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Wind was in our Faces, and Northerly ; I do not 1725. remember (though I had been a Traveller above thirty Years) that ever I endured so much Hardness by Cold in one Day; my Chin and Jaws were much affected with the Frost for several Days ; but we had a good Meeting that made up for all. After which we went ten Miles to Amos Willets House, where we had a serviceable Meeting : He invited his Neighbours, who came and received us with Hearts full of Good will'; and those not of our Society, were well satisfied with the Meeting ; so that we went on our Way rejoicing, that we were favoured with the good Presence of God in our Journey. Amos Willet and his Wife : went with us to Huntington, where we had a quiet, Huntington.

peaceable Meeting, and the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ was with and among us, as many can witness that were there. From hence we went to Samuel Underbills, and visited his weak Brother ; in which Visit the Lord mightily refreshed us together, and we blersed his holy Name, for be is good to all thein who put their Truft. in bim. Next Day we had a large Meeting at Matinicock. After chis Meeting we went to cock. Thomas Pearsalls, and had an Eyening-meeting at his House, The next Day, being a snowy, stormy Day, and one of the shortest in the Year, we went, being 18 in Company, to Cow-Neck, where we had a good Meeting, and much larger than could be expected. After Meeting we went to Joseph Lalbam’s, and had a tender, open Evening meeting there, in which we were edified, and refreshed, in Christ Jesus. From Cow-Neck. I went to Flushing, had a large Meeting Fufiringa. there on the First-day of the Week, and on Secondday we went over the Sound (which divides LongIfand from the main Continent) to Horse-Neck, and Horse Nick had a Meeting, where I understood there never had been one before; the People were tober and attentive, and some expressed their Satisfaction. That Evening Connecti. we had a Meeting at an Inn near Byram River, where eur.



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1725. divers People came, and were attentive ; the InnCíkeeper, his Father, Brother, Wife, and several

others, took our Visit very kindly ; tho' there was one restless Man, who seem'd to be out of Order with Drink before he came into the House, and when we were sitting in Silence, waiting for the Gift of Christ, and worshipping in Spirit, as Christ instituced, he fitting by me, jogged me, and said, It was Time to begin, for there is as many come as would come to Night ; tho' he was mistaken in that; but he not having Patience to watch and pray, went away ; after which we had a good Meeting These two Meetings were in the Government of Conneticut, where they formerly made a Law imposing a Fine of five Pounds on those who should entertain any of our Society, which Law, I was informed, was repealed in Great Britain. From

thence we travelled into New-York Government, and Rye. Merrineck.

had a Meeting at Rye, and another at Marrineck; from whence we travelled to Welt-Chefter, and had a Meeting there on a Sixth-day of the Week, intending to go over the Ferry next Day to Long-Ifand; but the Wind being high and boisterous, that we could not get over, we tarried three Nights at the House of John Stephenson, where we were lovingly and generously entertained: And on First-day we were again at Weft-Chefter Meeting, which ended comfortably, cho' I was in a low State, both of Body and Mind, in the Beginning of it. On Second-day we all got well over the Ferry to Long-Island, parting with our Friends at the Ferry in much Love and Good-will. Joseph Latham having been my Fellow-Traveller on

che Main, I went to his House, and from thence to kfibury. Westbury, to a large Meeting, and next to Bethpage,

and had a Meeting there, and in the Evening, accompanied by Samuel Bowne and Josepb Latham, I went to Jerusalem, and had a large and satisfactory Meet

ing: Many of the People of the Town, who were Homplicad. there, came the next Day to our Meeting at Hempstead,






which was large ; the great Lord of all was good to 1725. us that Day, which, I hope, many that were there, m will not forget ; and some Convincement was wrought on some that were of Account in the World at there last-mentioned Meetings, particularly one who lived at Jerusalem, with Tenderness of Spirit desired my Remembrance, whom I pray God to preserve (with all those who love and fear him, and believe in his Son) to the End.

From Hempstead I went to Matinicock, where, on Marini a First-day of the Week, we had a large Meeting, and a solid, good Opportunity it was ; and from thence to Tbomas Townsend's on the Plains, at whose House we had an Evening meeting ; next Morning a pretty many Friends from the Plains, went with us to the South Side of the Island, to a Place called Rockway, where we had a Meeting at Hicks's, the Rockway. Neighbours coming to it pretty generally ; there was great Openness to receive the Doctrine of Truth in those not of our Society, and they were very kind to us in those Parts : This was the second Meeting I had been at in this Place, Benjamin Holmes having the first there, since which they had not been visited by any Friend of the Ministry except myself. From Rockway we went to Foster's Meadow, where was a large Gathering of People, and Chrift filled our Hearts Meadow. . with divine Love. Froin thence I went to Peter Titus's, and had a Meeting at his House, to which came the Neighbours, and were well-affected ; and next Day we had a Meeting in the Meeting-house at Westbury, Wellbury. which was very large, and to our Satisfaction. From Westbury, in the Evening, we went to visit a young Woman who had been in a despairing Condition for several Years. The Family came together, and we put up our: Prayers to the Almighty, in the Name of his dear Son ; it was a good Time to us all, and the young Woman, and some others, express'd their Sa-tisfaction.



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1725. This Evening we went to see another young Wo-
imman who was in a deep Consumption, but in a very

comfortable State of Mind ; having a great Desire to
see me before she died, she sent for me to come to her,
and her Desire was answered, her Spirit being revived
with a fresh Visitarion of the Love of Jesus Chrift, the
holy Physician of Value, and our Supplications were,
that the Lord would be pleased to be with her, and
support her to the End, and grant her an easy Paffage
from this Life to his glorious Kingdom, when it should
please him to remove her ; which Prayer we have Cause
to hope was answered.

Though the Days were short, we rode about fifteen
Miles, and made those two Vifits, after that great
Meeting at Westbury, and the Season was exceeding
cold; but our great and good Master supported us,
and was with us in our Exercises and Service, for his

Name and Truth's Sake. I lodged this Night at Jofeph ushingo Rodman's, and was next Day at Flushing Week-day

meeting, which was very large and satisfactory, and

had a Meeting the same Evening at Samuel Bowne's, V-w-York, and the next Day went to New-York, and had a quiet,

good Meeting in the Evening at Samuel Harrison's, .
and on the Morrow had an Evening-meeting at a
Place call'd che Kills, at the House of Richard Hallet,

and the next Day, being First-day, had a large Meeta 15.10wn. ing at New-town, to the Edification of Friends and other

sober People.

It being now generally known that I was on the INand, the People flock'd to Meetings, cho' the Weacher was extream cold, for the Lord manifefted him. felf in the Riches of his Love unto us in our Meetings,

for the Worthip of his holy Name. The nexc MeetHockyHilli ing was at James Jackson's, at Rocky-hill, where was

Judge Hicks, the High Sheriff, and a Justice of Peace,
with several other Persons of Note, with whom and
our Friends, we had a good Time to set forth the Work
of Grace and Reformation (as I think) to general



Hell Gate,

Satisfaction, for which we blessed the holy Name of 1725. God; and humble Prayer was put up to him for all Men, and particularly for our King George,, as also for all in Authority under him, and that they might be a Terror' to Evil-doers, and the Praise of them that do well.

The next Meeting we had was at Jamaica, Jamaica: which was also large, and several in Authority were there, and were very loving and respectful after Meeting. The next First-day we had a large Meeting at the Meeting-house at Cow-Neck, which was somewhacCom-Necka crowded. I was right glad (though my Exercises were very great) that there was such Openness and Room in Peoples Hearts to receive the Doctrine which I had to declare unto them, in the Name and Power of Christ; afterwards we had an Evening meeting with the Widow Titus, to which divers Dutch People came, and were very attentive and sober. On the third of the Week we had a Meeting near the Place called Hella Gate (a narrow Pasage in the great Sound or Bay, between Long Island and the Main Land) several Juftices and their Wives were at this Meeting, one of which had disownied his Son, and turned him out of Doors for coming among us ; but beholding his Son's fober Conversation, grew more moderate, and after Meeting he and his Wife invited us to dine with thein, but we were engaged to visit the Widow Stevens that

Evening, at whole House we had a Meeting. - Going | thither, it being very cold and stormy, my Hands

where touched with the Frost, and perceiving it when I came to the Firé, I called for a Balon of cold Water, which foon cured them : I note this that others may reap Benefit thereby. Next Day we went to the Week day-meeting at

and on the Fifth day at Flushing Meeting, which was large, and to Edification,

Flushing, and in the Evening had a Meeting at our ancienç Friend Hugb Copperthwait's, which was acceptable to him (as himself expressed when it was ended) and to us alfo. Next Day we had a very large Evening-meeting


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