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1725. had Comfort thro' the sweet Influence of the holy Spirit,

which Christ promised his Followers, John xiv. 26.

On the 18th of the Seventh Month began our Yearlymeeting at Philadelphia, which 'was large, and our Friends, John Wanton and William Anthony, from RbodeIsland, and Abigail Bowles, from Ireland, had good Service therein. From this Meeting an Address was sent to King George for his royal Favour to us as a Society of People, in giving his Affent to a Law made in this Pro. vince for prescribing the Forms of Declaration, Affirmation, &c. instead of the Forms heretofore 'us'd.'

The Beginning of the Eighth Month, 'being a little recovered from my Hurt, I had a Desire once more to see my Friends on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, at their General-meeting at Choptank. . The firft Day I set out, I travelled about thirty Miles, and at Night was very weary, being but weak in Body, and I was almost ready to faint in my Mind about proceeding any further ; but 'next Day George Robinson (at whose House I lodged) offering to accompany me, we travelled about forty Miles to Sassafras River, and both of us, though much tired, were comforted in each others Company and Conversation:

On the next Day we travelled near twenty Miles to Maryland. the General-meeting in Cæcil County in Maryland,

where we met with two Friends from Rbode-Isand, and two from Pensylvania, who were there on the like Occasion. The Meeting was large and quiet, many People being there not of our Society, and were very sober : The Meeting held several Days, wherein the Gospel-Dispensation was set forth, and the Love of God in Chrift was 'exalted. From Cecil' we went to Chester River, and had a Meeting there, at which the People were exhorted to come to Christ, the eternal Rock,: and true Foundacion, and to build their Religion on him, against whom the Gates of Hell can never prevail ; and they were so much affected, that they did not


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seem forward to leave the House after the Meeting 1725. was over. From Cbefter River we went to Tred-Haven, to the General-meeting of Friends for Maryland, which was very large ; some Friends from Pensylvania and Virginia being also there, and many People of other Societies : Many Testimonies were born to the Operation of Christ by his Spirit in the Soul, and Friends were earnestly desired to be diligent in reading the holy Scriptures, and to keep up the Practice of our wholesome Discipline ; by the Neglect of which, a Door would be opened to loose living, and undue Liberties. From Tred-Haven we travelled into the Great Foreft, between the Bays of Chefapeak and Dela- The Great wäre, and had a fatisfactory Meeting; as yet chere

Forefi. was no publick Meeting-house in this place, wherefore I told the People of the House, I was obliged to them for the Use of it; but they tenderly answer. ed, they were more obliged to me for my kind visiting of them ; and truly we had a solid, good Meeting there : The People being generally Poor, they had but little Notice taken of them by the MoneyJoving Teachers, who preach for Hire. From the Forest

, I went to Little Creek, in the Territories of Litties Pensylvania, where was a General-meeting for the Counties of Newcastle, Kent, and Sussex. The Meeting was large, and Friends parted in great Love and Tenderness. And I went forward to Duck-Creek, Duck

Creek, &c. where we had a Meeting ; divers Persons of Note being there, and all were quiet, and heard with Attention. From Duck-Creek I went to George's-Creek, and had a Meeting ; where a Man of a sober Conversation, said, That be never beard Things to spoken to before ; but that he could witness to the Truth of all that was said. It was a good Meeting before the Conclufion ; but I was very low and poor in my Spirit in the Beginning of it. From this place we fét forward to Newcastle, where we had a Meeting ; it was the Time Newcafile. of the Sitting of the General Assembly, and several


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1725. Members of the House were at Meeting. The Gomvernor (who has from our first Acquaintance been

very respectful to me) hearing that I was in Town, sent to desire me to tarry all Night in Newcastle ; but being engag'd to a Meeting over the Rivers Christine and Brandywine, and it being near Night, I could not stay, but went away that Evening, and sent my Love to him, defiring to be excufed. Thas Night'I lodged at John Richardson's, and next Day went to George Robinson's, at Newark, where we had

a Meeting on the Firit-day, and on Second-day anoS Providence, ther at Providence ; and went from thence to Derby Derby.

to visit our worthy aged Friend Thomas Lightfoot, who lay very weak in Body, none expecting his Recovery ; I called as I went from Home, and then he was very ill, and told me, He thought that Illness would conclude his Time in this World, but said, ibat all was well, and likewise, that he had a great Concera upon bis Mind for the Growth and Prosperity of Truth in the Eartb, and defired with Tenderness of Spirit, -that I would give his dear Love to all Friends ; and he now said, I never thought to see thee more, but am glad to fee tbee. I staid there all Night, and in the Morning we had a comfortable Heart-melting Time together, in which was revived the Remembrance of che many favourable Seasons of God's Love we had enjoy'd in our Travels in the work of the Ministry of the Gospel of Christ, and we tenderly prayed, if we never met more in this World, we might meet in that which is to come, where we might never part more, but might for ever live to sing with all the Saints and holy Angels, Hallelujah to God and the Lamb. From Derby I went to Philadelphia Thirdday-meeting, and from thence to my House, where my dear Wife and Children with open Hearts and Arms received me, and I them with Joy; at which Time I had a gracious Reward of Peace for my Labour of Love, which far exceeded Silver or Gold.


In this Journey I travelled above three hundred 1725. Miles, had nineteen Meetings, and was from Home above chree Weeks, in which Time I recovered of my Lameness to Admiration ; so that I had with Satisfaction to remember the Apostle's Saying, that All Things work together for Good to them that love God, Rom. vii. 28.

After my Return Home, I was at the General-meeting at Frankfort ; and in the Beginning of the Ninth Month, I was at Meetings at Abington, German-town, and divers Times at Philadelphia, particularly at the Youths-meeting, wherein several Testimonies were phia. born, and the Youth exhorted to Piety and Humility.

On the Fifth Day of this Month in the Morning, being under a Consideration of the many sore Exercises and Trials I had met with from my Childhood, I was much affected; but the following Portions of Scripture being brought to my Remembrance, afforded me fome Relief, viz. W bom the Lord loveth he chastenetha..And if ye be without Chastisement, ge are Bastards, and not Sons And in this World ye mall bave Trouble, but in me Peace, So that I patiently bore my Aliction, and prais'd God under it.

In this Month I was at the Funeral of our worthy Thondas ancient Friend Thomas Lightfoot. He was buried at Lughafent's Derby; the Meeting was the largest that I had ever Derby. seen at that place. Our dear Friend was greatly beloved for his Piety and Virtue, his sweet Disposition, and lively Ministry: The Lord was with him in his Life and Death, and with us at his Burial.

After this Burial I was at one at Abington ; the Meeting was large, and, on that Occasion, several Things suitable to the States of the People were treated on.

I was also about this Time at German town, and at a General-meeting at Plymouth, to my great Satisfac- tosin, tion, being accompanied by my ancient Friend Row, land Ellis; and at the Third-day Meeting in Philadelpbia, at the Time of our Fall-Fair ; there were




1725. fervent Desires, and Prayers, in several of us, That

the Youth might be preserved from the Evils too
prevalent at such Times of Liberty and Prophaneness.

About the 20th of the Month I went for Long-
Island, being drawn in true Love to make a general
· Visit to Friends there; and likewise having fome Bu-
siness to tranfact there. On the fifth Day of the Week,
Thomas Masters and I set out from Frankfort, and in
the Evening we got to

a Friend's House near the Falls of Delaware ; where we were kindly entertained, and our Horses taken good care of: To take due Care of Travellers Horses, is a commendable Thing; and more grateful to some Travellers, chan to take Care of themselves. From the Falls of Delaware, we travelled next Day to Piscatt away, and lodged at an

Inn; and on the next Day we went to Woodbridge to bridge John Kinsey's, and on First-day we had a satisfactory

Meeting there with Friends and others; and the next

Day John Kinsey went with us to Long-tfand, and

that Night got to John Rodman's, and next Day we
rested, being weary with travelling so far in the Cold.
Our dear Friends in that Ifand very lovingly, and
kindly, received my Visit to them, so that I had
Occasion to remember that Saying of the holy Scrip-
ture, As Iron harpeneth Iron, so doth the Countenance
of a Man bis Frierd!

The fifth Day of the Week we had a large Meet-
ing at Flushing, and another in the Evening at Obadi-

ab Lawrence's, which was an open, tender Time. Cow. Neck. From Flushing we went to Cow-Neck, to Joseph LaWefbury.

tham's, who went with me to Westbury Meeting,
which (considering the Cold) was much larger than I
expected. From Westbury, Nathaniel Simmons, Samuel

Underbill, and Phebe Willet, went with us to Beth-

page ; where we had a comfortable Evening meeting

at the House of Tbomas Powell, who went with us next Seterukes. Morning to a Town called Setarket; it was as cold a Day's Travel as ever I went thro' in all my

Life ; the

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