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1726. and I, in the Love of Christ, visited the Meetings at

Alloway's Creek, Cobansy, Pile's Grove, Woodberry, bit Newton, and Haddonfield, having Meetings every Day by in the Week, except the last, and sometimes riding near twenty Miles after Meeting, the Days being a the shortest, and the Weather very cold; but the tat Lord was with us, which made sufficient Amends forlig all the bodily Hardships we met with.

RE I got Home well, but weary; and was well and joy-fans fully received by my loving Spouse, Children, andere Servants ; and I was truly thankful to the Most High In for his presence and Goodness continued to me ; foly that, though I perceived my bodily Strength to decline apace, my Sight, Hearing, and Voice, failing much, I have Occasion to believe, at Times I was helped even beyond Nature in the work of Christ, my dears Lord and Master.

The 27th of the Tenth Month, I heard the News kad of the Death of my dear friend John Lee (by one poi lent to defire my Company at his Burial.). It affected : me with Sorrow, he being an old Acquaintance, and are inward Friend of mine, with whom I had travelled Eld many Miles : He was a living, serviceable Minister of the Gospel of Christ, and instrumental to convince me divers of that Principle of divine Light and Truth, which we profess. I could not be at his Burial, be micause of my Indisposition, and the Unseasonableness of lat the Weather ; yet I think it my Duty, to say this con- T çerning him ; T bat our Love and Friendship was constant ab and intire unto tbe End, having been acquainted about L thirty.five Years, as near as I can remember.

In the Eleventh Month, as I was meditating in my Çloset, on the Duty and Beauty of that great Virtuels of Temperance, it appeared very bright to the View hi of my Mind, and the great Benefit of it to those who toved and lived in it: ist. As to Religion, ic tends to keep the Mind in an even Temper, which is a

Help to Devotion, and the Practice of religious Duties


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German town,

#ly. It is a great Preservative to Health and a good 1726. Honfticution. 3dly. It is a Blefling co Pofterity, in m

any Considerations. Whereas Intemperance destroys the Health, ftains the Reputation, hurts Posterity,

Respect to a healthy Constitution of Body, and Mitate) ruins many Families, brings to Poverty and Disgrace, and what is yet worse of all, is a great Lett

Religion and the true Fear of God, and is a great Scandal to any who make Profession of the Christian Religion.

In this Month I accompanied William Piggot (who ately arrived from London, on a religious Visit to the Meetings of Friends in America.) From Philadelphia we went to my House at Frankfort, and from thence to North Wales, and had two large satisfactory Meetings on the First-day next Day we were at the Month North. ly-meeting at Abington, the Third-day at Frankfort, Frankfort

. and Fourch-day at German-town, Fifth-day I went to Abington, Philadelphia Week-day-meeting, and the said Friend to Abington General meeting, and a few Days after we met again at che Quarterly-meeting of Ministers and Elders at Philadelphia,

The 8th of the Twelfth Month was our Youthsmeeting at Frankfort ; many dying about this Time, I was concerned in the Meeting to put Friends in mind of their Mortality; and that I had told Friends lately, at their Meetings at Abington and Philadelphia, That as I was riding trom my House to Philadelphia, about a Mile from the City, I saw (in the Vision of Life) the Hand of the Lord stretched over the City and Province, with a Rod in it, in order to correct the Inhabitants for their Sins and Iniquities ; which Sighe affected my Mind greatly, and altho' I did not hear any vocal Voice, nor see any visible Hand, yet it was as plainly revealed to me as tho' I had: And that notwithstanding I understood some Nighted that Testimony, yet I observed to them, that lince that Time, more people were taken away than common, as they

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. And it was shewed me, that the Anger of the Most Tha * High would still be againft us, until there was a M.

greater Reformation in these Things.' [It is wortby ste of Commendation, that our Governor, Thomas Lloyd, Ma fometimes in the Evening, before be went to Reft, us'd 3.1 go in Person to Publick Houses, and order the People, bo lev found there, to their own Houses, till, at length, he was

TO instrumental to promote better Order, and did, in a great

0 Meafure, suppress Vice and Immorality in the Gity.]

For some Days after we were at Sea, the Weather an was pleasant, and we had our Health, for which my un Heart was truly thankful. I' exhorted the Sailors 9 against Swearing ; and tho' they had been much usd D to it, they left it off, so that it was rare to hear any of A them swear ; for which Reformation, so far, I wa glad. I lent and gave them several good Books, il which they read, and shewed much Respect to me: But soon after the Wind was contrary (for some Days)

F and some in the Vessel were quarrelsome. I ask'd them what they thought of the Saying of Christ, viz. It a Man smite thee on tbe Cheek, turn to bim the other also ?? At which they were filent and better conditioned to one another afterwards, and we had fome Reformation both from Fighting and Swearing. This Voyage ! was not so Sea-fick as I'formerly had been (though I had, before I left Home, fome uneasy Thoughts about my usually being Sea-fick) which I took as a peculiar Favour from Heaven. About the Latitude of 20 Degrees North, we met with Calms and contrary Winds, which was very hard for some in the Veffel to bear, they putting themselves much out of Temper about it, as for my own Part, I had been us'd to Disappointments, and therefore did not so much mind it. I spent pretty much of my Time in reading and writing, and God being gracious, it was, in the main, a comfortable Time to me, and I enjoyed my Health as well as 'ever I did at Sea in my Life, for which I often breathed forth inward


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Thanks to the Almighty. On the 5th of the Third
Month we arrived at Barbadoes, and I was lovingly

received by our Friends, but came to a very low
L: Market for Goods,

I vilçed Friends Meetings on the Inand, and had
several open Meetings at Bridge-Town, and Speight's Bridge.
Town, and likewise at Pumpkin-Hill, and the Spring. Spright's
On the Day of Pentecost (so called) we had a Meet. Tenen, &c,

ing at Bridge-Town, in which was shewn, the Work les and Operation of God's Spirit on the Old World, and the under the Law ; and the everlasting Duration and Li Operation of the same holy Spirit under the Gospel

Dispensation, which, Christ said, Mould abide for ever.

Ac the Quarterly-meeting at Speight's Town, was Judge 1 Allen, and the Captain of the Man of War stationed the there, with several others, not of our Society. I was

much drawn forth in this Meeting to speak of the D Power of the Father, Son, and the Spirit, opening to

the People how we had been misrepresented, in respect to our Belief in the Trinity, or the holy Three which bear Record in Heaven, the Father, Word, and Spirit, which I brie are One ; for that it was clear and plain, that we are more orthodox in the Belief in the Deity, than those who do not believe in the Operation of the holy Ghost; as also chat none could be true Chriftians without it. It was queried, How could they be clear in their Belief in the holy Trinity, or the Three that bear Record in Heaven, who believe the holy Spirit is ceased in his Operations, Gifts, or immediate Revelations, and, if ceased, when, and where, to whom, and how? The People were very sober and attentive, and staid all the Time, and after the Meeting was done fome Time, divers expressed their Satisfaction with what was said. My good Friend Peter Sharp, of Maryland, was with me at this Meeting, on whose Account some of the People came. He had good Service in the Meeting, and I was glad of his Company in this Mand, where we joyfully met and parted in


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to the Capes of Delaware, and failed up the Band

1727. the Love of Christ. At this Meeting we had each of us

a Certificate from Friends, fignifying their Unity with our Conversations and Services. The last Meeting I had at Barbadoes, was at Speight's-Town, on a Firstday; it was a solid, good Meeting, in which I'cook my Leave of Friends there, and exhorted them to believe in and hear Christ, he being a Teacher that could not be removed from them, as Men often were; and, though they were but few, they were desired to meet in Christ's Name ; and I had to thew them the Difference between us and other Christian Professors, who hold no publick Worship, if there be no outward Teacher: Whereas, if but Two or Three meet in the Name of Christ, he has promised to be in the midst of them; and he is the best Teacher we can have.

On the 14th of the Fourth Month we fet Sail from this Island, and, for the most part, had fair Weather and fair Winds, and saw several Ships, but spoke with

I was one Evening leaning over the side of the Velfel, as being very lonesome (having little Conversation with any in the Vessel, for divers Reasons) I turned from all outward Things to the Lord, and was glad to feel his Presence and Goodness, which was a Comfort to me in my lonesome State ; and as my Travels and Concerns had called and caused me to be much on the Seas, it also pleased my good and gracious God, to support me thereon many Times, in divers Trials, Temptations, and Exercises ; for all which, I bow in awful Reverence before him, and return Thanksgiving and Praise to his great Name.

The ist of the Fifth Month, about Noon, we came

At Sea,


; but,

in a litile Time, we touch'd the Ground with our Veffel several Times; there being little Wind, we got no Harm ; but two Hours after, or thereabouts, a Guft, or Storm of Wind, took us, which, it it had met with us on the Shoals where we struck, in all


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