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be marked at the top, with the figure of the number of every such page, beginning at the second leaf with number one ;


every leaf or page so numbered shall be ruled with lines at proper and equal distances from each other, or as near as may be ; and all banns and marriages, published or celebrated in any church or chapel, or within any such parish or chapelry, shall be respectively entered, registered, printed, or written upon, or as near as conveniently may be to such ruled lines, and shall be signed by the Parfon, Vicar, Minister, or Curate, or by some other person in his presence, and by his direction; and such entries shall be made as aforesaid, on or near such lines in successive order, where the paper is not damaged or decayed by accident or length of time, until a new book shall be thought proper or necessary to be provided for the same purposes, and then the directions aforesaid shall be observed in every such new book ; and all books provided as aforesaid thall be deemed to belong to every such parish or chapel respectively, and shall be carefully kept and preserved for public use.

And, in order to preserve the evidence of marriages, and to make the proof thereof more certain and easy, and for the direction of Ministers in the celebration of marriages and registering thereof, be it enacted, That, from and after the twenty-fifth day of March in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four, all marriages shall be folemnized in the presence of two or more credible witnesses, besides the Minister who shall celebrate the same; and that immediately after the celebration of every marriage, an entry thereof shall be made in such register to be kept as aforesaid ; in which entry or register it shall be expressed, that the said marriage was celebrated by banns or licence; and if both or either of the parties married by licence be under age, with consent of the parents or guardians, as the case thall be; and shall be signed by the Minister with his proper addition, and also by the parties married, and attested by such two witnesses ; which entry shall be made in the form or to the effect following ; that is to say,

A. B. of {tbis} paris and C. D. of this parile

suere marrisd in this { charset} by { licence



[blocks in formation]

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if any person shall, from and after the twenty-fifth day of March in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four, with intent to elude the force of this Act, knowingly and wilfully infert, or cause to be inserted, in the Register Book of such parish or chapelry as aforesaid, any fasse entry of any matter or thing relating to any marriage, or falsely make, alter, forge, or counterfeit, or cause or procure to be falsely inade, altered, forged, or counterfeited, or act or aslist in falsely making, altering, forging, or counterfeiting, any such entry in tuch regilter, or falsely make, alter, forge, or counterfeit, or cause or procure to be falsely made, altered, forged, or counterfeited, or aslift in falsely making, altering, forging, or counterfeiting, any such licence of marriage as aforelaid; or utter or publish as true any such false, altered, forged, or counterfeited register as aforesaid, or a copy thereof, or any such false, altered, forged, or counterfeited licence of marriage, knowing such register or licence of marriage, respectively, to be false, altered, forged, or counterfeited; or if any person shall, from and after the said twenty-fifth day of March, wilfully destroy, or cause or procure to be destroyed, any Register Book of marriages, or.any part of such Register Book, with intent to avoid any marriage, or to subject any person to any of the penalties of this Act, every person fo offending, and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall be deemed and adjudged to be guilty of felony, and shall suffer death as a felon, without benefit of clergy.

Provided always, That this Act, or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to the marriages of any of the Royal Family.

Provided likewise, That nothing in this Act contained shall extend to that part of Great Britain called Scotland, por to any marriages amongst the people called Quakers, or amongst the persons professing the Jewish Religion, where both the parties to any such marriage shall be of


the people called Quakers, or persons professing the Jewish Religion respectively, nor to any marriages folemnized beyond the seas.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That this Act shall be publicly read in all parish-churches and public chapels, by the Parson, Vicar, Minister, or Curate of the respective parishes or chapelries, on some Sunday immediately after Morning Prayer, or immediately after Evening Prayer, if there shall be no morning service on that day, in each of the months of September, O&tober, November, and December, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty-three, and afterwards at the same times, on four several Sundays in each year ; (that is to say) the Sundays next before the twenty-fifth day of March, twenty-fourth day of June, twenty-ninth day of September, and twenty-fifth day of December respectively, for two years, to be computed from and immediately after the first day of January in the laid year one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four.

21 Hen,

21 Hen. VIII. Cap. xiii.

Sect. 5, 6.
Spiritual Persons not to buy to sell again any Merchandise,

Corn, Caitle, c.

ND be it also enacted by the authority aforesaid, That

no fpiritual person or persons, fecular or regular, of what estate or degree foever they be, shall from henceforth by himself, nor by any other for him, nor to his use, bargain and bụy to sell again, for any lucre, gain, or profit, in any markets, fairs, or other places, any manner of cattle, corn, lead, tin, hides, leather, tallow, fish, wool, wood, or any manner of victual or merchandise, what kind foever they be of, upon pain to forfeit treble the value of every thing, by them, or by any to their use, bargained and bought to sell again, contrary to this Act. And that every such bargain and contract hereafter to be made by them, or by any to their use, contrary to this Act, shall be utterly void, and of none effect. And the one half of every such forfeiture to be to the King our Sovereign Lord, and the other half to him that will sue for the fame by original writ of debt, bill, plaint, or information, in any of the King's Courts; in which action or suit no wager of law for the defendant shall be admitted, nor any esfoin nor protection allowed.

6. Provided alway, That if any such spiritual person or persons shall happen hereafter without fraud or covin to buy any horses, mares, or mules, to the only intent to occupy for himself or his servants, to ride to and fro upon his necessary business, or any other cattle or goods, to the only intent and purpose, at the buying thereof, to be employed and put in and about his necessary apparel of his own house, or of his person and servants, or in, for, and about the only occupying, 'manuring, or tillage of his own glebe or demean lands annexed to his church, or for the necessary expences of his own household keeping; and after the buying of any such horses, cattle, or goods, or exercise of them, or any of them, happeneth to mislike any of them, that they should not be good, profitable, nor convenient for any of the purposes abovelaid, for the which they were bought ; that then every such spiritual


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person or persons may lawfully bargain and put away such things fo by him bought, without fraud or covin, for any of the purposes abovesaid, at his pleasure and advantage: this Act.or any thing therein contained notwithstanding.

Sect. 8. Spiritual Persons not baving sufficient Glebe may rent. PROVIDED also, That every other spiritual person or

persons, not having fufficient glebe, or demean lands in their own hands, in the right of their churches, monafteries, and houses, for pafturage of cattle, or for increase of corn, to and for the only expences of their households, or for their carriages or journeys, may take in ferm other lands, and buy and sell corn and cattle for the only manurance, tillage, and pasturage of such ferms, fo that the increase thereof be alway employed and put to and for the only expences in their households and hospitalities, and not in any wise to buy and sell again, for any other commodity, lucre, or advantage, any corn or cattle, renewing, coming, or growing in and upon any such ferm, or otherwise, but only the remain and overplus above their expences of their households, if any such shall happen, of the breed and increase thereof, without fraud or covin : any thing in this present Act to the contrary hereof notwithstanding.

Sect. 32

Spirilual Persons not to keep a Tan-bouse or Brew-bouse. PROVIDED Jallo, and be it enacted by the authority

aforesaid, That no spiritual person or persons, regular or secular, of what estate, degree, or condition foever he or they be, from the first day of April next coming, have, use, or keep by him or themselves, or by any person or persons, to his or their use or commodity, any manner of tan-house or tan-houses, to be used or occupied to his or their own use, commodity, or behoof. Nor from the said first day of April next coming, shall have, use, or keep any manner of brew-house or brew-houses, to any other use, intent, or behoof, than only to be spent and occupied in his or their own houses ; upon pain to for

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