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and race,

that the heart of Robert Bruce should be laid in the Holy Land. His remains now repose, not unworthily, beside those of that Royal ancestor. He, in his journey to the Holy Land, gave up his heart and life in the service of his Queen and of his country. He has passed, we trust, into that Holier Land, where he shall rest under the shadow of the perfect Reign of Righteousness and Peace, which on earth he strove with all his might to advance and to secure. If these Discourses,— which I now, with a grateful and respectful remembrance of much kindness, dedicate to your Royal Highness,-can in any way assist in promoting the good of One whose future is so dear to all of us, and for whose welfare his dying wish was offered up, they will have accomplished the object of their author,

Your obliged and faithful Servant,


July 3, 1862.

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