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1724. · Followers. And how can we expect to die well, if we we do not not live well? Or cia we expeâ the Answer of

Well done, if we are not in the Pra&ice of cosog well?

“And I do defire and earnestly exhort Friends to read the holy Scriptures, and wait to feel the Power • from which they sprung, thro' the holy Writers, 6 and also to teach them to their Children. And,

dear Friends, let me prevail with you in the Love • of God and his dear Son, to keep close to your • Meetings for the Worship of Almighty God, and • for the well-ordering of your society; and do it in • the meek Spirit, for that is of great Price with the • Lord; and when in your Meetings, get into a reli• gious Exercise, and lively Concern for God's Glory, • and your Souls Peace and Prosperity. I pray the « holy Lord of Sabbaoh, to open your Hearts to • him in the Reading of this Epistle, as mine is open to you, my beloved Friends, that you and I may be • edified (tho’ outwardly separated) as we were when • together; and if we should never meet more in this • World, that we may meet in the Kingdom of God, • where we may never part more. Amen. Hallelujab, « faith my Soul.

• I desire this may be copied and read at the Close • of one of each of your particular Meetings, and, if • it could be readily, in every Family of Friends, to • all whom is my very dear Love in Jesus Christ,

whose Servant I am, and hope to be to the End,

and I am an entire Lover of Souls, and a Well« wilher of Sion's Prosperity:'

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On the rich of the Fourth Month I left Home on a Journey to Long-Isand, in order to visit Friends

Meetings, and also to negotiate some Business I had Burlington

there; the first Meeting I had was at Burlington, where I had occasion to advise them to keep in Remembrance


of that ancient Love which first united our Society 1724. together, and in which, in Times of cruel Persecution, some freely offered to suffer the Imprisonment of their Bodies to obtain the Liberty of their Friends in Confinement. From thence we travelled to Amboy, Amboy. and so over to Staten-Ifand. The ·Day being very hot, and the Evening cold, I got a severe Cold, which I did not get clear of for about two Weeks, notwithstanding which, I went to Meetings, though ill in Body. The first Meeting I had on Long-Tsand, was at Flushing, on a First-day : A comfortable Flugbing. Meeting it was in which was closely pressed, the Taking up the Cross of Christ, by all who desire to be his Disciples, and that without it we could not be true Christians. From Flushing we went to Musketto. Come

MuskettoCove, and had a Meeting there on Third-day, which was large, and to general Satisfaction, and some were there that were rewly convinced. I seeing the Openness of the Meeting, advised Friends to build a Meeting-house there, which they approved of. On Fourth-day we had a Meeting at Westbury, and on Westbury. , Fifth-day at Cowneck. From Cowneck I went to the Coveneck. South-side of the Inand, and had a Meeting at Captain Hicks's. The Neighbours, who were not of our Rockway. ; Society, came generally to this Meeting, and they were pressingly exhorted to come to Christ, and the Way opened unto them. It was a good Time, and I thought a Time of Love to us all; though before the Meeting I was exceedingly shut up in myself, so that the Meeting was very beneficial to me, among the rest, to see how the Lord could work by his Power, and unlock the Soul, as in a Moment, as he did for my poor Soul at Times. O may I, with Christ's Followers and Ministers, ever depend upon him, is my Petition ! From Rockway (for so is the place called) we went to Westbury, and had a very large Meering on a First-day; and, as I was informed, some were convinced there that Day. From hence I went


1724. to a Place called Foster's Meadows, where we had a

w large Meeting in one Duesbury's Barn. After this I Meadows. went over to the Main Land, and had a Meeting at a Weftchefter. Place called Westchester. From thence we went to

Flusing, and had a large Meeting on a Fifth-day of the
Week, in which the right training up of Children, and

careful Education of Youth, was zealously recommendFlushing. ed. From Flushing I went to Huntington, where some Huntington,

were lately convinced of the Principle of Truth as it is in Christ Jesus, some of whom were excommunicated by the Presbyterians, with whom they had formerly join'd. We had a pretty large Meeting in a Friend's Barn, where one Priest Prime opposed me, as he also had my Friend Benjamin Kid some Time before, of which, by Letter, I gave an Account to my dear Friends Thomas Lightfoot and Benjamin Kid, defiring them in their Return from New-England, to have an Evening meeting there. The Grounds of this Priest's Cavilling, or Dispute, was that I had declared, That it is the Light of Christ, or his Spirit, which convinceth the World of Sin, and not a natural Light, or the Light of a natural Conscience ; from whence he took Occasion to charge me with denying a natural Conscience; the Fallhood of which I charg'd upon him before the Auditory, and desired him, if he had any Thing on his Mind, to write it to me, to which I promis'd to return him an Answer.

From Huntington I went to the General-meeting of Now-town. Friends held ac New-town, which was so large that the

Meeting-house could not contain the People, and the Weather being exrreme hot, the People without Doors were some of them uneasy, and went to and fro; but those that were in the House, and so near as they could

hear, were very attentive, and as far as I could learn, New-York. generally satisfied. Our next Meeting was at News

York, which was the quietest Meeting I ever had chere ; and those few Friends ac Necu-York, and some that were there from Long-Isand, parted with us in the

Love of Christ, and in the Fellowship of his blessed 1724.
Gospel ; and so I travelled homewards, having good.n
Satisfaction in visiting my Friends, and when I came
Home, I found my dear Wife and Children in Health, Frankfure.
for which I bless God.

After this Journey I kept to Meetings at and about
Home as usual, and was at the Fifth-day-meeting in
Pbiladelphia, when Samuel Preston was married to Mar. Philadel.

phia. garet Langdale (the Widow of my dear friend and Fellow-traveller Josiah Langdale :) The Meeting was large, and the Parable of the Virgins, and the Bridegrooms's Coming at Midnight, was opened, with an Exhortațion to the People to be ready against that Hour, and that they should take Care to have the holy Oil of divine Grace in their Hearts.

After this Meeting I had some Affairs which called me into Chester-County, and on the Road my Horse Chestergave a sudden and violent Start out of the Path, and Counsy. threw me down, and before I could get up again, he ftruck my Face, and on my Right Eye with his foot, being newly shod, which stunn'd me for the present; but as soon as I opened that Eye which was unhurt, I perceiv'd that I lay on my Back, under my Horse's Belly, with my Head between his fore Feet. He stood ftill, and I got on my Hands and Kners, the Blood streaming out of my Nose and right Eye, and while I was bleeding, a Man and Woman came by, and stay'd till I had done bleeding, and saw me mount. ed on my Horse again. I went forward, being about two Miles from the oule I intended to go to, and after riding about a while, I met with a Friend that knew me, and was surprised to see me so bloody, and went with me to Randal Mayling's, (a faithful honeft Friend, who was upwards of eighty Years of Age, and had suffered much for his Profeflion of the Truth in his younger Years) where several tender-hearted, motherly Women dressed my wounded Eye." I was truly thankful to the Lord for his Providence towards me in this Deliverance, among many others, which he

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in his Goodness hath vouchsafed to me. I stay'd at in this Friend's Houfe three Nights, and mended apace,

and the Friend accompanied me to my House at Frank-
fort, where my loving Wife, with some Surprize, re-
ceived me very affectionately ; and thro' her Care and
continual Application, I recovered, that I could see
pretty well with Spectacles, which I was obliged to
use for some Months. Such Accidents plainly pew us the
Necessity of preparing for sudden Death, as we know not
when, or now, we may go off the Stage of this Life.

On the 25th of the Fifth Month, I received a Let-
fer from a Person in the County of Burlington, relating
to Water-Baptism, to which I made Answer as fol-
lows :

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HY Lines I received last Night, in the Peru

sing of which, there was a Christian Love in my Heart towards thee, tho' unknown by Face, and • I have much Freedom of Mind to answer thine, ac

cording to thy Request, and my small Ability. First « then, We are near in Sentiments to each other in < the grand Christian Principle of saving Religion, · which is the work of the holy Spirit of Christ upon

the Soul, for that is the Baptism which is Christ's, . and is truly saving, and absolutely necessary to Sal( vation ; Christ's Baptism being but one, which is 6 with the holy Ghost, and with spiritual Fire-or Wa

ter ; . John's being the Element, or Figure ; and • Christ's being the Spirit, Pow, and Divine Sub• stance, and is to be with the rich of Christ, and

with his true Ministers w De End of the World. Secondly, In Answer thy Query, Was Water

Baptism (that is, the Llemer.) not commanded by Cbrist bimself, in Matth. xxviii. 19? I answer, 1 I believe not. My Reason is this, because the holy • Ghoft, or Spirit, is mentioned in the Text, or thac « Command, in exprefs Words, and Water is not ; • and therefore we omit going into ourward Water,

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