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Hearts being filled with the Love of Christ, we so 1724prevailed upon the differing Persons, that they gave %*^^*" each other Satisfaction, with Hopes that they should live in Love for the future ; and Friends of the Place greatly rejoiced at the End of that Difference. As I went along this Town, some Friends told me of a religious People some few Miles distant, whom they desired I would have a Meeting with. I desired them to fee if it would be granted, and let me know; which was done, and we had a Meeting, and were kindly re-4 ceived, and the divine Nature of the Gospel of Christ was freely opened to them, and in great Love we parted from one another. I travelled in this Journey about two Hundred Miles; and when I came Home, my dear Wife and Family gladly received me with Hearts full of Love : And this Testimony I think proper, for several solid Reasons, to leave behind me of my virtuous and loving Wife, That since we were married, she never hindered me in that Service1 my great Master called me unto, in all the Time of our living together: We always parted, for the Sake of the Gospel of Christ, in pure Love, and in the same Love we always met again.

Soon after this Time I met with several great Losses by Sea and Land, and myself and my little Daughter were dangerously sick, so that our Recovery seemed doubtful; yet through the Mercy of God, we both recovered, for which I praise his Name.

After some Stay at Home, I was again moved in the Love of Christ, to visit the General-meetings of Duck-Creek and Salem. At Duck.Creek we had a large and satisfactory Meeting: From Duck-Creek I ap- Duck pointed a Meeting at George's Creek, which was a good fit,',',),, Meeting. The next Morning we went over to Elfin- deck, burgb, and so on to Cohansie, where I met with two o{Coha"^' my Fellow-labourers in the Work of Christ, Thomas Lightjoot and Benjamin Kid. We had a Meeting together at Cohansie, in which the People were exhorted


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to Sobriety and just Dealing. The contrary of both is too obvious at such Times as Fairs; there being divers of the Fair People there as well as others, the Nature of Christ's Work in the Heart, was somewhat spoke to, but not so open a Meeting as some others, the People thereaway being too slack and dull as to Religion. Next Day we had a Meeting at AllowaysCreek, where we all three had some pretty close Work; and from thence we went to the General-meeting at Salem, which was larger than common, on account of the said Friend {Benjamin Kid's) being there; who, in the Love of Christ came from Englandy to visit the Churches in this Part of the World. There were so many Friends and others here at this Time, that some Houses were so filled, that there was not Room for all that came to lodge there. After this Meeting I return'd Home, and in a few Days went into Chester-. County, and travelled above 100 Miles; and when I came Home I understood, that some for Want of a true Sense of the Work of Christ, had been censuring me for my Travelling and hard Labour in the Work of the Ministry of the Gospel of Christ ; though, by the same Rule of judging, the Apostles of Christ, and our ancient Friends, who travelled much, cannot escape their Censure ; for in all my Travels, I have had an especial Regard to the Unity of the Brethren, and never knowingly went abroad without it : But let this Caution be recorded for the InstrutJion of all such forward Judges; let them be careful of judging Christ's Servants, lest their words become their Burden: Judge not, that ye be not judged (faith our great Lord) for with what Judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.

Soon after my Return from Chester-County, I was at a Marriage at Abington, which was one of the most solemn I have been at; and on the 15th of the Third Month, at the Youth's Meeting at German-town, to my great Satisfaction; and on the 23d of the fame Month, I went to the General-meeting of Ministers

and and Elders at Burlington; at which Meeting, several 1724. Things relating to the Gospel-ministry were declared ; sets' as its being a free, a clear, and a powerful Ministry, B"r/,vt*'. reaching to the Conscience, and convincing of the Danger of continuing in Sin: And divine Charity was much recommended, without which, All Ministry is but as founding Brass, &c. From this Meeting I went with Walter Herbert, into Bucks-County, and at Ne.. Jhaminy we had an open, tender Meeting. From thence I went to Buckingham, and was at a Marriage of a Son Bnekixgand Daughter in-law of Thomas Canby's. The Meet- ham. ing was large, and Friends well satisfied; and it was observable, tho' I was very hoarse, thro' a Cold I had taken, and could hardly speak in common Conversation, yet it was much taken away in my Ministry, so that I was carried thro' the Service to our Admiration, for which I was truly thankful. After this Meeting I returned Home with true Satisfaction, such as is much more valuable than Silver and Gold, two mighty Idols in the World.

. After a little Stay at Home I went on a First Day Frankr,rt. to "North.Wales or Gwinneed, where was a pretty large NorthMeeting, many young People being there, to whom I was concern'd to shew, that Christ is the Way by which we must come into the true Church, thro' Regeneration, and that all who invent. ocher Ways are Thieves and Robbers. I rode twenty-five Milt.s that Day, and the next Day came to Frankfort, and was at the Burial of an antient Friend, Joan Orpwood, at which our Friend John Salkeld was, with whom I was the next Day at Philadelphia, at our Third Day Meet,. ing, which was a good Meeting.

On the 4th Day of the Fourth Month, intending soon to take a Journey to Long-I/land, I thought it a proper Time to alter my Will, as I had kept one by me for divers Years before, considering the Uncertainty of Life. On the 5th of the Fourth Month I went to Merion to visit an antient Friend, John Roberts, titrian.




who was sick near unto Death, where I again met with John Salkeld. The Friend expressed his Satisfaction in this visit, and we had a Reward of Peace in the Exercise of that Christian Duty of Visiting the Sick, which is recommended by the Apostle to the primitive Churches of Christ. After we had been some Time with our said sick Friend, we went to the Meeting which had been appointed for us several Days before, and was large and satisfactory; for which favourable Visitation we blessed the great Name of the Almighty, and parted tenderly in Christian Love and Good-will. The Friend we went to visit died the next Day. He was a Helper of the Poor, and a Maker of Peace in the Neighbourhood: Of such, Christ said, Blessed are the Peace-makers, for they Jhall be called the Children of

On the 10th of the Fourth Month 1724, I had a Concern to write the following Epistle to Friends in the Island of Barbadoes.

Frankfort, the toth of the 4th Months 1724.

An Epistle to Friends in Btrta

Dear Friends,

IN the tender Love of God, our heavenly Father, and of our Saviour Jesus Christ, do I, your Brother, at this Time greet you, and wish you Health and Salvation. Understanding by a concerned Friend, that of late several of our Friends are taken away from you by Death, a Concern came on my Mind to put you in Remembrance of your latter End, and of the Cause of Christ; and also, of the prosperity of his blessed Light and Truth in your (in that Respect, poor, tho' in some others, rich and luxurious) Island: The Posterity of many that have been taken away there, as well as in divers other Places, having gone astray; and that it may not be so with those who are left behind, let a weighty Concern come upon you. O dear Friends! let your

« Practices Practices and Expressions, manifest to the rising Ge- 1724. Deration, that the Welfare of their Souls, more than wy*** of their Bodies, is at Heart with you; and do not indulge them in that which you in yourselves were convinced to be of an evil Tendency, when your Hearts were first reached by the Power of Truth. How many Youths have been lost, thro' the Looseness of the Example of their Elders, and thro3 an undue Indulgence of them in Vanity, Folly, Pride, and Idleness! Woful Experience doth but too much declare that they are many : o they are many indeed, who have been lost by so doing! Wherefore dear Friends, clear yourselves of your Children; and, if they will obstinately go astray, faithfully bear your Testimony against them, in Life, Doctrine, or Expressions and Conversation, which will witness for you when you are dead and gone, and your Heads laid in the silent Grave. Thus will your Youth, thro' the Blessing of God, and your Endeavours, come up in your Places, or at least you will be clear, and their Blood will be upon their own Heads. A pure strict Watch is required of you in Conversation, in all those Relations: First, * That God may be glorify'd. Secondly, That your Children may be exampled. Thirdly, That your Neighbours may be edify'd, or built up in pure Religion: And Fourthly, That you may die in Peace with him that created you, and died for you; remembring the blessed Doctrine of Christ Jesus9 Let your Light so shine before Men, that others seeing your good Works, may glorify your Father which is in Heaven. And again, You are as a City Jet on a Hill, which cannot be hid. And as you thus train up your Children in the Way which they should go, when they are young, you may have Reason to hope they will not depart from it when they are old; for many have been convinced of the Truth, as it is in Jesus Christ, thro' the good Conversation of his



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