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and adopted church, and for the illustration of the essential perfections of Jehovah as displayed in his mysterious arrangements. These are illustrated by the means which conduced to the crucifixion of Christ, and the legal destruction of the thing which God by necessity of nature hates. And the argument is further sustained in a consideration of the sovereign purpose of sanctification, by the Holy Ghost, of the vessels of mercy appointed to eternal glory.' ! On the latter point Mr. T. is not only truly scriptural, but, having occupied to advantage the ground so much neglected by certain preachers and writers, his observations are truly seasonable, and are calculated for the production of great benefit. The spiritual and moral effects which of necessity follow upon the implantation and growth of grace in the heart, are well defined in these terms:** “ Now when these children of God are 'thus raised out of the ruins of nature, and are brought into a state of visible acceptance in the Beloved, they are individually living witnesses of the fact, that God has formed all things for his own pleasure. Like some stately column, erected to perpetuate a signal victory obtained over an enemy, they stand in the midst of the world's wilderness, the public memorials of divine grace, the perfection of which is manifested in their supernatural formation to bear the image of God. Nor is it a thing of trivial or momentary concern that they should be kept alive in the midst of surrounding danger. The world in which they reside lieth in the wicked one, and the wickedness of the world is a continual source of grief unto them. To be kept from its wickedness requires more than human strength and sagacity. To live in the midst of its pollution, and to be preserved from its defilement, is a mystery to the ungodly. But there is a power which is secretly operating upon the minds of the just, by which they are strengthened to do the will of God. It was this which made Paul triumph in the midst of sore trouble, and was the reason why he gloried in tribulations. Those divine displays of power exerted in and on behalf of the saints, are not events which take place without any anterior arrangement, but are the result of determinate counsel in God. Indeed, the chequered scenes through which the saints are passing, are not contingencies, but they are events pre-concerted.”

Approving the sentiments of Mr. Thurling on the subject of his Letter, with much pleasure we recommend its perusal to our friends and contributors.

Gospel Library. A new and handsome Edition of the Works of the

late Rev. A, M. Toplady. A.B. &c. &c. Palmer. To answer the claims of those whose means will not allow the gratification of purchasing the voluminous and costly productions of evangelical writers deceased, “the Gospel Library” presents advantages which cannot fail of being embraced to an extended degree. Indeed, the present sale-and there are but four weekly numbers published_augurs an amount of success that the publishers did not anticipate when their plan was first issued. The writings of Toplady are beyond all praise : we need but give this short notice, that the lovers of gospel truth, to whom we allude, may determine for themselves whether the opportunity presented them should be neglected.


O Saint of the Most High ! arrived beyond
The portals of that city's golden gates,
Which wide expand to admit the just ;-who now
Hast gained the mansion from of old decreed,
And by our glorious Christ' prépared, and long
Possessed, to be as now possessed by thee;
Who seest in vision, unobscured, the face
Of the great ARCHITECT, on whom thy soul
By precious faith oft here contemplated,
And wondering gazed-enraptured and absorbed :--

We hail the heavenly harmony, and fain
Conceive the glory, effulgent bursting
Upon thy ransomed spirit; while the throng,
As countless as the sand, renew their joys,
Shouting loud hallelujahs to the Lamb!

But there's a bound impassable divides
Our longing soul and thee : and, till the day
Of our redemption dawn, submissively
We wait to know and tell the extatic scene.

That latter day on rapid wheels draws nigh,
When He, who came enshrined in human flesh
To save his own, shall stand again on earth
To judge the world. Then, O our soul! we too,
With the departed, shall behold the Lord-
Each for himself, and not for other, gaze
And adore—for our Redeemer liveth!

Our Brother, low before the throne,

Falls prostrate to receive his crown;
In glory's realms a king appears-

A priest to God for endless years.
No more a Zion's WARRIOR now,
Assailed by foes as here below,
Surrounded by a phalanx strong,
Inveterate, all the way along,
Reckless of honour and of shame-
Soldiers of Jesus' but by name!

He fearless fought the field alone, 2,
Strong in Christ's strength the victory won,
And vanquished—was declared by none! )
But see him “ more than conqueror” there,
And in our Jesu's conquests share :
His breast-plate, helmet, shield, and sword,
To Zion's armoury restored;
Our WARRIOR in the realms of peace,
With glory crowned with Jesus is.

No more a Zion's PILGRIM here, ,
O'er mountains high, through vallies drear,
On burning sands, ʼmidst tempests roar,
While swelling floods impetuous pour.

His toilsome journey to complete,
Guided by wisdom infinite,
And guarded by the almighty arm
From every fear and foe's alarm,
See the soft hand of covenant love
The last fall'n tear for e'er remove :
His count'nance, oft suffused with joy
When panting after heaven's employ,

Beamed with seraphic brightness-shone
As Moses' on the mount alone-
Our Brother-hear his dying word !-

“ Held sacred converse with the LORD!"
Cease then your sorrows, sons of Zion, cease
Those plaintive notes--forego your loud complaints :
Know that the Lord is God! and He, who appoints
And sends his servants to perform his will,
Takes glory to HIMSELF, when he recalls,
And bids them enter their eternal rest.
Stand still, and see the great salvation wrought,
For him you mourn-for you—for all that love
And look for Christ's appearing ; who shall soon
Again stand glorious before his church,
When the whole flock re-pass his sacred rod .
To enter the one fold—and be at home!

MAJESTIC King! Great Universal Lord!
We sing thy great perfections all sublime :
But can we sing thy praise with aught less aid,
Than that which comes from thee? Unsearchable
All thy perfections are, great Lord of all!
Reason and thought are lost, and vainly try
To gain the summit of that topless mount,
That boundless space, that sea without a shore.
'Tis so to all created intellectual powers : -
Far different to thee; thou know'st them all,
And comprehendest all in thy great Self.

Celestial hosts ! that dwell so near his throne,
Bright courtiers of the majesty on high,
Raise, raise your voices ! strike the heavenly lyre !
And let his praise resound throughout the skies,
While earth re-echoes with his worthy praise !
Let rapture swell the song, and praise arise
To him that sits upon the shining throne
Of peerless Majesty and power supreme!

But the clear mirror where perfection shines
In all its splendour and refulgent light,
Is in the face of Christ. O wond'rous Prince !
Thy complex person is a deep profound:
Thou art the mighty God! the Wonderful !
Thou art the Man that died on Calvary.
O wond'rous scheme! O deep, surprising love!
That thou should'st take our nature to thyself
For the salvation of thy chosen ones :
For in thy spotless human soul thou art,
The brightest image of thy Father, God.

Speak, ye angelic hosts! can ye explore
The God-like wonders of Immanuel ?
Say, Gabriel, say, canst thou declare,
Wisdom, and love, and glory, shining all
In Christ their glorious and adored centre ?
Oh! no, 'tis far above thy loftiest praise,
Thy highest notes fall far below his feet.

Great God! thy power, thy justice, and thy love
Concentrate in thy glorious plan of grace.
Oh! grant thy Spirit to our longing hearts,
To help us through this thorny wilderness;
Till we arrive to see thy lovely face

At the bright region of the saints in light.
April 12, 1827.


Spiritual Magazine ;



« There are Three that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the WORD, and the HOLY GHOST: and these Three are One.

1 John v.7. * Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

Jude 3.

JULY, 1827.



CHRIST. The name of the Lord is a strong tower ; the righteous runneth into

it, and is safe.-Prov. xviii. 10. AMONG the servants of God, who of old spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, no one seems to have been indulged with clearer views of the security of the church of God than Solomon. His Song of Songs shews the apprehensions he had formed of Christ, the head of the church, and of the security and happiness of the church in Christ. And to these important subjects all the prophets bear witness, fully proving that Jehovah, the one living and true God, chose a people in Christ, and secured them in him to the enjoyment of eternal rest.

This truth is too plain in scripture for one of spiritual discernment to overlook. Of that rest, the scriptures speak in such terms as are calculated (and surely designed) to cheer the mind of every humble believer in the church militant, while passing through the vicissitudes of his pilgrimage. Heaven is spoken of as a kingdom, where the eternal King reigns unopposed by enemies, where all his subjects are in perfect allegiance, and all enjoy alike the favour of their Sovereign: as an inheritance, where every heir shall hold his patrimony in full and quiet possession for ever: as a city, whose maker and builder is God, and whose inhabitants equally participate in the privileges of citizenship: as a temple, the glory of which is the presence of the Lord God and the Lamb, and where all the worshippers are incessant in their adorations: as a house, the final and happy home, where the children of the Lord's family shall for ever enjoy all the blessedness their heavenly Father designed for them.

Vol. IV.-No. 39.

Yet, after all the scriptures have said on the subject, no correct judgment can be formed here on what God hath prepared in heaven for them that love him; for eye hath not seen, neither hath ear heard, what that sum of bliss is which the ransomed shall possess in their glorified state. But we do know that the King's daughter, the church, the bride of Christ, shall be brought there in the rich robe of her Redeemer's righteousness; that the days of her mourning will be ended; and that her God will be her glory. Wbile no bumble follower of the Lamb doubts about the happiness of heaven, there are many of them fear they shall never arrive there; and this fear is very common to such as are awakened to a knowledge of their own helplessness, guilt, and ruin, until they are brought to know that those discoveries are made by all who are the subjects of quickening grace. Many of God's dear children have, what may be called a good hope in Christ, because they believe he died for sinners; but not knowing that he shed his precious blood for them, and feeling much of the depravity of their fallen nature, their hope frequently fails, and distressing doubts of their safety often prevail; and it will be so till the Lord the Holy Ghost gives them clearer views of truth, and brings the gospel of salvation home with power to their hearts: and this the Holy Spirit is engaged to do. “ When he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth," John xvi. 13. Then truth becomes a light to the understanding and joy to the heart. And for the rich consolation and firm establishment of all who are so taught, the sacred scriptures furnish ample instructions, and testify most clearly to the identity of their character, and the certainty of their security: both which particulars are fully expressed in the language of the text, “ The name of the Lord is a strong tower : the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.”

Here the security and the character of every new-born soul is confirmed. The knowledge and enjoyment thereof can never fail to humble the believer, and draw out his warmest affections in praise to his God. The scriptures set forth our blessed Lord and Saviour in all his Mediator excellencies, that his redeemed may be ever admiring, adoring, and living on him. The Spirit of truth is constantly pointing him out in some one or other of bis many precious names, each of which, as the voice of heaven, proclaims safety, eternal safety to the church of God; and the name graciously assumed in our text, “ A strong tower,” is most divinely expressive of that security.

Now, in the erection of a tower, great care and caution is requisite in order to guard against all possible exigencies; otherwise it may not prove a safe retreat to those who flee thither for security from their enemies. 1st. It must have a firm and deep foundation, or the inhabitants, though in other respects well prepared to sustain an assault, may by the skill and perseverance of the miner soon fall into the hand of the enemy. But our divine tower is secure at this point beyond all conception : for the building is founded in Omni

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