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and be guiltless ? Or who can hear it, and forbear 1727. reproving it, without being remiss in their Duty ? This

great Evil is too frequently practised in this rich (poor) - Inand of Barbadoes (rich in Earthly, but poor in | Heavenly Treasure) which caused me many Times to

mourn in secret before the Almighty, praying him for the Reformation of the People, for Christ's Sake, and for the Glory of his own eternal Name.

The 27th of the First Month 1728, having done 1728. my Business in Barbadoes, and seen Friends generally, an Opportunity offered for my Return Home, in the Brigantine Sarah and Mary, Samuel Gallop Master, At Soz: bound for Burlington, in Company with William Dury and William Callender, both of Barbadoes. Our Master was exceeding kind to us in the Voyage. The Wind hanging Northerly, we could not go to Windward of Martinico, but drove to Leeward, and failed by the Ines of Lucia, Martinico, Dominico, Guardaloupe, Antigua, Montserrat, Rodondo, Nevis, Christopher's, Statia, Saba, Martin's, Anguilla, Bartholomew's, Sombrero,

and four other small Islands which are called ES The Saints. It was very pleasant sailing by these

Ilands, only some of them were so exceeding high, that in fome Places we were becalm'd, and the Clouds appear'd below the Tops of divers of the Mountains. At Christophers (which is counted the highest of them) there being a small River of good fresh Water, we sent our Boat on shore for some, having none very good on board : We lay off and on about two Hours,

but did not come to. I was thankful for this Water 7 it being my constant Drink; it was also very service3 able to the People on board. After we left the Ine of

Sombrero, we saw a Sail, which we thought stood after ? 이

us, and hearing at Christopher's that several Spanish Privateers were on that Coaft, our Master, and some others on board, were a little surprized; but we soon left her out of Sight, and we afterwards went pleasantly on our Way till we came to the Latitude of Ber.



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to pump every half Hour ; but the Leak being 1728. uch the same, while at Sea, we were the more easy out it: I took care of those two Peopie that were k, who soon recovered. The 3d and 4th Days

the Sixth Month, it was very windy, with Lightang, Thunder, and Rain'; in which rough Weather le of our best Sailors put his Shoulder out of Joint, id they brought him to me to see if I could do him zy Service ; I was not forward to meddle ; but the Ian and the People believing, if I would undertake or him, I might help him ; I told them, that tho’I id not understand Bone setting, I would instruct them he best I could ; then I ordered him to set down upin the Deck, and to be strip to the Waist, and got a ound Piece of Wood as thick as his Arm, and wrapt · Piece of Cloth about it, chat it might not bruise his Flesh, and put it under his Arm, and ordered two Men, one at each End of it, to lift up strongly, and I third Man to stretch his Arm out, and keep it down withal ; which being done, the Bone went into its Place ; for which I was thankful in my Heart to the Almighty.- About the oth of the Sixth Month we Sately arrived at Speights Town in Barbadoes, being the Barbadoes. First day of the Week. From whence I had an Oppor[unity, by Alexander Seaton, Master of a Veffel bound to Pensylvania, to send an Account of our safe Arrival.

I had many Meetings in the Inand, and made several Visits to divers fick Persons, one of which was particularly to the Satisfaction of the Person visited and his Relacions : He died, and was buried at Heathcott's Bay, where we had a large Meeting at our Meetinghouse, where was many people, and it was a good, seasonable Opportunity ; in which I had Occasion to remind them of their Mortality, and press them to a holy Life, the Way to a happy Immortality." I had divers Meetings at Bridge-town, Speights-Town, and che Spring; where the Testimony of Christ's Gospel was well received. And after a Stay of three Weeks,

I left

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At Soa:


1728. I lest Barbadoes on the ist of the Seventh Monch, and

took my Passage in the Amity, Charles Hargrave Mafter, who was very friendly to me in my Passage, as were all on board. We arrived at our Port without cafting

Anchor in all our Voyage, and laid the Veffel to the Pa,

Wharfe at Philadelphia ; and on my landing I immediately went into the Meeting of Ministers and Elders (it being just Meeting Time) where we were much comforted together in Chrift ; after which I went Home, being lovingly received by my wife and Family, having been from Home about ten Weeks.

After I came Home from this Voyage, I visited the Meetings of Friends at Philadelphia, Frankfort, Ger. man-town, the Falls of Delaware, Burlington, New-Hanover, Mount.Holly, Fair- Hill, &c.

The ad of the Ninth Month I was at the QuarterlyPhiladel meeting of Ministers and Elders at Philadelphia, where pha..

I met with Joseph Taylor, a Friend, who had visited our Meetings pretty generally on the Continent of America, in the Ministry of the Gospel, and was now on his Return homewards, with whose Visit Friends had good Unity, and certified the same to our Brethren of the Meeting where he lived in Great Britain.

After this I was at divers Meetings in Pensylvania and Jersey; and the latter End of the Ninth Month, Sarab, the Wife of Jeremiah Elfretb, died very suddenly, having been the Day before walking in her Garden ; she was a sober, young Woman, and her Death much lamented; her Burial occasioned niy Stay at Philadelphia, which I had divers Times shunned, because a Concern had been on me for some Time, to declare to the People of that City, That the Lord was angry with the Legislators of Pensylvania, because they were not so much concerned to promote Religon and Piety as they ought, and to make fuch Laws as might prevent the excessive Increase of Publick Houses, which often prove Seminaries of Şatan ; but strợve to promote Parties more than Reli

gion ; And that the Lord was angry with the Magi- 1728. strates, because they did not so much as they might, and ought to do, put those good and wholesome Laws in Execution, which were already made, against Vice and Immorality; And that the Lord was angry with some of the better Sort of People, because they seek and mind the Things of this World, more than the Things of God and his Kingdom.

Kingdom. But I was helped to clear myself in the Morning-meeting, to the Satisfaction of many of the Honeft-hearted, and unburden my Mind of a great Exercise that I had long lain under • In the Afternoon we had a large Meeting at the Bank-meeting-house, occasioned by the aforesaid Burial; the Resurrection of the Dead was declared in that

Meeting, according to the Doctrine of our Saviour - Jesus Christ, the great Author of the Christian Reli

gion, and also of that eminent Apostle Paul; and that old and false Calumny, that our Society denied the Resurrection of the Dead, was publickly denied and refuted. The People were exhorted to live well that they might die well; and then they need not doubt but that they would rise well at the Resurrection in the last Day: The Meeting concluded with Praise to the Almighty for all his Mercies, and Prayer to him, that he would sanctify tbat Day's Service to the People.

In the Tenth Month I prepared for another Voyage to the Inand of Barbadoes, and had the Ship Bristol Hope, consign'd to me, but the Winter setting in sooner than common, caused our Stay much longer than we expected, whereby I had the opportunity to visit divers Meetings, as Burlington, the Falls of Dela- Burlington ware, Neshaminy, Wright's Town, and Philadelphia. In Bucks this City a Concern was on my Mind to declare to Philadel the People, that the Almighty had thewed me, that phia, he had often visited them in Philadelphia and Pensylvania, with his own Hand; and with his own Rod; P4


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