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been a Papist, or popifhly inclin'd (which I was not) 1696. I was too young to be a Jesuit. Nx~y"n^

Indeed I thought I was mean for the Work of the Ministry, but the good Remembrancer brought these Truths to my Remembrance, which strengthened me in the Work and Service of God. The Spirit breatht\b where it lilieth ., Out of the Mouths of Babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise, &c. We having great Peace in our Labours in this Journey, and being edify'd therewith, return'd to London, after about four Months Absence from Home.

And after I had been two Weeks at Home, my dear Mother departed this Life, in a sweet Frame of Spirit, praising the Lord. She was one who lived the Life £^s'. of the Righteous, and whose latter End was like theirs, and left a good Report behind her, being well beloved (I think I may safely say) by all our Neighbours; not only by those of our own Society, but others also, to to whom she was often very helpful.

So I went to my Calling, and got a little Money, (a little being enoughs which I was made willing to spend freely, in the Work and Service of my great Master Christ Jesus. And about this Time I was concerned to travel into the North of England, and Part of Scotland, which I did in that Ability God gave me; and that Dispensation which I had freely received, I freely handed forth to the People, devoting my Strength and Time to serve him (that had done so much for me) and I had the Satisfaction to find divers confessing the Truth, as it is in Jesus. In this Journey I was from Home about four Months, being mostly alone as to a<iy Yoke-fellow in that Work, travelling many Hundreds of Miles, being as far as Edinburgh, in Scotland, ^j,^^*, where our Meeting was in the Street, we being lock'd out of our Meeting-house by the then Power, and great Numbers of People were there. This News being carried to the Provost of the City, he said, Be Quakers would do more Hart out of Doors, than B 3 within,

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the Seamen, were very sick (by some it was thought near unto Death) I cried to the Lord to heal them, in the Name of his dear Son, and that it might be a Means to convince them of the Efficacy of Love toy and Faith in Christ Jesus,the Physician of Value; and the Lord was pleased to heal them. The Mate of the Ship desired that I would come and pray by him. I went to him, and prayed in the Power and Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Lord helped him j that he said he was fine and easy, and thanked me for my Love ; and in a little Time he recovered. Several others of the Seamen and Passengers I was instrumental to help in their Sickness. The Lord blessed my Endeavours in supplicating him, on their Behalf, and administring what I had to them. One of the Seamen said, He was bound to pray for me as long as he lived, and that the Lord would bless me. Another of the Passengers said, That I was tbebleJsedDoffor (for there was not a surgeon, or Doctor in the Ship,) I was very free to communicate of what I had to any sick person in the Ship, and several blessed the Lord on my Behalf. Indeed I thought I could scarce do enough for any that were in Distress, I write not thus, that. I might seem popular, but with my Mind bowed before the Lord. Many Times in this Voyage there were Consultations in my Mind, whether I had best write a Memorandum hereof ; but at last conceiving in my Spirit that it might strengthen and excite Love to God, and Faith in his beloved Son, in true Believers, I.wrote as aforesaid, ; and then I was satisfied, and gave the Glory to God.

Before we came to the Land, we saw a Ketch which had saved the Lives of some that belonged to a Ship that was a little before foundered in the Sea : Who said also, that a Fleet of New-England Ships who had been upon that Coast, by Stormy Weather, were forced to Barbadoes, and within a few Days after We saw the .jUwd of Virgbmt and also a New-England Ship,


who failed or came from England three Weeks before 1698. us. We arrived within the Capes of Virginia the 31st ^/"v^/ of the 1 ft Month 1698, and overtook the John andw^Si*. Margaret, a Ship that came out of the English Channel with us (the Master, Thomas Salmon, being dead) and the next Day we anchored our Ship at the Mouth of Patuxent River in Maryland, where our Boats were hoisted out, and we were rowed up Patuxent River twelve Miles, to Arthur Young's House, where we lodged that Night; and for our Preservation and safe Arrival, we blessed the Lord our God, and my Spirit praised him who lives for ever and ever. Our Voyage was above twelve Weeks, it being then Winter Time, and tor the most Part the Winds so high, that the Ships could carry but little Sail, which made our Voyage the longer. . - _

About four Days after we landed, we had a Meeting near Patuxent River: And a blessed one it was ! When j****"? it was ended, we went (that Night) to Daniel Raw- Maryland. lings, and from thence to the Gifts, to Richard John's, J . t. a Friend that came with us from England, at whose House we had a Meeting, wherein God's Presence was powerfully felt. We had several Meetings on that Side the Bay called the Western Shore, and then we sailed over to the East Side of Cbefapeak Bay, with Thomas Everden, in his Sloop, went to his House, and had a Meeting, where many People came. Here we met with our Friends, Jonathan Tyler, Henry Payton, and Henry Payton's Sister. While I was at this Friend's House, there was one Robert Cathing, who being very ill, sent for Thomas Everden, and he (not being very well) desired me to visit the sick person. So I went, and the Man was near to Death. Howbeit he said he was comforted much with the visit, and that he never had received so much Benefit by the Parish Priest in his Life: Although, said he, it cost me dear for what I had ; and if ever I live to get over it, by tbe.AJftstance of God I shall have nothing to do .. • q

1698. with them more. But, he said, he should not live

t^"V"VJ three Days. And before the End of three Days he expired. He desired (if I were not gone) I would be at his Funeral. On Notice hereof, about ten Friends went; and there was a great many People, among whom we had a good Opportunity, and many weighty Truths were opened to them in the Love of God; and some of them were tender and wept; and the most, if not all'(I think I may fay) were solid and weighty.

From Thomas EverdenPs House we went to George Truit\ at whose House we had a Meeting. This Friend and I went to an Indian Town not far. from his House* because I had a Desire to see these People, having never seen any of them before. When we came to the Town they were kind to us, spoke well of Friends, and said they would not cheat them (as some ..... . others did.)

From George Truifs, in Maryland, we went down

Virginia, to Virginia; and in Accbmack and Northampton Counties we had large Meetings, and Ihope they were effectual to many; I think my Hope is not without Ground. In those Parts we had several Meetings, where we were informed Friend's had not had any before. And really I cannot but bless the Lord for the Opportunities we had with the People; for the Goodness of God, through Christ our Lord, was great, both to us and them, and with Tears they did acknowledge the Truth. Now Thomas Turner, who had hitherto accompanied me, went by the Sea Side the

Maryitni. nearest Way to Philadelphia; and afterwards I had a Meeting at George Truifs Brother's, and on the first Day, another near the Court-house, and went to Thomas Everden's, and so to Levin Denwood's, and thence to Nanticoke River, and visited Friends up the Bay until I came to the River Cboptank, about which there is a pretty many Friends. So t went on,

Ttnfyiv*. and took the Meetings till I came to Philadelphia, in


and about which, Place, and in other Parts of the Pro- 1698.
vince or Pensyhania, I had many large and precious *->~V^
Meetings, the Power of the eternal Son of God .
being wonderful, in which Power we many Times
blessed his Name together. It was in my Heart much
to exhort Friends to Love to God, and to Unity one
with another, without which there is no fulfilling the
Law or Gospel. There are many Friends in that Pro- -\

vince, and many sober young People, which greatly ■'■-..
rejoiced my Spirit; so that for their Encouragements
the Lord opened my Mouth in a prophetick Manner,
to declare unto them theBleffings which he had in Store
for them, on condition of their Walking in the Truth.
Glory to God on high; Untruth decays, and the
Branches of it mightily wither; the Darkness is much
past, and the true Light shineth gloriously in many
Souls. O powerful Praises be given to God, who is
Light for ever!

From Philadelphia I Went to Burlington, and so to East and Crofwicks, where we had a large Meeting under the'**TM Trees, where some were convinced of the Troth. From hence I went to Shrewjbury, and had Meet* ings there: From Shrewsbury we went (mostly by water) to Woodbridge and Staten-Ifland, from thence ffla^ td Lang Island, being accompanied by several Friends. LoHg.'ijiM* On Long-Island we had several large and good Meetings, wherein Christ was preached freely ; and after we had been two Weeks there, we went on board a Sloop bound for Rhode-I/land, and by the Way we tanched JV/Ws and at Fisher's and Block Islands, and on the first Day $^5 Morning we set fail from Block-Island to Rhode-Island, &»&■. the Yearly-meeting beingjust over when we got there.lfla"*' That Evening we sailed over to Connanicut-Island. On SSS*" the third Day of the Week had a Meeting there, and Narr^xn from thence we went over to Narraganfit, and had a^"' Meeting, and so over to Rhode-lJland again (where J'" Ruth Fry, a sober young Woman, was convinced, and remained a Friend till her Death.) Here I met with


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