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1727. · Father, if thou follows and perfeveres in the Ways uño of Virtue and Truth ; which, that thou mayest,

• is the Prayer of thy affectionate Father-in-Law.

T. C.


The latter End of the Sixth Month, I went to the General-meeting of Ministers and Elders for the East

Part of New Jersey, and to the Quarterly and Youths Burlington, meeting at Burlington, and to a General-meeting at Stony. Stony-Brook, and to the Quarterly-meeting of the CounBucks

ty of Bucks - John Oxley, of Barbadoes, and Joshua County. Fielding, of London, were at divers of those Meetings,

wherein we had open, seasonable Opportunities ; and I had a large, affecting Account from Joshua, of his long and difficult Travels in the Service of Truth to the Welt-India Ides, and thence to Soutb-Carolina, from whence he came thro' the Wilderness by Land, thro' North Carolina, Virginia, &c. to this Province.

The 16th of the Seventh Month began our YearlyYearly. Meeting at meeting at Philadelphia, which was attended with the Philadeš gracious Presence of God, to the Comfort and great

Satisfaction of many Souls. In this Meeting divers young Men and young Women appeared, who were lately come forth in the Ministry, and, as I believe, had received a Measure of the Gift of Christ's Gospel ; which was Cause of Rejoicing to the Faithful among us, and excited our Thanksgiving and Praises to the Almighty Lord of Heaven and Earth.

At this Meeting we had the Company of four Ministers from Great Britain, and one from Barbadoes,

from divers other Parts, it being a very large Gathering of fome Thousands of People (as was believed) in which many were ftrengthened in their Faith in Christ, and comforted thro’ the Power of the boly Ghost, that blessed Comforter, which Christ promifed to his Church, who should be witb them for ever, and guide them into all Truth.

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Next Firft-day after the Yearly-meeting, I, with 1727. several of my Neighbours, went over Delaware to a Meeting up Penfawken Creek; in which the wonder Pensazukos: ful Love of God was declared, in sending his Son upon Earth, who, as he was Man, died for Man, and is now by his Spirit present with all those that truly be. lieve in him; be being the Messenger of the Covenant of God to Mankind. And on Second-day, being the 25th of the Seventh Month, I had che forrowtul Tydings of the Death of my beloved Friend James Lord; who, on his Death-bed desired char I might be sent for to his Burial. In the Consideration of that Christian Love that was between us, I think I may truly note, That we were always glad to meet each other ; therefore the Thoughts of this fo fudden Change, and final Parting, brought, for the present, a Sadness and Heaviness over my Mind; considering his Station in that Neighbourhood, and Service in that Congregation to which he did belong; for therein he was well-beloved, and very serviceable.

And Oh! The Lofs that his dear Wife and tender Children will have of him, really affects me with Sorrow in penning these Notes ; but the Sorrow, in these Things, is all on our Side ; for he, without doubt, is at Reft with his great Master in Heaven. We had a larger Meeting at his Funeral, than ever was known to be there before (as an antient Friend told me) which was folemn and serviceable to many.

Some Time after, having been at divers Meetings about home, John Oxley and I, in Company, visited Friends on Long Island. Ac Flushing we were at the Lora Burial of Jonatban Dickenson : Many people, of divers trand. Perswasions, were at the Meeting on that Occasion, and were very sober and attentive. I was at the Yearly-meeting for che Souch-fide of the Inand, at a Place called Seccataug, which Meeting was large, many Friends and other's coming to it over the Plains. I was afterwards at the Yearly-meeting at Shrewsbury, Shreadlo

in burn.

1727. in East-Jersey, which held three Days, and was very

large, and the last Day the People were very ftilJoshua Fielding was at this Meeting, and was therein concerned to preach the Gospel of Christ with good Authority, and Matter suitable to a true Gospel-minifter ; John Oxley was ill of a Fever, so that he could not be there; but there were Brethren from divers Parts, and the Power and Presence of the Most High

was with and among us; blessed be his Name. Rehaway I was also at Rohaway River, where was a solid,

good Meeting. From thence I returned Home, having been abroad about a Month, and at above twenty Meetings, and travelled about 350 Miles.

In the Eighth Month, at Frankfort, we had three Aankførs. Burials out of one Houfe, at one i ime ; the Mother,

Daughter, and Grand-daughter (of which I had never known the like Instances before) on this Occasion we had the Company of many Neighbours, and a very folemn Meeting at our Meeting-house at Frankfort.

About this Time I was at divers Meetings at Philapbia. delphia, Abington, and Burlington: We had an EvenBurlington

ing-meeting at Burlington with Richard Smith, junior; who had been so ill that he could not get out to Meetings for some Months. It was such a facisfactory Meeting, that he, and I, and others that were there, will not easily forget, our Hearts being broken together.

The World itill continued to frown upon me; but, tho' my Case was such in this World, yet, at Times, I had great Consolation in Christ ; and, in the Midft of my Troubles, when I looked back, I could truly fay, That I had not been extravagant, but frugal; not covetous, but cbaritable ; not idle, but industrious ; not willing to be such an Infidel as not to take Care for my Fanily; it was some solid Comfort to my Mind; and I bless the Almighty, that I always preferr'd his Work and Service to my own, and therein had great Peace. This i can also say, if it were the last I should fay, That I never wilfully, or knowingly, wrong'd



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any Man, Woman, or Child, since I came to Years 1727. of Discretion ; and yet I have nothing to boast of ; it is the Lord's Grace and Mercy which saveth us.

Having Occasion to make another Voyage to Bar badoes, I wrote to the Teacher of my Children as followeth:

Frankfort, joth of the 10th Month 1727, Loving Friend,

BEING going to Barbadoes, leave the Charge

of my little Children to thy Care, not doubting tny Management of them, by their growing in their

Learning, please to instruct them to Sobriety, and « the Fear of God, and Faith in Chrift.; and, if I

never should see them or thee any more (our Lives * being uncertain in this World) pray let them know, • that it was their Father's Will and Desire, That they • should mind their Learning, and, above all Things, • mind the Fear of the most High. When my little

Daughter hath read her Testament thro', I would • have her go to Writing ; and George the same, on • the same Terms. Please to learn them the Use of

Chapter and Verse, that if any ask them where they are learning, they may tells And, kind Friend, inasmuch as I perceive thou hast followed my former

Directions, I look on myself obliged to thee ; " therefore am so much the more free to impart my « Mind to thee, now on my Departure; which, with • real Love, is from thy loving Friend,

T. C. (PiS. Although my Care is


Childrens • learning their Books, yet it is much more so as to • their learning true Piety and Virtue.?

On the 25th of the Tench Month we set fail from Philadelphia, in the Sloop Dove, Oswald Peel Master ; having taken a solemn Farewel of my dear Wife, Children, and Friends, in order for the Support of my



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1727. Family, and answering my juft Debts, which I had

contracted. On the 27th Day of the Month, in the Evening, we took in our Boat, and put to Sea ; had some rough Weather in our Passage, but lived comfortably ; we being all loving and obliging one to

another. On the 15th of the Eleventh Month we safely Babydoes, arrived at Speight's Town in Barbadoes ; and the 18th,

between the Hours of five and fix in the Morning, we An Earth. felt the greatest Earthquake that I had ever felt ; hav

ing been sensible of Three, one at London, one at famaica, and one at Frankfort in Pensylvania. I was thankful in my Heart to the Lord for my safe Arrival, and that we were all preserved safe in our stormy Passage, and deep loaded Vefsel ; one Veffel being lost that came out a little Time before us, and another, which came from our Port to this Inand a few Days sooner than we, lost three Men by the Violence of the Storm, and received much Damage otherwise ; one of them being a Neighbour of mine, with whom I was well acquainted, it affected my Mind very much. I visited Friends Meetings in Barbadoes, and some di. vers Times over ; and had Occasion in some Meetings to mention the Earthquake, which I told them I did believe was a Visitation from the Almighty, in order to put People in mind of Mortality, and to reform them from the Evil of their Ways, and call them to Repentance.

While I was in Barbadoes, Francis Gamble died, whom I went to visit several Times in his Sickness: At his Funeral was a large Gathering of his Neighbours, and others; and divers not of our Society, expressed their Satisfaction with the Meeting. The People in and about Speight's Town in Barbadoes, were very loving and kind to me, more than I ever had observed before ; even some vile, prophane Men, whom I could not for bear to reprove for their Swearing, and taking the sacred Name in vain, yet they shewed Respect, notwithstanding I reproved them sharply. Who can take the sacred Name of God into their Mouths in vain,


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