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On the Causes of Men's being weary

of LIFE.

JOB x. 1.

My soul is weary of my life

OB, in the first part of his days, was SERM.


His possessions were large ; his family was numerous and flourishing ; his own character was fair and blameless. Yet this man it pleased God to visit with extraordinary reverses of fortune. He was robbed of his whole substance. His sons and daughters all perished ; and he himself fallen from his high estate, child. Vol. IV.




SER M. less and reduced to poverty, was smitten

with fore disease. His friends came
about him, seemingly with the purpose
of administering comfort. But from a
harsh and ill-founded construction of
the intention of Providence in his dir-
asters, they only added to his forrows
by unjust upbraiding. Hence those
many pathetic lamentations with which
this book abounds, poured forth in the
most beautiful and touching strain of
Oriental poetry. In one of those hours
of lamentation, the sentiment in the
text was uttered; My soul is weary of
my life ; a sentiment, which surely, if
any fituation can justify it, it was al-
lowable in the case of Job.

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In situations very different from that of job, under calamities far less severe, it is not uncommon to find such a fentiment working in the heart, and sometimes breaking forth from the lips of men. Many, very many there are, who on one occasion or other, have experien


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