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Printed for Lgriffiths: Ind Sold by T. Becket and P. A. Dehokdt, in the Strand.





Titles, Authors Names, &c. of' the Books
and Pamphlets contained in this Volume.

N. B. For Remarkable Passages, fee the INDEX,
at the End of the Volume.

British Publications.

,*. For the Contents of the Foreign articles, fee the laft page of

this Table.

Attestation to Divine Truth,


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Ball's Female Physician, 495
Bank-note. See Advbn-


Bannatyne's ancient Scottish
Poems, 42

Barber's Sermons, 78

Ranker on Baptism, 432

Gabon's Edition of Milton's Li-
Iconoclastes, 334.

Beauville. See Nun.

Bedford's Proposal for the Ad-

vancement of Christianity, 339

-,'bell on Military Principles,


Betsy ; a Novel,

Biographical Dictionary.


Bolingbroke's Life,

Book of Nature,

British Moralist,

Brother; a Novel,

Brown's Appendix ad Opuscula
Lusui Medici, 175

Bruoenal, Miss. See False


Bulkley's Discourses on the Pa-

rables, 432

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C Am Din's Argument on the
Ejectment, &c. 340

Carey's Analects, 78

. Poems, in the Time of

Cromwell, 491

Carlisle, Bp. of, his Sermon

before the Lords, on the 30th

of January, 263

Carmen Arabicum, Sec. 260

Cautions to a Lady, 490

Caylus, Mad. de. See Grif-
Chappe's Journey into Siberia
translated, ye,

Clementina; a Tragedy, 244

Conduct of the Royal Academi-
cian!, 503

Considerations on the Military

Establishments of Gr. Britain,

■ on the Trade to

Africa, ,494

Contrast; a Novel, 173

Cook's Travels, 158

Coterie recommended, 338

Correspondence with the Re-
viewers, 176, 263

Cricket ; a Poem, 343

Critical Observations on the

Improvements of London, ".27)0/

Cromwell, Poems written i/i Ji/s;

Time, 491

CuRATE,cf Coventry, 418


Dalrymple's Collection o£.
Voyages in the South Pacific^
Ocean, 290

Dancer of the Pafiion?, 173

Davsnant's Pol. Works, new
Edit. 494

Da Vies's Sermons, 84

Debate in the H. of C. on the

Nullum Tcntpus Act, 493

Decisions in tne King's Bench

on the r'oor's Laws, 9^

Defence of Proceedings on the

Nullum Ti-mpus Act, 493

DtLETANViLLt's French Diction-

ary, $04

DENiNA'sRevolut'ons of Italy, 97

De RcRvsika, 175

■ into the Authenticity of

the first and second Chapters of

St. Matthew, 293

Entick's Latin and English Dic-

tionary, 168

EpisT L E from the Princess F—a,


Epistola Politica, 91

Essay cnTradeandCommerce, 13

■ '. .' qn.thp ■Saqpnjent, 419

• V^-7- toSMrds'rVJContrast be-

. t,w*een.Qu*ak£nTin *and Method-

""iifm,".:: '••.: 420

1 ■» «'*enWoman, 489

.••R.f B.*f teg&J-: toj her Daughters,

•*••* • ••••• 344

Examination of the Declaration,

and Agreement with Spain, 33 z

Exhibition in Hell, 260

Explanation of the affirmative

and negative Signs in Algebra,



Fair Orphan, 416

Faith andHope. Scctrea-


Falkland's Island, Pamphlets

relating to, 261, 330, 332, 416,


False Step, or Hist, of MissBru-
denal, 91

6 Farmkk,

Farmer, Major, Proceedings a-
gainft him at a Court-martial, 77
Farmer's Letters, Vol. II. 388
Fatal Compliance, 499

Father, a Comedy, from Dide-
rot, 175

Favourite, aTale, 497

Female Physician. See Ball.

Findl Ay's Vindicat. of the tiered

Books, 457

Foot's Penseroso, a Poem, 417
Fordyce's El. of Agriculture, &c.

Foundling Hospital for Wit,

Part IV. 344

FRANCis'sElegyonWhitefield, 174
Freedom of the Press, 492

Free Thoughts on public Affairs,


Free and candid Disquisition on

religious Establishments, 191

FuRNEAUx'sLetters to Blackstone,

2dEdit. 187


Generous Inconstant, 498

Giles's Poems, 343

Glover's Leonidas, eth Edit. 341

Go L DsM ItH's Life of Bolingbroke,


Horsley Apollonii Pergaei Incli-

nationum, &c. ■ 8

Huddesford's Edit, of Lister's

Synopsis Conchyliorum, 484


J Ay's Letter to the College of%
New York, 422

Jebb's Theological Lectures, 82
Jerningham's funeral of Ara-
bert, 485

Inundation, a Poem, 491

Johnson on the Ganglions of the
Nerves, 496

Jones sur la Literature Orientale,

Jortin's Sermons, 362

Junius Junior's loyal Address, 71

Juryman's Touchstone, 171

Justification of the Miniiiry
relative to Falkland's Island, 261

Key to Absurdities, 87

Kimber's Baronetage, 360

Knowledge of the World, 503

LancHornE's Transl. of Plu-

tarch's Lives, 1

—— concluded, 111

« his Fables of Flora,


Lawyer's investigated, 170

■lee's Memorial, &c, 504

'lkland's Collectanea, new Ldit.


Grace Triumphant, 89

Griffith]s Translation of Mad.

deCaJtuS,'." • ;, .'66

• - H". • •.-:

Halser's E'eS'^c -Epistle to

his Wife*,' /. ... ;74

Harriet, ... , 41JJ

He would i/he could, •*• I.* 416

Hill's Vegetable" 'S) stein, 'Vol.
XVII. 338

•——Virtues of British Heibs, Part
II. 414

Historical Essay on the English

Constitution, 468

History of Mr. Cecil and N.'iss

Grey, 262

of Sir William Harring-

ton, ib.

Hodgson's Engl. Grammar, 4Z3.

Holde.n's System ofMusie, izi

Holdsworth's and Aldridge's
natural Short-Hand, 18

Letter to the Jurors, 124

to Morris, . 169

———— to Weflcy, 170

■ to Sir R. Ladbrokc, 423

to the Monthly Review.

er-s 502

to the fame. See Wim-


Letters between the Bishop of

Anneci and Voltaire, 33

to the Provident Society,

1 from Clara, 418

to the Rev. Mr. O —

man, 500

Lett Res (T une Angloise, ic. oj
Lilels. Sec Second Postscript.


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