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Adoption 371

Battle between Faith and Unbe-
lief 152

Believer leaning upon his Be-
loved 65

Believers made partakers of a

Divine Nature 332

BlindBeggar - 330

Bread of Life 243

Believer's Return and Commen-
dation of his Bride 368

Benefit of Prayer 353

Cause of the Saints' Comfort

and Preservation 134

Christ, the Life of his Church.. 198

the Plant of Renown .. 324

the Substance of the

Gospel, and the Object of the

Believer's desire 237

Christ's Look upon Peter, 41, 108,

141, 184

Christ precious to Believers .. 358

Church Fellowship 77

Consolation for a Brother in

Affliction 116

Correspondence from North

America 247, 262

Death and Life contrasted. 161, 204
Decease of the Rev. Dr. Hawker 45
Declaration of the Assembly of
Divines relative to Archer's

"Comfort for Believers" 200

Deliverance 51

Distinguishing Grace 83

Duty of recording the Mercies
of God 179

Earnest expectation of the Crea-
ture, and its subjection to
Vanity 289

Fiery Trial of Believers 171

Forthcoming of God's Sheep all
secured in the responsibility

and glory of the chief Shep-
herd ....: 139

Fragments, 24, 120, 154, 214,

248, 273, 306
Free access to the Lord Jesus
Christ 148

God of all Grace 296

Gospel Tract Society; proceed-
ings of the Third Anniver-
sary 94

Gross Arminianism detected in
the Spiritual Magazine .... 11

Headship of Adam 196

Hearing the Gospel 177

Heavenly Workers, and their

Work 239

Heaven the final Home of the

Saints 225

Hint to the Reviewers, and on

Mann's " Theological Essays" 335
Human Soul of Christ 337

Joseph, a Type of Christ 1

Justification of the Elect 304

Knowledge of Christ 66

Letter to the Editor 200

on the state

of Religious Parties 175

with a Hint

to Correspondents 196

to a beloved Friend and

Brother in the kingdom and
patience of the Lord Jesus

Christ 19*

Life of Faith 118

Literary Intelligence, 128, 221, 287

Lord's Supper 113

Letter from the late Rev. W.
Romaine 364

Meditation on my Birth-day.... 136


Name of Jesus 145

Notice of Archer's "Comfort
of Believers," and its Re-
viewers 245

Notice of the Review of Jones's
Pastoral Rehearsings 370

Obituary 159, 192, 212, 224

Observations on the Signs of
the Times 321

Original Essays.
On Adoption 371

— Deliverance 51

— Distinguishing Grace .... 83

— Hearing the Gospel 177

Sorrow 215

— The Bread of Life 243

— The Human Soul of Christ. 337

— The Name of Jesus 145

— The Past Year 274

— The Word of Christ 307

Pie-existence of the Human Soul

of Christ 210,277, 310

Principle and Actings of Faith.. 328
Privileges of a Believer, and his
Triumph over Death 366

Query on the Sonship of Christ 236

Reflections on a Birth-day .... 16

—— Sol. Song iv. 12,

129, 168, 291

Relief of Poor, Sick, Infirm,
and Aged Ministers 8

Religious Intelligence, 23, 62, 94,
128, 159, 192

Remarkable Account concerning
our blessed Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ, by Theodosius,
a Jew 47

Remarks on the Review of Mr.
Colyer's Sermon 210

Resurrection of the Dead .... 231

Return of the Beloved, and Com-
mendation of his Bride .... 270

Robe of Righteousness 173

Redemption by Christ 361

Safety and Blessedness of the

Church in Christ 33, 72

Saints' Privilege and Duty, 257, 301
Shepherd and his Little Flock... 265

Sorrow (On) 215

Spiritual Correspondence 80

-Mariner 103

- Pilgrim 340

Substance of a Funeral Dis-
course -••• 97

Superiority of the Friendship of
Christ above that of Human
Friendship 5

The Past Year 274

The God of Truth accomplishing
his Purposes by the Word of
Truth 374

Visit of the late Dr. Hawker to
Codicote, Herts -. 38

Word of Christ 307

Encouragement to the

Afflicted 6

Exhortation to the Af-
flicted in Zion 260


Andrews' (Dr.) Christ's Name
Precious. ..- 256

Sermon occasioned

by the destruction of the
Brunswick Theatre 351

Bennett's (Dr. J.) Sermon at
the opening of Marlborough
Chapel, Kent Road, London.. 221

Bickersteth's Discoureon Justi-
fication by Faith 283

Bretschneider's Apology for the
modern Theology of Protes-
tant Germany 254

Brine's Antidote against a
spreading Antinomian prin-
ciple 155

Butler's (Dr.) Charge to the
Clergy of the Archdeaconry
of Derby 127

Cadogan's Life of the Rev. Wil-
liam Romaine 158

Coleman's Sermons, Doctrinal
and Practical, with illustra-
tive Notes and Authorities... 54

Cottage Commentator on the
Holy Scriptures 381

Colyer's Good News of Chri3t.. 121

Comb's Tribute of Respect to
departed greatness : a Sermon
preached on occasion of the
Decease of the Rev. Dr. Haw-
ker 25

Crombie's Character and Offices
of Christ, in a Series of Dis-
courses 87


Dowling's Charge at the Ordi-
nation of Mr. William Lea-
der, Providence Chapel, Maid-
stone, Kent 191

Riches of God's Grace

displayed in the Life, Death,
and Ministry of the Rev. Dr.
Hawker 25

Ears of Wheat, or Sunday Even-
ing Occupation 378

Ecking's Essays on Grace, Faith,
and Repentance 186

Existence, Nature, and Ministry
of the Holy Angels 189

Fletcher's Sermon on the la-
mented Death of the Right
Hon. George Canning 128

Gill's Declaration of Faith and

Practice 192

Goad's Refreshing Drops and

Scorching Vials 90

Griffith's Tales in Verse 93

Worth of a Bible 93

Heap's Hephzibah; or Jehovah's
infinite delight in lii.s Church 346

Herbert's Hymns and Poems.
Vol. Ill 185

Hobbs's Mercy of the Lord from
Everlasting to Everlasting ... 287

Hore's Sacred Pieces, Doctrinal,
Experimental and Practical.. 57

Hutcnings' Fourteen Posthu-
mous Discourses .. 218

Hyatt's Sermons on various sub-
jects 377

living's Apology for the Ancient
Fulness and Purity of the
Doctrine of the Church of
Scotland 313

Isaac's Account of Saml. Crook 349

Dialogue on various sub-
jects between Walter and
Theodosius 349

Glorious Gospel hidden

to those that are Lost 349

Ivimey's Pilgrims of the Nine-
teenth Century 92

Jarman's Observations on Af-
fliction 192

Jefferson on the Vanity of Man 3l9
Jones's Cause of God and Truth 60

Pastoral Rehearsings and

tlie Lord's Knocking 316

Lane's Last Conflict between
Flesh and Spirit: a Sermon
occasioned by the Death of
the Rev. Dr. Hawker 61

Mann's Theological Essays.... 281
Morrison's Exposition of the

Book of Psalms. Part I 249

Mutter's Zion's faithful Priest:
a Sermon occasioned by the
Death of the Rev. Dr. Hawker 25

Palmer's Gospel Library 30

Select Pocket Divinity 62

Rees'3 Crown Street Chapel
Tracts 61

Scrutator's Saints' Emancipa-
tion ; a Reply to a Correspon-
dent of the Spiritual Maga-
zine 157

Stevens's (Mrs.) Nature and
Grace 125

Thurling's Things of Time con-
templated in subordination
to the arrangements of Eter-
nal Wisdom 29

Wolff's Missionary Journal to
the Jews 380

Young's Scriptuie Lyra, con-
taining the Study, and other
Poems 59


Acrostic 223

Anticipation 96

of Home 185

Christian Experience 96

Elegy on the late Rev. Dr. Haw-
ker 31

Epitaph 64

"Fear not, for 1 am with thee" 320

House appointed for all Living. 59

Interest in Christ 160

Longing for Christ 384

Meditation on Sol. Song iv. 6... 64

Page. P"9e

"Our God" 288 Salvation all of the Lord 159

Sonnet 98, 280

Paraphrase of Psalm xlii 95

Perfection of God 32 The goul Panting for christ .. 383

Poetical Epistle MA ^^ christ of God . and the Sa-

„ . . -a, viour of his People 320

Rejoice evermore ooa

Reflections on a Spring Morning 222 Written on the Death of a De-

parted Sister in the Faith .. 384
Sabbath in Plymouth, after the Watchman, what of the Night? 224

demise of the Rev. Dr. Hawker 63

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In the Review of Dr. Andrews'. Sermon, page 351, for approbation read

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