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1728. but if that did not work the designed End, for which

he visited them (of which they were told also before it Came to pass) he then would chastise them with the Rod of Man, and this was plainly spoken to me in my own Habitation, as tho it had been the Voice of a Man, tho’ it was not vocal.

The 12th of ihe Eleventh Month, being First-day, I was at Horfoam Meeting, and had a tender bowing Time therein ; and in my Way home visited some Friends who were sick, it being a Time of general Visitation in those Parts, and the next Seventh Day I was at the Meeting of Ministers and Elders at Pbiladelphia, were we had a good Meeting; here I was

earnestly desired to be at the Funeral of Edmund OrpPrankfort. wood, the eldest Friend belonging to Frankfort Meet

ing; but was in a Strait, this Friend, being my Neighbour, and I had before engaged to be at the Burial of one with whom I had been acquainted near 40 Years, therefore I did my Endeavour to be at both, being each of them buried in the Afternoon, and five Miles diftant; the Days being short also, divers told me it was impracticable; I told them they might be mistaken, as they were, for though we had a large Meeting, and the Company of Rowland Wilson, from Britain, who had large and good Service therein, yet after Meeting we mounted and got to Philadelphia, about a Quarter of an Hour after the Corps was brought into the Meeting-house, as I was informed; we had a large, and as I thought, a good Meeting, after which I went home, being weary in my Body, but thankful in

my Heart, that the Almighty had been with us, and helped us to perform that Day's Service.

On the 20th of the Eleventh Month, and Secondday of the Week, I went into a piece of Ground, (which I was clearing for Meadow) in order to give Directions to the Workmen, and one of the Trees fell contrary to the Kerf, and also to the Wind, which was then at North West, and when I saw ic falling to


: wards me, I ran from it, but before I could get out of 1728.

the way it fell upon me, across my Back, from my Shoulder to my Hips, and struk me down to the Earth, where for some Time I lay speechless, and in all Likelihood I should have been immediately killed, if I had not been providentially preferved by the Body of the falling Tree lying on a Stump, which prevented its crushing me, as I lay on the Ground. A Friend that

was near me with a Horse, defired the Wood-cutters ! (when they were recovered from the Surprize, and I

to the Use of my Speech) to help me on his Horse, and I rode home, but in extreme Misery, and I was under great Concern, lest I should surprize my Wife and Children suddenly. We sent to Philadelphia for Dr. Griffith Owen, who came in about two Hours, and let me Blood, and ordered several Things to be apply'd and taken, which thro' divine Favour proved very serviceable to me ; notwithstanding which I was in great Pain many Days, and long and tedious Nights, not being able either to feed myself, nor turn in my Bed, for a great while.--In this Confinement I was at Times favoured with a very comfortable Sense of the Presence of God, whose Providence is over all his Works; and as his Love to me was great, so the Love of his People was also, many of whom, and of my Neighbours, came to see me, fympathising with me in my Distress; buc among them I had one of Job's Comforters, who wick. edly abused me in this low State. I can scarce forbear mentioning his Name, having Example for it in holy Writ, but through the Lord's Helpl'll put on Charity.

The 9th of the Twelfth Month, I got abroad che first Time to our Meeting at Frankfort, with which di. vers expressed their Gladness to see me there again. In this Meeting I exhorted them to think on Eternity, and to prepare for it, by living To-day as tho they were to die To-morrow ; for I found it by Experience to be needful, and then if sudden Death comes, it will not surprize us.


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At Sean

As I now found it continue my Business to go to Sca for a Livelihood, I undertook the Charge of the Ship New Bristol Hope, as Master, tho' it was a way of Living to which I did not incline; I took Care in our Veffel that there should be no Swearing in my Hearing, nor Drunkenness to my Knowledge, without Reproof, and if I could not be instrumental that Way to break them from Swearing and drinking to Excess, my Manner was, to put them away, so that we generally had a pretty quiet Ship. We left Philadelphia the 13th of the Twelfth Month, but Scorms and contrary Winds detained us in the River and Bay, so that we did not get out to Sea till the 21st of the faid Month, when the Pilot left us, by whom I wrote to my Wife and Family, and now I thought I felt the Benefit of the good Wishes of my beloved and dear Friends I left behind, which did me a great deal of Good, as it often hath done on the like occasion; for faithful Friends, and good Christians, are as Epistles written in one anothers Hearts. In our Passage we took several Dolphins, which were very welcome to us, we having a long Passage, and our fresh Provisions

near spent. The 19th of the First Month we saw the Barbadoes. Iland of Barbadoes, having had several Meetings on

board the Ship in this Voyage, the good Effects ! could see but little of, only for that Day they would be a little more fober, and some of them addicted to

Swearing, did not swear so often as they did before. Speight's The Day following we safely arrived at Speight's Town,

where we had the next Day a very comfortable Meet

ing for the divine Worship of God. The Fifth Day Bridge: following I was at Bridge-town, at their Week-day

meeting; and next First-day (being the zoth of the Month) I was at a Meeting at Pumpkin-bill, where I was enlarged in the Doctrine of Faith,

After this I went to the Bridge with a Friend from New-England; we had two good Meetings, it being the General-meeting for the Friends of the Inand, and




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afterwards I with several Friends went again to Speight's 1729. Town, and on the rath of the Second Month, I was at un the Thicket's-meeting, at which was Counsellor Weeks, Thicket's Colonel Charnock, and Justice Sims; I dined with them meeting. at Judge Week's, and they discoursed of what was said in the Meeting about Dancing, I quoting Lutber's Words, • That as many Paces as the Person takes in • the Dance, so many Paces or Steps they take corwards Hell:' And I told them, that I had heard several had used that vain Exercise in our Meetinghouse, which was appointed for the Worship of God, and I said, I hoped for the future it would be so no more; two of those Persons who danced in our Meeting-house, were then in the Meeting, tho' I did not know it. This Testimony fo wrought on the Colonel, that he said, he could scarcely feel his Legs since I spoke it; and the Justice said, if these Words be true, be bad

taken many Steps towards Hell, and the Counsellor and i Judge said, it was bome Doktrine to some that were

ibere: Divers of them seemed to be touched with the 1 Testimony of Truth, though not so solidly as I I

desired. Soon after I went with Joshua Byrch to visic the Governor of the Illand, Colonel Worsley,' who treated us with much Freedom and Civility; he defired me to sit down by him, and then called for a Decanter of Wine, of which he kindly offered me a Glafs, but I told him I chiefly drank Water ; he said Water is certainly the best Drink in the World, and told me I was a Credit to my Drink, as I looked as well or better than most who drank Wine,

In the Second Month I was at a Meeting on a Firstday at Bridge-town, which was somewhat larger than Bridges usual ; it was a good open Time in the Morning, but Feet more so in the Afternoon. At this Meeting there was a Merchant of the Town, who sent to know it our Friends (he not being of our Profession) would make a Contribution for me, in consideration of my Loffes. He faid he would contribute as much as any, altho he


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had heard me only that one Time ; but he was informed that we received no Money nog Pay for our Preaching ; yet his Good-will I acknowledged.

The 4th of the Third Month I was at a Meeting at the Spring, where I met with Joseph Gamble, and John Oxley and his Wife, and several others, not belonging co this particular Meeting, and we were edified together in the Love and Life of Christ. I was concerned to speak of the divers Vifications and Speakings of God to the People since the World began ; quoting the Words of holy Writ, That, God who Spake

to the Fathers by the Prophets, speaks now in those last Days by bis Son, wbom be halb appointed Heir of all Things . And that this Dispensation is the last and brightest Dispensation of all, and is the greatest and most glorious Manifestation of God's Love to Mankind; and that besides this vocal Speaking of Chrift, when in the Body on Earth, he now speaks spiritually; which spiritual Speaking of Chrift, in and to the true Church, and true Believers, will out-last Time, and endure to all Eternity; the great Lord of all, for his unspeakable Benefit therein, was praised and glorified, as being alone worthy.

I had divers other Meetings on the Illand, which I pass by, not being willing to be prolix. After a Stay of about nine Weeks we proposed failing. Judge Gray, a very noted Man, and much esteemed among the People, took Passage with us; also Joshua Byrch, of Bridge-Town, for his Health, and William Callender, and several others, as Merchants. Though I came on Account of Trade, our Friends gave me a Certificate that I had good Service among them, and in my outward Affairs had gained Efteem among the People, as well as in my Service in preaching Christ; all which I acknowledge to be the Effects of divine Grace: Divers Friends and Acquaintance came to the Sea-shore at Speight's Town, and in a great deal of tender Christian Love, and good Delires, we took leave, and

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