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Fary Hill,

1724: many of the People: Secondly, An Earthquake, of

which divers in Town and Country were very sensible. Thirdly, A terrible Whirlwind, such as we never before heard of in this Land, that I remember. They were admonished to take particular and special Notice of those gentle Strokes of the divine Hand, for if he pleased he could as soon take away many by Sickness, as a few, and if he pleased he could have inade us a Desolation, as well as the Country about Mount Ætna, or Port-Royal in Jamaica, not very far from us ; and he could also blow us away with a Whirlwind of his Wrath, and could as easily have blown down all our City, as those few Houses in the Country.

Next Day after this Meeting I went with yohn Rod

man to the Quarterly General-meeting of Crefter the County of Chester, which was large and satisfactory.

The 25th of the Sixth Month I was at the Burial of che Wife of Richard Waln, a virtuous and good Wo

Some of her last Words were, “Some Mens “ Sins go before-hand to Judgment, and some follow " after them; and that her Sins were gone before, © which was a great Comfort to her, now she was

going to leave the World." It was a large Meet

ing, and a seasonable Opportunity that we had at the Prankfort. Funeral. The People were called upon to work, while

it was called To day, Because, as our Saviour said, the Night cometh, wherein no Man can work.

In this and the foregoing Year I met with various Trials and Exercises: As First, Great inward Poverty and Want. Secondly, Great Loffes in outward Affairs. And Thirdly, The evil Spirits of divers stirred up against me, to report Falthoods concerning me, with many other sore Exercises both inward and outward. As to the First, I had often been try'd that Way, and found by Experience, that I must wait upon God my Saviour, for fresh and renewed Vificacions from above ; in which Exercise, I had always in the Lord's Time, Comfort from him, as by the same



Exercife I had now the fame Comfort also ; but I 1724. thought it very long, and the Enemy did greatly en-in deavour to break in upon my Patience now more than usual : But my Heart still depended in Faith and Hope upon the Lord my Redeemer and Saviour, and in his Time he was pleased to help me, bleffed be his holy Arm and Power for ever ! Many blessed Saints and Servants of Jesus were brought to my Mind, who were in the like Condition, so that I had a secret Joy in their Company (who met with the like in their Travels to the holy City.) Secondly, as to my outward Loffes, I thought with myself, peradventure it might be best for me : And I remembred that many, through the Increase of outward Riches, were exceedingly hurt as to their inward State ; and tho' I (or any good Man) might be concerned for our Children, to get and leave fomething for them ; yet I plainly faw, that generally speaking, much Riches doth much Hurt to Youth.'. This was a melancholly Obfervation that I had made in my Life and Travels, and I fee at this Day that it is an universal Distemper (a very few excepted) wherefore I cry'd mightily to God, that he would give to me and mine the Gift of his Grace and holy Spirit, whatever our Circumftances might be in the World. In this also I saw that Patience was an excellenc Virtue, and that the Meek had the best Inheritance of the Earth, if they had ever so little of it ; and that true Happiness did not consist in earthly Things, which my Experience had largely taught me. And Thirdly, As to the base aire evil Treatment I met with (which was more than I had ever met with in all my Life before) great Endeavours were used to lessen my Reputation, as'a Man and a Christian ; all which proved false and fruitless, and in due Time my Innocence was made manifest and I considered that they could not use me worse than they had done my Lord and Master, and that the Devil was angry with any who endeavoured to dethrone


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1724. him, and pull down his Kingdom, at the Foundation w of which, thro' the Help of my Master, I had many

a Stroke or Blow, with such Weapons as he was pleased
to furnish me withal.

The last of the Sixth Month, and the ift of the Se-
venth Month, was the Quarterly and Youths Meeting E
at Burlington, at both which I was. At the Quarterly
Meeting I was concerned to open to that Meeting, how id
all along the Church of God was governed by his Spi-
rit, in the Time of the Law, and Moses was an Inftru-

I ment therein ; and that when it was too hard, and too much Work for Mofes, he was advised to get the

Y Help and Affiftance of the Elders, and that the same PE Power and Spirit of God thaç was with and upon Mofes, was upon the Elders who assisted him in the A. Affairs of the Church, and Congregation of the Lord's 1 W People; so that it was governed by God's Spirit, and GO is to be governed by the same still, and not by the Will of Man, nor according to the Will of Man in his corrupt Nature. And when Ifrael went from Ith God's Power and Spirit, the Lord left them, but at fast fent to them his only begotten Son, our dear Lord FE and Saviour Jesus Christ, and he was, and ever is, to be Governor of his Church, thro' bis boly Spirit

, which, he told his Disciples, be would pray the Father, and be pould send unto them the Comforter, the boly Ghost, or Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and be pould abide with them for ever, and sould lead and guide them into all Trutb; which sweet and precious Promises that he made to them, the true Believers do witness to be ful. filled at this Day. Glory to his Name for ever, be is a the wonderful Counsellor, mighty Saviour, and Prince of Peace! of whose Peace and Government there hall never be an End, and upon whose Shoulder the Government is to be for ever, for whose Power, and holy Spirit, if Friends were exhorted to pray and wait, and to be sensibe of it in the Discipline and Government of the Se Church now in this Gospel Day, in which is a brighter


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Manifestation of God's Love, thro? his Son, than in 1724. the Time of the Law. The Youths Meeting was al-in so large, and divers Testimonies were born, by Way of Exhortation and Counsel to the Youth. They were with much Tenderness advised to take Counsel of their Elders, and were shewn how it fared with some young Men, who Nighted the Advice and Counsel of the Elders; and that one, when on a Dying-bed, cried out in the Bitterness and Agonies of his Spirit, Ob! that I bad taken the Counsel and Advice of my Friends, for then I had not been here, nor in this Condition. The Youth were advised to beware of keeping bad Company, and spending their precious Time in Taverns, which hath undone many fair and promising Youths : And it was Thewn, how a young Man might cleanse bis Ways, by taking beed thereunto, according to the Word of God, which livetb and abideth for ever, and which the holy Scriptures proceeded from; and they were ear

nestly exhorted to read and practice what was written i therein: And a very tender Time we had in Prayer

to God, thro? his dear Son, to preserve us all in his * Fear, both Youth and Aged; and so our Meeting

broke up, and we parted in the sweet Love of God, and his Christ, our holy Saviour.

My Troubles in the World, and in the Things of Prankforti it, being many, and my outward Lofles being great; as also was my inward Poverty of Mind and Spirit, I

took my Pen, and wrote one Day as followeth : Ob! 1. if it be right in the Sight of God, bow do I long to be un1 cloathed of this frail and mortal Body, that my Soul and

Spirit might mount up into the etberial Plains, and repose itself in the vast expanding Arms of its Maker, and most sweet Saviour for ever!

Being at and near Home fome Time after I came Philadel. from Burlington, I visited the Meetings of German-town phia, ks. and Pbiladelphia, which were large, and some good Sense of Truth was in the Hearts of divers. I was concerned at that Meeting at Philadelphia to let the


1724. People know, That as God had blessed the People of un that City, and the Province, with Spiritual and tempo

ral Blessings, and made the Land naturally fruitful, to the Inriching many of the Inhabitants, he now expected Fruits from them of Piety and Virtue; and that if there, was not a stricter walking with God in Christ Jesus, they might expect his divine Hand, which had visited them with Favours from Heaven above, and from the Earth beneath, would visit them with a Rod in it, and that he had already given them some gentle Strokes therewith.

Our Yearly-meeting was this Year at Burlington, Meeting for the Provinces of New Jersey and Pensylvania, the

Service of which our Quarterly-meeting appointed me with divers others, to attend. It was a large and comfortable Meeting, and many went Home thankful to the holy Name of God and Christ, that they were there.

I shall end the second part of the Journal of my Life and Travels, when I have transcribed Part of a Letter which my dear Father wrote me, when eighty odd Years of Age, he having been a Minister of Christ above forty Years, which followeth:

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Loving Son, Thomas Chalkley,

HINE dated the inth of the Tenth

Month 1723, I received, and was very glad • to hear of your Welfare, and chat the Lord hach • given you Children: And I pray the Almighty God

that he may preserve them with you, that they may be a Comfort to you in your latter Days; and that if the Lord may be pleased to continue them

with you, that they may, as they grow in Days, • grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of our Lord

and Saviour Jesus Chrift ; and that the Lord may • be pleased to preserve us all to the End of those few • Days we may have in this World, that then we may • lay down our Heads in Peace and in full Assurance

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