bring my People again from the Depth of the Sea. Ib. lxxiv. 13, Thou didst divide the Sea by thy Strength. Ib. lxxviii. 13, He divided the Sea, and caused them to pass through: He made the Waters to ftand as an Heap. ver. 53, But the Sea overwhelm'd their Enemies. Ib. cvi. 9, He rebuked the Red-Sea alfo, and it was dried up; fo he led them through the Depths as through the Wildernefs. ver. 11. And the Waters covered their Enemies, there was not one of them left. ver. 21, which had done-terrible Things by the Red Sea. Ib. cxiv. 3, The Sea faw it, and fled. Ib. cxxxvi. 13, To him which divided the Red-Sea into Parts. Ifa. xliii. 16, Thus faith Jehovah, which maketh a Way in the Sea, and a Path in the mighty Waters. Ib. 1. 2, At my rebuke I dry up the Sea. Ib. li. 10, Art thou not it which dried the Sea, the Waters of the great Deep, that hath made the Depths of the Sea a Way for thy ransomed to pass over. That divided the Sea, whofe Waves roar'd.

ver. 15,

roar'd. Pfal. lxxvii. 16, The Waters faw thee, O Aleim, the Waters faw thee: They were afraid, the Depths alfo were troubled, &c. Exod. xv. 25, And Jehovah fhewed him a Tree, which when he had caft into the Waters, the Waters were made fweet. Ib. xvii. 6, And thou shalt fmite the Rock, and there fhall come Water out of it, that the People may drink. Numb. xx. 11, And the Water came out abundantly. Pt. xxviii. 15, He clave the Rocks in the Wilderness, and gave them Drink as out of the great Depths: He brought Streams alfo out of the Rock, and caufed IVaters to run down like Rivers. Ib. cv. 41, He opened the Rock, and the Waters gushed out: They ran in the dry Places like a River. Pf. cxiv. 8. Which turned the Rock into a Standing Water, the Flint into a Fountain of Waters. So Jof. iii. 14, And it came to pass, when the People remov'd fromtheir Tents to pass over Jordan-that C the Waters which came down from above, ftood and rofe up upon an Heap-And thofe, " that came down towards the Sea-failed,

and were cut off, and the People paffed over. Pl. cxiv. 3, Jordan was driven back. 2 Kings ii. 14, And he took the Mantle of Elijah and fmote the Waters and they parted hither and hither, and ENn 3



lifha went over. So v. 21, Thus faith Jehovah, I have healed thefe Waters; There fhall not be from thence any more Death or barren Land. So lb. iii. 20,-Behold there came Water by the Way of Edom, and the Country was fill'd with Water. So Jonah i. 4, But Jehovah fent out a great Wind into the Sea, and there was a mighty Tempeft in the Sea, fo that the Ship was like to be broken; See the Remainder of this and the next Chapter. This Power is claim'd in exprefs Words, Pfal. xxix. 10, Jehovah fitteth upon the Flood: yea, Jehovah fitteth King for ever, This Power was committed to Chrift, Pfal. lxxxix. 25, And I will fet his Hand alfo in the Sea, and his Right Hand in the Rivers. So Matt. viii. 26. Mark iv. 39. Luke viii. 24, And be arofe, and rebuked the Wind, and faid unto the Sea, Peace, be ftill; and the Wind ceafed, and there was a great Calm-What Manner of Man is this, that even the Wind and the Sea obey him? So Matt. xiv. 32. Markvi. 51, John vi. 21, And when they were come into the Ship the Wind ceafed: Then they that were in the Ship came and worshipped him, saying, Of a Truth thou art the Son of God. Luke v. 4. Let down your Net for a Draught they enclos'd a great Multitude of


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Fishes, and their Net brake. So Particular Attributes, Deut. xxxiii. 19, For they shall fuck of the Abundance of the Seas, and of Treafures hid in the Sand. 2 Sam. xxii. 16, And the Chanels of the Sea appeared. 1 Chron. xvi. 32. Pfal. xcvi. 11, Let the Sea roar, and the Fullness thereof. Job. xxxvi. 30, And covereth the Bottom of the Sea. Ib. xxxviii. 16, Haft thou entred into the Springs of the Sea; or haft thou walk'd in the Search of the Depth? Pl. lxv.7, Which filleth the Noife of the Seas, the Noife of the Waves, and the Tumult of the People. Pfal. Ixix. 34, Let the Heavens and Earth praise him; the Seas, and every Thing that moveth therein. Ib. lxxvii. 19, Thy Way is in the Sea, and thy Path in the great Waters, and thy Footsteps are not known. Ib. lxxxix. 9, Thou ruleft the raging of the Sea; when the Waves there of arife, thou stilleft them. Ib. xciii. 4, Jehovah on high is mightier than the Noife of many Waters: Tea, than the mighty Waves of the Sea. Ib. cvii. 23, They that go down to the Sea in ships, that do Bufinefs in great Waters: Thefe fee the Works of Jehovah, and his Wonders in the Deep. For he commandeth and raiseth the ftormy Wind, which lifteth up the Waves thereof. They mount up to the Heaven: They go



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down again to the Depths, their Soul is melted because of Trouble. They reel to and fro, and flagger like a drunken Man, and are at their Wits End. Then they cry unto Jehovah in their Trouble, and he bringeth them out of their diftreffes. He maketh a Storm a Calm, fo that the Waves thereof are ftill. Then are they glad because they be quiet: So he bringeth them unto their defired Haven. Ib cxxxv. 6, Whatfoever Jehovah pleafed, that did he the Seas and all deep Places: He caufeth the Vapours to afcend from the Ends of the Earth: Hemaketh Lightnings for the Rain: He bringeth forth the Wind out of his Treafuries. Ib. civ. 25, So is the great and wide Sea, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great Beafts. There go the Ships, there is that Leviathan, whom thou hast made to play therein. Ib. cxxxix. 9,—And dwell in the uttermoft Parts of the Sea, even there fhallthy Hand lead me, and thy Right Hand fball holdme. Ifa. xix. 5, And the Waters fhall fail from the Sea and the Rivers fhall be wafted and dryed up. Jer. ix. 3, And tho they lie hid from my fight in the Bottom of the Sea, thence will I command the Serpent, and he fball bite them. It appears by the following Declaration, that the Heathens attributed


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