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• Help-meets in the Government ; so that it was 1725. • God's Spirit that governed ; and while that ruled • them, all was well ; but when they went from that,

they fell into Error and Disobedience; and at length

the Mesiab came, and he governed his own little 6 Flock himself; and when he ascended up on high,

he promised his Spirit should be with, and in his

Church for ever, and be their holy Guide into all “Truth, in which he would also comfort them : And • Chrift fulfilled this his Promise ; for when his Dif

ciples waited at Jerusalem to be endued with Power ' from on high, according to the Advice of their ' Lord, they were filled with the Gift and Grace of the

holy Spirit: And when the Brethren and Elders met
together about the Affairs and Government of the
Church, they gave torth Rules and Orders from that
General meeting to the particular Ones ; and the
holy Ghost presided amongst them, which they
signified to the other Meetings, saying, It seemed
good to the boly Ghost, and to us, to put you in Mind
of such and such Things. And while this holy Ghost,
or Spirit, governed in the primitive Christian

Church, all was well ; God and Christ was glorified, . and his Church and People edified; but by going from that, the Apostacy came in.

Wherefore, dear Friends, keep close to the Spirit, · Power, Light, and divine Life, of Christ Jesus, in

your Monthly and Quarterly-meetings for the Go• vernment of the Church, as well as in your Meetings

for the Worship of the Almighty ; for if we go • from that, he will go from us.

. And, dear Friends, the Testimony of Jefus, in
the Spirit of Prophecy, opens in me after this Man-
ner, That if our Society keep and live up to the

Spirit and Truth of Christ, which hath been mani. • felted to our Fore-fathers, and to us also in this Age, the great Lord of all will profper his work in our


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1725. Hands, and blefs both us and our Children, as we W and they keep therein.

. And as we have kept close to this our heavenly ç Guide, how. hath the Lord sweetly manifested his • Love and Power to us in our Meetings for the wellcordering of our Society? Which many Times hath • filled our Hearts with pure Praises, and holy F • Thanksgiving, to the high and lofty One, who iny habits Eternity, and dwells in the highest Heavens, « and is Light for ever: To whom, with the Lamb • of God, who takes away the Sins of the World, I re• commend you, my dear and well-beloved Friends,

th • Brethren, and Sisters in Christ, with my own Soul.

IM T. C.


AL · P. S. Since my Return, I have been thankful to

SI « God for the many favourable Vifications and good

M « Opportunities he was pleased to grant me with you, • and divers sober People on your Ifand, in which ? there is an open Door among many to receive the « Testimony of Truth. I commend your Nobility in

building good Houses, and making Room for your « sober Neighbours to sit with you in your Meetings;

this is of good Report concerning you, both far and

near, and if I apprehend right, there is more i Work of that Kind for you to do. I chought often, ¢. when among you, and now also, That there would • be a large Gathering, if there were a House built at ç the Upper-end of the great Plains, not far from

Foster's Meadow; but every one may not think or « fee alike ; tho’I know some folid Friends among

you, thought the same with me, about the Prospect

of a large Gathering there-away, if a House were • built ; to which Friends, and well-inclined People, "might come from Hempstead, Rocky-bill, Rockway, Foster's Meadow, &c.

T. C.



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Service on Long-Tsand, I had great 1725. Sweetness upon my Spirit for some Time, which sometimes caused my Heart to sing for Joy; and yet I rejoiced in a trembling Frame of Spirit, and had the true Sense of what is written in the holy Scriptures, where it is said, Serve the Lord with Fear (I take it, Filial Fear) and rejoice with Trembling, for fear of lofing that precious Sense of the Love of God, which is in Christ.

On the 20th of the Twelfth Month (the First-day of the Week) I was at Abington Meeting, in which Abington. the Love of Christ was manifested to us, in the Opening of his Saying, If I be lifted up, I will draw all Men unto me, John xii

. 32. The next Day I was at German-town, at the Burial of a Son of Dennis Cunrad, Germax. at which also was our Friend Abigail Bowles. On the Sixth-day following, I went to the General meeting of

Burlington: Ministers and Elders at Burlington, where I again

met with our faid Friend and divers others : The Firstday-meeting was large ; and on Second-day was the Quarterly-meeting for the County ; and on Thirdday was their Youths-meeting, which was large, and many weighty Truths were delivered in that Meeting. On Fourth-day we were at a Meeting at Springfield ;

Springfield. the House was pretty much thronged, and Friends were exhorted, thankfully to commemorate the Mercies and Favours of the Almighty to them, and desired to enlarge their Meeting-houses as their Number increased; for in those Parts there was such an Openness in the Hearts of the People, and Increase of their Number, that Friends had already agreed on building two Meeting-houses between Croswicks and Burlington ; their Zeal and Unanimity therein, was worthy of Commendation. Fifth-day being the Week-day-meeting at Burlington, Friends of the Town desired I would stay at it ; I thought we had just before had divers good Opportunities, and my own Inclinations seemed to lead to my Family ; but


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1725. Friends being desirous of my staying, I did so, and Wwe had a good, solid Meeting. After Meeting a

solid good Friend said, He thought we bad the best Wine at last ; and indeed the Love of God, through Christ, is so sweet to his People, that the last often seems the best, when it is only a renewed Visitation of the same Lɔve to his Children. So I went home rejoicing that I was in some good Measure accounted worthy to serve so good, and fo gracious a Master.

On the 6th Day of the First Month (being the First of the Week) I was at the Morning and Afternoon Meetings in Pbiladelpbia, wherein those who call themselves Free-thinkers, were exhorted to be careful of drinking too freely, left they might justly be called Free-drinkers; for many Times such, when they drink too freely of strong Liquor, think and speak too freely their own corrupt Notions, to the Dishonour of God, and to the Scandal of Religion in general.

Soon after I was at the First-day Meetings at PbilaJerseys. delphia ; and in this Month I went into the Jerseys, and

was at three large Meetings in Company with Abigail Bowles, in which our faid Friend had good Service, to the Comfort of Friends, convincing of Gainsayers, and confirming the Weak, and the People were glad of

The 15th Day of this Month I was at Burlington at the Burial of my good friend and old Acquaintance

Abrabam Bickley, at whose Funeral were great Numbers of People, he being well-beloved of his Neighbours; Christ's raising Lazarus out of the Grave, and his Tenderness and Weeping there was spoken of, in order to stir People up to a tender, religious Exercise of Mind, which is too much wanting among many of the Professors of his holy Name, who have too little Sense of that which should bring true Tenderness over their Minds, being more in Earth chan Heaven; 1o that they are dry and barren, as to the Things of


our Vifit.

God. The Meeting ended (to Satisfaction) with Sup. 1725. plications to the Almighty.

A few Days after, I was at our General Spring, meeting in Philadelphia, which was large; where our Friends Robert Jordan and Abigail Bowles had good Service.

This Week I was at four very large Meetings at Philadelphia, Frankfort, and Abington, much to my Satisfaction, tho’ I had no vocal Service therein ; yet my

Heart was broken into Tenderness and Tears, under the Ministry of several weighty, solid Testimonies, that were born by good and living Ministers, quali. fied to preach the Gospel in the Demonftation of the Spirit, and with Power.

The 26th of the First Month 1726, I went to German-town Meeting, which was large, and I was opened 1726. therein to speak of the Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel, of the holy Waters which proceeded from under the Threshold of the Sanctuary, which the Angel measuring, they grew deeper and deeper, until they be. came a River to swim in, Ezek. xlvii. 5. Which myftically sheweth the Work of Grace, Conversion, and 'Regeneration ; and that these holy Waters the Soul must drink of, and be washed, and baptized in, are spiritual and supernatural, and therefore not to be measured by the Spirit and Will of Man, in his natural State, according to the Prophet Isaiab, Chap. xxxiii. 21. Man, before he can swim therein, mutt be stript of all his Self-righteousness, and artificial Religion, though as splendid and beautiful as a gallant Ship, or Galley with Oars, which in this Respect is agreeable to the State of Men swimming in elementary Water, where the most skilful have sometimes lost their Lives, for want of being naked or uncloathed; and those who had not yet attain'd much Experience, were advis'd, is not go out of their Depth, but to waiç in Pacience and Humility, to enjoy the medicinal Virtue of the Trees growing by the Side of this River, whose Fruit

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