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25. Surplices and Hoods to be worn in Cathedral Churches, when there is no Communion.

31 26. Notorious Offenders not to be admitted to the Communion.

ib. 27. Schismatics not to be admitted to the Communion. 32 28. Strangers not to be admitted to the Communion,

33 29. Fathers not to be Godfathers in Baptism, and Children not Communicants.

ib. 30. The lawful use of the Cross in Baptism explained.

ib. Ministers, their Ordination, Function, and Charge. 31. Four solemn times appointed for the making of Ministers. 36 32. None to be made Deacon and Minister both in one day. ib. 33. The Titles of such as are to be made Ministers.

37 34. The Quality of such as are to be made Ministers. 38 35. The Examination of such as are to be made Ministers. ib. 36. Subscription required of such as are to be made Ministers. 39

The Articles of Subscription.

The Form of Subscription. 37. Subscription before the Diocesan.

40 38. Revolters after Subscription censured.

ib. 39. Cautions for Institution of Ministers into Benefices. ib: 40. An Oath against Simony at Institution into Benefices. ib. 41. Licences for Plurality of Benefices limited, and Residence enjoined.

41 42. Residence of Deans in their Churches.

42 43. Deans and Prebendaries to preach during their Refidence. ib. 44. Prebendaries to be resident upon their Benefices. 43 45. Beneficed Preachers, being resident upon their Livings, to preach every Sunday.

ib. 46. Beneficed men, not Preachers, to procure monthly Ser

ib. 47. Absence of beneficed men to be supplied by Curates that are allowed Preachers.

44 48. None to be Curates but allowed by the Bifhop.

ib. 49. Ministers, not allowed Preachers, may not expound. ib. 50. Strangers not admitted to preach without thewing their Li

45 51. Strangers not admitted to preach in Cathedral Churches with out sufficient Authority.

ib. 52. The Names of strange Preachers to be noted in a Book. ib. 53. No public Opposition between Preachers.

46 54. The Licences of Preachers refusing conformity to be void. ib. 55. The Form of a Prayer to be used by all Preachers before their Sermons.

ib. 56. Preachers and Lecturers to read Divine Service, and administer the Sacraments twice a Year at the least.

47 57. The Sacraments not to be refused at the hands of unpreaching Ministers.

48 58. Ministers




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58. Ministers reading Divine Service, and administering the Sa

craments, to wear Surplices, and Graduates therewithal

Hoods. 59. Minitters to catechize every Sunday.

ib. 60. Confirmation to be performed once in three Years. 50 61. Ministers to prepare Children for Confirmation, 62. Ministers not to marry any persons without Banns or Li

ib. 63. Ministers of exempt Churches not to marry without Banns or Licence.

51 64. Ministers folemnly to bid Holy-days.

ib. 65. Ministers folemnly to denounce Recusants and Excommunicates.

52 66. Ministers to confer with Recusants. 67. Ministers to visit the Sick.

53 68. Ministers not to refuse to christen or bury.

ib, 69. Ministers not to defer christening, if the Child be in danger.

ib. 70. Ministers to keep a Register of Christenings, Weddings, and * Burials.

54 71. Ministers not to preach, or administer the Communion in private Houses.

55 72. Ministers not to appoint public or private Fafts or Prophecies, or to exorcise, but by authority.

ib. 73. Ministers not to hold private Conventicles.

56 74. Decency in Apparel enjoined to Ministers.

ib. 75. Sober Conversation required in Ministers.

57 76. Ministers at no time to forsake their Calling.

ib. Schoolmasters. 77. None to teach School without Licence.

58 78. Curates defirous to teach, to be licensed before others. ib. 79. The Duty of Schoolmasters.

ib. Tbings appertaining to Churches. 80. The Great Bible, and Book of Common Prayer, to be had in every Church.

59 81. A Font of Stone for Baptism in every Church.

ib. 82. A decent Communion-Table in every Church,

ib. 83. A Pulpit to be provided in every Church.

60 84 A Cheft for Alms in every Church.

ib. 85. Churches to be kept in sufficient Reparations.

61 86. Churches to be surveyed, and the Decays certified to the high Commissioners.

ib. 87. A Terrier of Glebe-lands, and other Poffeffions belonging to Churches.

62 88. Churches not to be profaned.



Cburcb-wardens or Queft-men, and Side-men or Aliftants. 89. The choice of Church-wardens, and their Account. 62 90. The choice of Side-inen and their joint office with Churchwardens.

63 Parilla-Clerks. 91. Parish-Clerks to be chosen by the Minister.

ib. Ecclefiaftical Courts belonging to tbe Archbishop's Jurisdiction. 92. None to be cited into divers Courts for Probate of the fame Will.

64 93. The Rate of Bona notabilia liable to the Prerogative Court. 65 94. None to be cited into the Arches or Audience, but dwellers within the Archbishop's Diocese, or Peculiars.

66 95. The Restraint of double Quarrels.

ib. 96. Inhibitions not to be granted without the Subscription of an Advocate.

67 97. Inhibitions not to be granted, until the Appeal be exhibited to the Judge.

68 98. Inhibitions not to be granted to factious Appellants, unless they first subscribe.

ib. 99. None to marry within the Degrees prohibited.

69 100. None to marry under Twenty-one Years, without their Parents' consent.

ib. 101. By whom Licences to marry without Banns shall be granted, and to what sort of Persons.

ib. 102. Security to be taken at the granting of such Licences, and under what Conditions.

ib. 103. Oaths to be taken for the Conditions.

70 104. An exception for those that are in Widowhood. ib. 105. No Sentence for Divorce to be given upon the sole confeffion of the parties.

71 106. No Sentence for Divorce to be given but in open Court. ib. 107. In all Sentences for Divorce, Bond to be taken for not marrying during each other's life.

ib. 108. The Penalty for Judges offending in the Premises. 72 Ecclefiaftical Courts belonging to tbe Jurisdiction of Bishops and Arch

deacons, and the Proceedings in them. 109. Notorious Crimes and Scandals to be certified into Ecclesiaftical Courts by Presentment,

ib. 110. Schismatics to be presented.

ib. ill. Disturbers of Divine Service to be presented.

73 112. Non-Communicants at Easter to be presented.

ib. 113. Ministers may present.

ib. 1'14. Ministers shall present Recusants.

74 115. Ministers and Church-wardens not to be sued for presenting.

75 116. Church-wardens not bound to present oftener than twice a Year.

ib. 117. Church,

117. Church-wardens not to be troubled for not presenting oftener than twice a Year.

76 118. The old Church-wardens to make their Presentments before the new be sworn.

ib. 119. Convenient time to be assigned for framing Presentments. 77 120. None to be cited into Ecclesiastical Courts by Process of Quorum Nomina.

ib. 121. None to be cited into several Courts for one Crime. ib. 122. No Sentence of Deprivation or Deposition to be pronounced against a Minister, but by the Bishop.

78 123. No Act to be sped but in open


79 124. No Court to have more than one Seal.

ib. 125. Convenient Places to be chosen for the keeping of Courts. ib. 126. Peculiar and inferior Courts to exhibit the original Copies of Wills into the Bishop's Registry.

ib. Fudges Ecclefiaftical, and ibeir Surrogates. 127. The Quality and Oath of Judges.

80 128. The Quality of Surrogates.

81 Proctors. 129. Proctors not to retain Causes without the lawful Aslignment of the Parties.

ib. *130. Proctors not to retain Causes without the Counsel of an Advocate.

82 131. Proctors not to conclude in any Cause without the Knowledge of an Advocate.

ib. 132. Proctors prohibited the Oath, In animam domini fui. ib. 133. Proctors not to be clamorous in Court.

83 Registrars. 134. Abuses to be reformed in Registrars.

84 · 135. A certain Rate of Fees due to all Ecclefiaftical Officers. ib. 136. A Table of the Rates and Fees to be set up in Courts and Registries.

85 137. The whole Fees for shewing Letters of Orders, and other Licences, due but once in every Bishop's time.

86 Apparitors. 138. The Number of Apparitors restrained.

ib. Authority of Synods. 139. A National Synod the Church Representative.

87 140. Synods conclude as well the absent as the present. ib. 141. Depravers of the Synod censured.



An ADMONITION to all such as fall intend here

after to enter the State of Matrimony godly and agreeably to Laws : with Tables of Consanguinity and Affinity : set forth by the most Řeverend Father in God, Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of England and Metropolitan. 1563.


FIRST, That they contract MARRIAGE is bonoura,

ble all


and as be hereafter expressed, the bed undefiled: but whorenor with any of like degree, mongers and adulterers God against the law of God, 'will judge. Heb. xiii. 4. and the laws of the realm. To avoid fornication, let Secondly, That they make

every man have his wife, no secret contracts, with- and let every woman bave out consent or counsel of her husband. He that cantheir parents or elders, un- not contain, let him marry': der whose authority they for better it is to marry than be, contrary to God's laws

to burn. I Cor. vii. 2, 9. and man's ordinances.

Unto the married I comThirdly, That they con- mand, not 1, but the Lord : tract not anew with any o- Let not the wife depart from ther upon divorce and sepa- ber busband; but if she deration made by the Judge part, let her remain unmarfor a time, the laws yet ried, or be reconciled unto her standing to the contrary. husband. And let not the

husband put away his wife. I Cor. vii. 10, 11.


T is to be noted, That those persons which be in the

direct line ascendent and descendent, cannot marry together, although they be never so far asunder in degree.

II. It is also to be noted, That Consanguinity and Affinity (letting and diffolving Matrimony) is contracted as well in them and by them which be of kindred by the one fide, as in and by them which be of kindred by both fides.

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