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JTPHE honor which you have been pleased to confer on a former publication of mine (a), by causing a very large portion of it to be edited in the Welch language; and the manner in which you were so good as to apply to me, at that time personally a stranger to your Lordship, for my assent to the plan, and to speak of those parts of the book, the translation of which was not required by your immediate purpofe; have rendered it my duty to embrace any opportunity which might occur of publicly testifying my gratitude.

(a) A Familiar Survey of the Christian Religion, &c.

A 3 'I avail I avail myself of the present occasion with cordial pleasure. Allow me to say that, independently of all private considerations, the proof which your Lordship's conduct afforded of vigilant solicitude to adopt any measure which, in your opinion, lhould seem likely to be subservient to the eternal interests of the inhabitants of the diocese consigned to your superintendence, excited in my mind very lively emotions of satisfaction. May the grace of God attend and prosioer your pious exertions!

It may be right to add some few words respecting the Volume now inscribed to your Lordship.. Different writers of Sermons, alt aiming at the fame ultimate object, pursue it, according to their respective views, judgements, habits of study, and other circumstances, in different ways. The vineyard of God will employ and remunerate labourers of various descriptions. My present efforts, as an humble workman in that vineyard, have been principally directed to two


points: the elucidation of some fundamental doctrines of our faith; and the inculcation of a practical truth of the highest moment, yet a truth which too often, if we may judge by the language in common use among men when speaking either concerning themselves or others, is fatally undiscerned or disregarded, that nothing short of an avowed and unreserved surrender of the whole heart to God through Christ, evinced, under the bleffing of divirie grace, by a zealous and habitual pursuit of universal holiness, is Religion.

Many persons appear to imagine that, when once the researches of an individual into the Christian Revelation have satisfied him as to its sacred authority, the remainder of his religious course lies plain and easy before him. They perceive not that he has ascended but the first and the least laborious acclivity of the mountain. Surely it requires but a small degree of insight into human nature and the Scriptures to discover with how much greater

A 4 facility facility the understanding is convinced of speculative truth, than the heart is subdued to a productive faith and a practical love of holiness. I shall rejoice if any part of thefollowing pages should be rendered instrumental in dissipating the pernicious delusion which I have mentioned. I am, with sincere respect, My Lord, • Your Lordship's obliged

and affectionate Servant,


Yoxall Lodge,
April 20,1802.

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