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1724. • And indeed, some of our Lives, in our own Sense, vois hardly worth mentioning, considering the Cause of

« Christ.

• And, dear Children of our heavenly Father, I may • thro' some good Experience, truly inform you, that • there is much Openness in many People on that : Iland, and good Encouragement I have had, from * above, in my Visiting the People there; tho', • true it is, the Inhabitants, too generally, are. Lux

urious, and much given to Vanity: Yet I have this • Seal in my Heart, that the Lord hath -a Seed in • that place who desires to serve him, and that Seed • will surely join with you in your Exercise, and you • will be comforted one in another, and in the Lord. • And that there are Differences among them, is also • true; but they have the more Need of being visit

ed by such, who are, thro' their wise Conduct and • healing Difpofition, likely to heal those Breaches ' which are, or may be among them. Some, indeed, • have gone among them and have done Hurt, by a • rash and turbulent Way of Management, and by so

doing, have rather made the Breaches wider, than, * by a meek and loving, as well as lowly Difpofition, • leffened their Differences, and healed them,

And, tender Friends, tho' it may seem, hard for you in several Considerations, to give up to go to • Sea, and also to divers who love you, and are nearly • related to you ; know ye, and such lo concerned, That the Lord is stronger than the Noije of many. Waters, and than the mighty Waves of the Sea. And I

really believe that you, as well as my. Saul (with i the Servants of Christ) have, and will experience it to be so, as David did, whose Words they are.

"I remember the Words of our great Lord and • Master Jesus, when he sent forth his Servants to • preach his Word and Gospel ; I send you forth as Lambs among Wolves. No question but you, like innocent Lambs, before your Return (if it please


• God to give you to us again) may meet with the 1724. • Wolves Spirit, or the Spirit of the Beast, in some w

or others among whom you may travel ; then will • the Counsel of Christ, added to his Commision, be • good for you to keep close to; Be ye wife as Serpents, but innocent or barmless as Doves.

And, dear Maidens, I look upon it as your Cross • is great, you being two innocent, chaste young < Women, to give up your Names to cross the Sea,

which I know is a great Crofs to a chaste Woman, "or Man either, the Seamen, too generally, being

rude, diffolute People ; so your Crown will be great also. I have known that by keeping near to • Chrift, and his Truth and Power, there hath been a wonderful Reformation divers Times in several

of those rude Seamen ; and some have been so far ' convinced, as to be exceedingly kind, and to speak

well of Friends and their Conversation, when it has • been coupled with the Fear and Wisdom of God.

When I have gone to Sea, I always found a religious and Christian Concern upon me, for the poor

Sailors, the good Effects of which, have been much ' more than I may speak of ; but give this little Hinc for your Encouragement and Information.

Well, dear Souls, if you go, I believe the Lord will go with you; and sure I am, that my Spirit ' will go along with you, which will not hurt you, if Vs it do you no good. And altho' my Exercises and

Tribulations of late have been very great, both spi

ritual and natural, yet my very Heart within me 'affects the Cause of Chrift, according to the best of my Understanding ; and I heartily wish well to all

my Fellow-Labourers, who are faithful, painful Ser' vants of Christ, and disinterested, except as to the • Interest which they desire in Christ and his Kingdom, for the Sake of which, they love nor their Lives unto

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· I must now take Leave, after putting you in mind of remembring me, your poor Friend and Brother, when before the Throne you are supplicating the Fa

ther of Mercies in fecret, even as my Heart is ten: • derly bowed and broken into Tears on your Behalf • at this Time. The Lord be with you, and fanctify • the present Exercise and Concern that is upon you,

and you to himself, with all the faithful Lovers and • Followers of the Lamb, tbro bis Word, wbofe Word " is Truib. I am your Friend and Brother, in the • Fellowship of the Gospel of Christ Jesus our great • Lord and good Master; and blessed are all those,

who by their fearing to offend him, manifeft him to • be their Master, and by their honouring him, mani. fest him to be their Lord.'

T. C.

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In the Twelfth Month I went to the Quarterly-meeting of Friends, held at Providence, for Chester County, for Discipline and Worship ; which Meeting was large, and a Concern came upon Friends at that Meeting to fuppress Excess in Eating and Drinking, and great Entertainments at Marriages and Funerals

, and spending Time idly in tippling Houses ; as also in several other Things for the well-ordering our Society, in which appeared great Love and Unanimity. The People were reminded of God's Love to them in this Land, and many Favours were recounted to them, which he had favoured the Iohabitants of the Land with, which were very singular, and that he expected they should bring forth Fruits that might be answer able to the Labours of Love, which the Lord had be. stowed upon them.

About this Time I had it in my Mind to write to one who was conscientiously concerned to preach the Gospel of Christ, but was under great Exercise on that Occasion.


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.1724. Frankfort, 24th of the 12th Month. 1724: My Friend, INCE I last saw thee and conversed with thee,

thou hast often been in my Mind, and thy Exsercise has come before me ; and not having an Op

portunity to converse with thee personally, I take • This Way of communicating my Mind, hoping in

Christ thou wilt reap some Satisfaction and Advan

cage thereby. I think I know thou art concerned • for Christ's Cause, as also was that eminent Minister

Apollos, Yet was inftru£ted more perfe£tly by good

Aquila and Priscilla. The Subject on which I have o it in my Mind to write to thee, is the Ministry of • the Gospel of Christ Jesus, which I believe to be

very different from that which it is generally taken • for, in moft Parts of the World, by many professing • Christianity. First, The greatest Part of Christen. dom, so called, calls and elects their Ministers

themselves, and will not call them unless they have

School-learning, altho' Christ called and chose un• learned Men, as to that Sort of Learning, and the

Apostles were called, Not according to the Will of

Man, but by the Revelation of Christ Jesus. And • Chrilt thanked his Father that He bad revealed the

Mysteries of bis Kingdom to Babes and Sucklings. And the wife Jews (the Scribes and Pbarisees) admired at

the Apostles, who so wonderfully preached Christ, s and were so wonderfully carried forth in their Mi.

nistry, and yet few of them were Men of Learuing; • so that the Call, Election, and Wages of Christ's

Ministers, is spiritual, and not carnal, and therefore • their Ministry is with divine Life and Power, by

which they are qualify'd for this Service without either Study or Premedication : Tho' it is not deni

ed, that Christ may shew a Minister before-hand, ! what he shall, or is to speak, at such a Time or

« Place,


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1724. * Place, as he may see meet ; but that studying or mo writing Sermons, and afterwards preaching, or ra

ther reading them to the People, was, or is, the « Practice of the true Ministers of Jesus, our great • Lord and Master, is deny'd ; of which, I do believe, thou hast a real Sense. • I shall impart to thee fomething of my own Experience for thy Edification in this great Work, viz.

As in the Work of Conversion, or Regeneration, « there is a Growth and Increase from the State of a • Child to that of a Man in Christ, so in the Work of

the Ministry, or preaching the Gospel, there is also • a Growth from a Babe to an able Minister, in all o which the Power and Grace of the holy Spirit must • be our Guide, our Help, and Support, keeping

close to which, we shall encrease in divine Wisdom

and found Judgment, and our Hearts and Under• ftandings will be more and more opened and enlarged. * The Apostle Paul said, When I was a Child, I spake as a Child, understood as a Child, and thought as a Child ; and yet he was an excellent Child of God, « and Minister of Christ, and as he grew in his Gift,

and Christ's Grace, he became a wonderful, service

able Instrument in the Hand of God. Now a Child's « State in the Ministry is too much overlooked by

many, some thinking to be Men, as soon as they are brought forth into the Miniftry ; and, according to my Observation, divers have been at a Loss, and

some quite loft, for Want of a patient Continuing « in Well-doing, and not waiting to feel a Growth < and Increafe from above, have gone on in their

own Strength and Will, perhaps against the Advice i and Instruction of a sound and honest Aquila and « Priscilla, and have been hurt; and some, who had

received a Gift, have had that same Gift taken from them, even by the Lord, who gave it them.

• AsI take it, a true Minister of Christ, is to take y no Thought what to say, but it will be given him in

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