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Some few in this collection, we think, might have been omitted with advantage to the rest, and the volume would then have appeared more in character with the author's observations in his preface. We trust it will meet with an extensive circulation, as the profits will be devoted to a charitable purpose.

The Cause of God and Truth : a Reply to the Clamorous Outcry

against the Truths of God, by the Editors of the Congregational, and Particular Baptist Magazines, fc. in their Obituary of that Servant of the Lord, the late Rev. Robert Hawker, D. D. By J. A. Jones, Minister of the Gospel, Brentford, Middlesex. Palmer.

This “ Reply" should be in the possession of every one who retains a respectful remembrance of the revered HAWKER. We have purposely refrained from inserting numerous replies on the same subject, that our correspondents might not enter into personal conflict with the enemies of the Lord and of his faithful servant by means of our pages. By proceeding thus we have subjected several of our friends to disappointment,—but we are not willing to exclude the topic from our review department.

Mr. Jones's notice of the vile aspersions of the writers for the periodicals named, is short, but bold, faithful, and, to those whose judgments are regulated by truth, conclusive. We the more admire this production, because the writer honestly defends the Lord's servant and his ministry, though he did not on all points see eye to eye with him'- particularly on the subject of sanctification. We give an idea of the style in which the pamphlet is written, yet to the disadvantage of the worthy author; for, not being extended to a great length, it must be read with its connexion to ascertain the force and point of its application.

“It is indeed a sad fact that no sooner was the death of Dr. Hawker known, that, outraging all common decency, the Editors of several magazines seem to have arisen as by common consent, to vilify, through the medium of his “ Obituary,the cause of God and truth. His holy life, his blessed death, could not be gainsayed; but they will have a stab at him, in order that through him they may have a stab at the truth. His nervous exposure of the “Yea and Nay Gospel,” the "motley religion" of the day, “everlastingly made up of may be's and if be's," had stung some of them to the quick. He had endangered their craft; and now his voice is silent in death, they lift up their voices, and all, as with one voice, cry out, “great is Diana of the Ephesians!" Acts xix. 34. Nevertheless, the cause of God and truth is of no uncertain issue; no may be's, no if be's there. Freewill, clamour and human outcry, shall never prevail against Him and His work, of whom saith the Father, “He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.” Isaiah xlii. 2.

“Dear as is the memory of Dr. Hawker to my soul, I should not on any personal considerations have become his advocate. The highest human apo plause, the vilest execrations, are now alike to him: to the things of time he has bid an eternal adieu. The question with me is, what is truth? I contend not for names but things. My hands are feeble, my voice is weak; let me,

(for I have no objection) be esteemed one of those “ little kindred spirits still vapouring around;" but let me not be of those prophets, who are, by the Lord himself, likened to "foxes in the deserts, who will not go up into the breaches and gaps ; who will not make up the hedge [hedged the hedge, margin] for the house of Israel, to stand in the battle, Ezek. xiii. 4, 5."

After the Reply, Mr. J. has given the copy of a circular letter from the association of Baptist churches in Suffolk and Norfolk, on justification, which appeared in the Spiritual Mag. and challenges the reviewers to controvert a single argument therein in defence of its being eternal justification.'

The Last Conflict between Flesh and Spirit ; or, the Church's Loss

the Pastor's Gain ; being the substance of a Sermon preached at the Tabernacle, Sculcoates, Hull, on Sunday Evening, April 22, 1827, occasioned by the death of that truly excellent Divine, the Rev. Robert Hawker, D. D. Vicar of Charles, Plymouth, By the Rev. S. Lane.

This Sermon is founded on 2 Sam. jii. 38. and the preacher in discoursing thereon considers - I. " That as death levels all men, so

the greatest man must fall;" and notices—11. “ The persons by whom · the recent loss will be most sincerely felt, and most deeply deplored.

From the first particular he dilates on the various enemies the child of God has to contend with as he passes through this dreary wildera ness, and especially these three principal ones, satan, sin, and death: and makes respectful mention of the deceased as one greatly beloved of the Lord as endowed with great gifts and shining graces--as a great champion for the blessed truths of the everlasting gospel, and the glorious doctrines of the cross and as a minister of great and extensive usefulness in the church of God. On the second head of discourse, he particularizes the whole church of God that which had been under the Doctor's pastoral care nearly fifty years the friends of Dr. Hawker-his relatives every reader of his valuable works the poor and many religious and charitable institutions.

The sermon is introduced by an address to the author's church and congregation, apparently designed to meet the fierce attacks of the lamented Doctor's enemies; and it is interspersed and concluded with several poetical pieces, the latter " composed for the purpose and sung at the close of the service."

Crown Street Chapel Tracts, containing an Abridgment of the Works

of ancient and evangelical Divines, with a short Memoir of each Author. By John Rees. R. Baynes, and Palmer.

We thank Mr. Rees in the name of the Lord, for the good thing' he is induced and enabled to undertake for the spiritual advantage of the church of the living God. The short address to the reader we conceive to be an abundant recommendation of the honourable task on which he has entered.

“ Christian Reader,-lt has been my design for some years to publish a series of Tracts, chiefly abridgments from those ancient and evangelical divines which I have found most beneficial to myself. The authors I have selected and partly abridged are Jacomb, Arrowsmith, and Gurnal. I now attempt what I have so long designed, and if spared and encouraged, two Numbers, containing twenty-four pages, may be expected to appear every month. I trust my chief object in the publication are, the circulation of gospel truth without extremes, the instruction of the ignorant-alarming the careless, and the consolation, confirmation, and edification of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, to the promotion of experimental godliness in their hearts and deportment. The present numbers may be considered a specimen, and I believe not one shall appear inferior in importance to them. Subscribers may have the full amont of their Subscriptions in Tracts. May God bless the feeble attempt. I shall conclude my short preface with three words of advice to the reader, contained in the Welsh Triads, (Darllena, Cofia, Diwigia,) read, remember, reform, so be it, is the prayer of your's in the Gospel."

JOHN REES. We hope and believe, that a very extended circulation will crown his important labours, accompanied by the Lord's blessing in an eminent degree.

. . Palmer's Select Pocket Divinity.

This valuable series of selections from deceased writers of celebrity for gospel truth, having now reached the promised number of eight subjects, may be obtained bound or in boards, forming the first volume. The names of the authors whose productions already appear, are Wilcox, Toplady, Romaine, Leighton, Perkins, and Charnock. The great success attending the sale of the early numbers, encourages the publisher, we understand, to pursue his plan of selecttion on the same principle with which he commenced; so that the patrons of the work may be assured, that the above-named will be succeeded by such as shall beequally approved and admired. The volume, or separate numbers, are well adapted for presents, or reward books for Sabbath Schools and Religious Societies.

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The Second Anniversary of the British and Foreign Seaman's Friend Society, or Mariners and Rivermen's Bethel Union, was held at the City of London Tavern, on Friday, May 18, 1827. After the Report was read, the meeting was addressed severally by the Rev. W. A. Evanson, the Right Hon. the Earl of Roden, the Rev. R. Marks, and the following ministers, the Rev. Messrs. Whentley, Carpenter, I. T. Jeffery, and G. C. Smith; and by Messrs. Mills and Denny, agents of the Society.

The Third Anniversary Meeting of the Manchester and Salford Auxiliary Gospel Tract Society, was held on Thursday, April 19th, 1827, when a very interesting Report was read of the proceedings of the past year; and the meeting was addressed by several clergymen, ministers, and others, and various resolutions were entered into. We feel great pleasure in witnessing the growing prosperity of the Institution.


* I will smite the Shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered."
The knell has ceas'd!-the scene is clos'd!

That voice which did salvation sound-
That sacred dust is now repos’d,

With kindred ashes under ground.
Come with the muse in plaintive strain,

And mournful accents hither bring ;
The pastor's gone-we feel the pain,

Yet 'tis the mandate from the King.

Gloom in the house of God pervades,

A vacancy will long be found;
Buried in sorrow's darkest shades,

Are Zion's citizens around.
No more the music of that voice,

Shall bring a message from above;
The object of Jehovah's choice,

Has gained a boundless sea of love.
We feel the loss a loss which sheds

Around a dark impervious gloom;
Sorrow her dreary mantle spreads,

And weeping guards the pastor's tomb.
Scatter'd will be the sheep who met

To worship here, beneath his care;
They leave the temple with regret,

For oft they met with Jesus there.
Our harps must very long remain

Upon the willows, out of tune;
We think on seasons past with pain,

And long to join our pastor soon.
Come ye who worshipp'd with him here,

Join me in strains of grief, and tell, —
Was ever pastor more sincere

In speaking of Immanuel ?
Hither, my brethren, hither bring

The pensive strains of mourning now;
Let every lighter strain take wing,

Before the throne in sorrow bow.
Jesus, thou Lord of all, appear,

Grant comfort to thy church below;
Thou chief of Shepherds bless us here,

'Till met sublimer joys to know. Plymouth, Sunday, April 22, 1827.

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The church with joy the tidings hear,
Our hearts inflam'd we seek him there,

Amidst the temple rites;
The types and figures preach his love,
And faith will lead us far above,
The mere external sight. 19 METION

Timot nya sodan at
The hill of frankincense we view, S a lt
The mount of myrrh with pleasure too,

Though shadows intervene: lo a d mo
There we resort with sweet delight, Liv yar
And faith beholds the blissful sight WOTICE STOC

Of Christ, the incarnate King.

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· AN EPITAPH, By the Rev. David Brown, Calcutta, on the death of his Infant Son, David Mitchell Brown, Born at Sea, Feb. 1, 1786. Died at the Orphan House, Bengal, April 20, 1787.

Bold Infidelity, turn pale and die !
Under this turf an infant's ashes lie :

Say; is it lost or saved ?
If death's by sin, it sinned-because 'tis here;
If heaven's by works, it can't in heaven appear :

Ah! Reason how depraved.
Revere the Bible's sacred page—the knot's untied-
It died, through Adam's sinit lives, for Jesus died !

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