Hall's Journal of Health, Volumen1


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Página 268 - ... to bring before every human soul the collective experience of its whole past existence. .And this — this, perchance, is the dread book of judgment, in whose mysterious hieroglyphics every idle word is recorded ! Yea, in the very nature of a living spirit, it may be more possible that heaven and earth should pass away, than that a single act, a single thought, should be loosened, or lost, from that, living chain of causes, to all whose links, conscious or unconscious, the free will, our only...
Página 248 - I confess that increasing years bring with them an increasing respect for men who do not succeed in life, as those words are commonly used.
Página 143 - Napoleon in Exile ; or, a Voice from St. Helena. Being the Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon, on the most important Events in his Life and Government, in his own words. By BARRY E. O'MEARA, his late Surgeon; with a Portrait of Napoleon, after the celebrated picture of Delaroche, and a view of St.
Página 98 - The errors of the father shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation...
Página 248 - But mankind— the race would perish did they cease to aid each other. From the time that the mother binds the child's head, till the moment that some kind assistant wipes the death-damp from the brow of the dying, we cannot exist without mutual help. All, therefore, that need aid, have...
Página 164 - Avenue G. One of the first achievements in the country is early rising ! with the lark — with the sun — while the dew is on the grass, " under the opening eyelids of the morn," and so forth. Early rising ! What can be done with five or six o'clock in town ? What may not be done at those hours in the country ? With the hoe, the rake, the dibble, the spade, the watering-pot ? To plant, prune, drill, transplant, graft, train, and sprinkle ! Mrs. S. and I agreed to rise early in the country. " Richard...
Página 270 - God, love everybody, and everything that is lovely. Teach your children to love ; to love the rose, the robin ; to love their parents ; to love their God. Let it be the studied object of their domestic culture to give them warm hearts, ardent affections.
Página 283 - ... and each act of it seemed to be accompanied by a consciousness of right or wrong, or by some reflection on its cause or its consequences ; indeed, many trifling events which had been long forgotten then crowded into my imagination, and with the character of recent familiarity.
Página 241 - Medica; and that, in all those affections of the liver and other organs where calomel is indicated, it is probably the most effective and least harmful remedial agent known in the profession. 2. That a chemical extract will be obtained from it, which will altogether supersede the use of calomel in the cure of diseases.
Página 233 - At this period tea comes in as a medicine to arrest the waste, to keep the body from falling away so fast, and thus to enable the less -energetic powers of digestion still to supply as much as is needed to repair the wear and tear of the solid -tissues.

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