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The Board of Revisers in China has pursued its work of preparing standard editions of the Scriptures for the Chinese, but no report of progress has been received.

NEW PLATES. There have been finished at the Bible House one set of electro-plates for a Nonpareil Bible, 12mo, and one set for an Agate New Testament, 32mo, to replace sets which have been worn out by constant use, and a set of electro-plates for a Spanish Brevier Reference Bible in 8vo. One set of plates for a Danish Bible, 18mo, Roman letter, has been bought, and the following have been procured by photoengraving: one set for a Zulu New Testament, 16mo, one for a Zulu Bible, 12mo, and one for an Italian Bible in 12mo.

Electrotype shells have been made for the Gilbert Islands Bible, and for an English Nonpareil Bible in 12mo.

NEW BOOKS. In addition to the numerous standard editions from plates, there have been printed from type 2,000 copies of the Books of Genesis and Exodus in Ruk, 1,000 copies of Genesis in Muskokee, and 2,000 Bibles in the Gilbert Islands language; also, from new plates, 4,000 Danish Bibles, 6,000 Zulu Testaments and 4,000 Zulu Bibles, and 2,000 Italian Bibles. The Spanish Bible, the Mpongwe New Testament, and the Syriac Bible are in press and will be completed at an early day. A Bohemian Bible is also in press, it being the second edition to be printed from plates manufactured in Vienna and imported in 1889.

PRINTING IN OTHER LANDS. Numerous editions of the Scriptures have been printed in other lands, among which the following are the more important:

At Beirut, 5,000 Bibles and 1,000 Portions in Arabic.
At Constantinople, 3,000 Bibles, 3,000 Testaments, and 6,100

Portions in Armenian; 2,306 Portions in Ancient Armenian;
5,000 Bibles and 5,000 Testaments in Armeno-Turkish ; and
5,000 Testaments and 7,500 Portions in Arabo-Turkish.

At Bangkok, 6,125 copies of the Gospel by John, 6,059 copies of

Genesis, and 11,375 other Portions in Siamese. In China, at Shanghai, Foochow, and Kiukiang, 3,000 Testaments

in Classical, 250 in Easy Wenli, 3,000 in Mandarin, and 3,000 in Soochow Colloquial; and 175,000 Portions in Mandarin, 20,500 in Classical, 21,250 in Easy Wenli, 12,000 in Canton Col

loquial, and 6,000 in Foochow Colloquial. At Yokohama, under the direction of the Bible Societies' Commit

tee, one-half the expense being borne by the American Bible Society, 1,000 Bibles in Roman letter, 11,500 New Testa

ments, and 16,000 Portions. At Paris, 10,000 French New Testaments in 12mo. At Bremen, 13,100 Bibles and 19,800 Testaments in German.


The circulation of the Bible Society Record is somewhat in advance of that of the previous year, there having been printed 236,900 copies, or an average monthly issue of 19,674 copies. To be assured, as the Managers often are, that this unpretentious periodical meets a real need on the part of Christian workers, both lay and clerical, is very gratifying. Like the Society of which it is the organ, it keeps closely within its specific lines of Christian work, and therefore all who are at all familiar with it turn to its columns for that only which is closely identified with the publication, the circulation, and the power of the Inspired Word.

There have been printed 5,000 copies of the Seventysixth Annual Report; 10,000 copies of the Substance of it in a pamphlet of thirty-two pages; and 103,000 condensed Abstracts of it in English, 10,000 of the same in German, and 10,000 in Swedish.

There have also been published 44,000 Children's Bible Day Letters in leaflet form ; 90,000 leaflets on the Missionary and Benevolent Work of the Society; 73,000 on Work in the Home Field; 12,000 of “New Work at the Bible House”; 2,000 of “The Man with the Wonderful Book”; 65,000 leaflets in the Spanish language; and various other brief documents concerning the work of the Society.

SCRIPTURES PRINTED AND PURCHASED. These have amounted during the year to 1,447,843 copies, as follows:



Vol's for
Portions. the Blind.



Printed at the Bible House . 346,000 421,000 188,000
Imported from abroad

5,880 2,392 Printed abroad .

23,363 55,048 315,646 Purchased abroad

5,417 55,295 29,802


8,272 394,057 90,514


380,660 533,735 533,448


ISSUES. The total issues for the year, at home and in foreign lands, amount to 1,394,863 copies, as follows:

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Total. number of copies

1,394,863 Of the volumes issued from the Bible House, 88,337 copies were sent to foreign lands, and are not here counted among the issues in foreign countries.


The following table classifies the issues from the Bible House: English Bibles 331,258| English Psalms

47,301 English Testaments 264,215 English Proverbs

5,798 English Test's and Psalms 47,120 English Gospels, etc. 29,979 English Genesis 126 Irish Bibles

4 English Exodus 6:3 Irish Testaments.




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37 28 3 3 96 100 100 200


1 1,083


791 17,989 26,193 3,835 3,448

100 167 226

7 13

5 12 12 15 30 26


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Dutch Bibles
Dutch Testaments
Dutch and Eng. Test's.
Danish Bibles.
Danish Testaments .
Danish Test's and Psalms
Danish and Eng. Test's
Swedish Bibles
Swedish Testaments
Swedish Test's and Psalms
Swedish and Eng. Test's
French Bibles.
French Testaments.
French Test's and Psalms
French and Eng. Test's
Spanish Bibles
Spanish Testaments
Spanish Test's and Psalms
Spanish and Eng. Test's
Spanish Genesis
Spanish Psalms
Spanish Gospels
Portuguese Bibles
Portuguese Testaments
Portuguese and Eng. Test's
Portuguese Gospels, etc.
Italian Bibles.
Italian Testaments
Italian Test's and Psalms
Italian Gospels, etc.
Russian Bibles.
Russian Test's and Psalms
Polish Bibles
Polish Testaments
Hungarian Bibles
Hungarian Testaments
Hungarian Gospels
Bohemian Bibles.
Bohemian Testaments .
Bohemian Test's & Psalms
Bohemian Mark
Slavic Testaments
Bulgarian Testaments
Greek Testaments
Greek & Eng. Testaments
Italian & Eng. Matthew
Finnish Bibles.
Finnish Test's & Psalms

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2,534 Icelandic Bibles. 320 Icelandic Testaments

335 Arabo-Turkish Bibles 2,261 Reval-Esthonian Bibles 9,198 Fijian Testaments

708 Samoan Bibles

522 Tongan Bibles 3,161 Tahitian Bibles 20,431 Gaelic Bibles

538 Gaelic Testaments 1,497 Welsh Bibles.

958 Welsh Testaments 2,408 Welsh and Eng. Test's

431 German Bibles

721 German Testaments 15,254 German Test's and Psalms 13,376 German and Eng. Test's

617 German Gospels
477 Hebrew Bibles.

579 Hebrew Testaments . 6,251 Ancient Syriac Testaments 29,729 Ancient Syriac Test's & Ps.

2,960 Ancient Syriac Psalms. 2,511 Modern Syriac Testaments

173 Modern Syriac Test's & Ps. 7,634 Modern Syriac Psalms .

762 Armenian Bibles. 3,181 Armenian Testaments

760 Arabic Bibles
242 Arabic Psalms
16 Arabic Four Gospels
61 Chinese Bibles
42 Chinese Testaments.
247 Chinese & Eng. Test's .
113 Chinese Scriptures
41 Chinese & Eng. Gospels

7 Japanese Bibles
567 Japanese and Eng. Jolin
1,970 Zulu Bibles.
502 Zulu Testaments
267 Cherokee Testaments
204 Choctaw Testaments

6 Choctaw Scriptures
151 Dakota Bibles .
195 Dakota Testaments .

43 Ojibwa Testaments
191 Muskokee Scriptures

36 Seneca Gospels 120 Mohawk Isaiali


2 17 49 270 24 12 97


12 2,045 4,219 292 43 55 18 23 53 2 4 10


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MISSIONARY AND BENEVOLENT WORK. The sole object of the American Bible Society is to promote a wider circulation of the Scriptures at home and in foreign lands. To carry out this object involves both missionary and benevolent work. It gives God's own message of grace in printed form to the nations of the earth, and supplies this to the poor and needy everywhere without money and without price.

But before the word of God can be circulated it must be translated into the various languages, and then published. This requires both time and means. Notwithstanding the great number of languages and dialects into which the Scriptures have already been translated, the Bible Societies are called upon year by year to add to this number; so that the work of translation and publication is constantly progressing, calling for a large annual outlay of the funds which by gift or bequest are intrusted to the Society.

But after the Scriptures have been prepared, with the greatest care, they cannot accomplish their hallowed mission unless they are brought within the reach of the people for whom they were designed. It is thus that the missionary and benevolent aspects of the work become conspicuous.

Men who have themselves become savingly acquainted with the truth have to be sent forth to commend them to others, and induce them to become owners and readers of the blessed Book. This involves large expenditures on the part of this Society, especially in the foreign field.

All these departments of work have been simultaneously carried on during the past year. Missionaries in foreign

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