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1726. is for Meat, and Leaves for Medicine, Ezek. xlvii. 12. he no The People of this Meeting were generally Germans,

several of whom stay'd in the House after the Meeting ter was over," and were broken into Tenderness," in at Sense of the Presence and Love of God unto us, for which I was also humbly thankful and bowed in Spirit.

I was at the Third-day Weekly-meeting in Philadel- it pbia, which was but small, considering the large Number of those professing to be of our Society in this City; those present were closely and tenderly exhorted to be zealous for good Works, and againft bad Works ; not respecting the Person of any Man ; the Abominations committed by some under our Profesfion, in this City and Province, calling for Humiliati- tt on; and as the Promise of God's Favour was to those who mourn'd with Sighs and Cries for the Abominations among his People formerly, Ezek. ix. 4, 6. so now, as many as are under the same Concern, may hope for Preservation and Salvation, if he should in F like Manner visit us, as at this Time he doth some of our Neighbours; there being a great Şickness and Mortality in some of the adjacent Places.

In the Second Month I visited the Meetings of Hanerford. Friends at Haverford, Newtown, Radnor, and Merion, New forms which Meetings confist chiefly of antient Britons,

who are a religious, industrious, and increasing People; among whom ny Service was (as they expressed) co our mutual Satisfaction. After my Return Home,

I went to visit Friends at the Falls of Delaware, and County:

was at a large Meeting in their new Meeting-house. After a satisfactory Meeting at Frankfort, on the Fifthday of the fame Week, I went with Ennon Williams to his Son's Marriage ; and the next Day he, and fe:

veral other Friends, accompanied me to WoodberryWoodberry Creek, and had a good, open Meeting, and that Night

went to James Lord's, and next Morning went towards Salem, and lodged at Ifaac Sharp's; where I was informed of a great Mortality at Cobansy. The

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24th of the Second Month was the General-meeting at 1726. Salem, which was a large Gathering of People of dif

Salem, & ferent Perswasions, from many Parts of the Country,

where the Doctrine of the Gospel was preached in great Love to the People, which they heard with folid Ato tention. From Salem I went to Alloway's Creek and Cobanly, and had Meetings 'there : I was informed Cohanty: that more than Seventy Perfons had lately died here of a malignant Diftemper, tho' it seem'd to 'abate, none

dying while we were there. At Cobanfy the Meeting was large and solid, tho' but few of our Society there,

and they were earnestly admonished to a proper Dispoeftion of Mind, to fit them either for Life or Death, and reminded of the Regard of the Almighty to such as live in his Fear, who will have Peace in their Death, and their Exchange will be glorious, when they are taken out of this Life ; but with the Wicked it is not fo. *.**!!

From Cobanly I went through the Wilderness over Maurice's River, accompanied by James Daniel, thro' Maurice's a miry, boggy Way, in which we saw no House for River. abour forty Miles, except at a Ferry, and that Night we got to Richard Townsend's, of Cape-May, where we were kindly received ; next Day we had a Meeting at

Rebecca Garrison's, and the Day after a pretty large one at Richard Townsend's, and then went down to

the Cape, and had a Meeting at John Page's, and next Day another at Aaron Leaming's, several expressed their Satisfaction with those Meetings. I lodged two Nights at Facob Spicer's (my Wife's Brother.)

From Cape May we travelled along the Sea-Coast to Great Egg-Harbour, had another Meeting, much larger than the firft, at Rebecca Garrison's, and here ! Was much concerned to promote the settling a Month ly-meeting, for the well-ordering the Affairs of our Society.

We swam our Creatures over Egg-Harbour River, and went over ourselves in Cannoes, and afterwards



1726. we had a Meeting at Richard Summers's, which was

as large as could be expected, considering the Peoples living at a Distance from each other.

The next Meeting we had at Jobn Scull's; and on First-day we had a large one at Peter White's, and on Second-day at Japbet Leed's, and then we went five Miles through a Marsh to Little-Egg-Harbour River, and had a Meeting in their Meeting-house on the lo Fourth Day of the Week, and 11th Day of the Month, which was the larger by the Addition of the Owners, Masters, and Mariners, of two Sloops from New-York, who, hearing of the Meeting, came to it. And the next Day we had another Meeting at the same Place, and lodged at Jarvis Faro's. After these two Meetings I left Egg-Harbour, accompanied by several Friends from thence, and travelled about forcy Miles, before we came to any House. In the Evening

we reached a Friend's House, where we were kindly Burlington, entertained, and next Morning we got to Burlington,

and so Home, where I found all, well, and was there fore thankful to the Almighty. In this Journey I travelled about three hundred Miles, had 21 Meetings, and was from Home about three Weeks.

In the Third Month I stay'd at and about Home,

visiting the Meetings at Philadelphia, German-town, phie, &c Abington, and Frankfort.

In the Fourth Month I left my Family, and went back in the Woods as far as Oley. I was trom Home nine Days, travelled about one hundred and fifty Miles, and had sıx Meetings at Oley, Perkiomen, and divers ocher Places, chiefly in Barns and open Places, there being large Companies of People, and few Meeting-houses yet built in those Parts of the Country. In : this Journey I suffered pretty much thro' the Heat.The first Meeting was at the Iron-works settled a little beyond a place called Mount Misery; I was concerned for chofe People, having heard of their rude Doings before I left my Habitation ; and altho' fome were



rude, others behaved themselves soberly, and expressed 1726. their Thankfulness for that Visitation, as I do for the

Opportunity I had of clearing myself to them. On į my Return homewards I crossid Schuykill, and went

to Samuel Nutt's Iron-works, where I had a large, quiet, folid Meeting : And the next Day I called to see my old Friend David Meredith, who being about 89 Years of Age, I thought it probable I might not have ano. ther Opportunity of seeing him. He met me with Gladness, and told me, It was their Meeting day; so that I stay'd, and was much comforted and tendered by the Power of Christ ; after which I came Home that Night.

On the next First-day, after my Return, I went to Philadelphia, and, after the. Afternoon-meeting, to Philadel. Derby, and from thence to a Yearly-meeting in Chef- Gomens ter County, held at Goben ; tho' the Season was wet, this was a large, good Meeting ; at which there were three young Men, who were lately called to the Work of the Ministry, whom I was glad to hear declare the Truth in the Power and Simplicity of the Gospel of Christ, being of the Mind of Moses, when he said, in Answer to Foshua, Would God that all the Lord's People were Prophets, and that the Lord would put of his Spirit upon them, Numb. xi. 29. After this Meeting I went to Springfield, and the next Day returned Home.

On the 22d of the Fourth Month I went to the Marriage of Jobn Leigb's Daughter at Springfield, in Chester County: The Meeting was large, and I was concerned to speak mostly to the young People, advising them to seek the Lord in that great Affair of Marriage, that they be careful how and on whom they fet their Affections, and not to draw out one another's Minds if they did not intend an honourable Marriage » and reminding them of the ill Tendency of courting several at a Time, or suffering several to court at once; and that they be chaste and true in their Proceedings, duly regarding the Advice of the Apostle, Be not un



1726. equally yoked; for to be sure all such Marriages are un

equal, when those who marry are of different Principles in Religion. The Meeting ended with tender Sup. plication for Preservation through whatever Exercises, further Troubles or Trials, Temptations or Amiccions, we might meet with in the World, that we might end well at last, and live for ever to praise and glorify God and the Lamb, who, through the holy, eternal Spirit, is worthy for ever.

On the Receipt of the last Letter from my dear Father, which I fome Time since mentioned, I was apprehensive it might be his last, which it proved to be ; for

the next Letter from my dear Brother gavę me Intelmy Fa- ligence of his Death, which I received the 25th of the

Fourth Month this Year. The News of my dear Death,

Father's Decease cook such hold of my Mind (tho I daily expected it) that for some Time I was hardly fociable. Oh how have I been sometimes comforted in his loving and tender Epistles! At the Receipt of which I have cryed to the Lord, that if it pleased him, I might have a double Portion of the Spirit which he gave to my Father : But Oh! Now I must never hear more from him in this World; yet in this I have some inward Comfort, that I hope we shall meet where we shall never part more.Here follows a Part of my affectionate Brother's Account of my Father's Death and Burial

An ACcount of


Edmonton, 25th of the ift Month, 1726.

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Dear Brother,
THIS comes with the sorrowful Account of

our dear Father's Decease, who departed this Life the 7th Inft. after having been indisposed about

a Fortnight.--I have herewith sent a particular Acs count of some remarkable Passages, and his last Expressions in his Sickness; that Part relating to his

6 Convincement,

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