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committed one another to the Protection of the Al- 1729. mighty. We had a comfortable Passage, and arrived at Philadelphia, where I was lovingly received by my Philadel Wife and Friends.

phia. In this Voyage a great and weighty Concern came on my Mind, on Account of the young and rising Generation, desiring they might be happy in this World, and in that which is to come. And first, as to this World, I have taken Notice, that divers of

the Youth are too apt to waste their outward Sub-
stance, which often is given to them (for when they
get it themselves, they are for the most part more
laving of it) and this wasting and spending, those
Sparks, call Generosity, Liberality, Good-nature, Gen-
tility, fine Breeding, and abundance of other fine

Names, not considering the Labour and Industry, • Frugality, Care and Watchings, of their Parents ' or Ancestors, to get what they have.' May Parents note this well, and not be anxiously concerned to get much Wealth, which may be a Means to ruin their Pofterity! And truly most of these spending, drinking, Company-keeping, gaming,chatting, tippling Youngsters, take a great deal more Care, how they may gec Money from others, that they may spend it, than how to earn it, or faithfully labour for it themselves; they will beg or borrow, and run in Debt, but take little or no lolid Thoughts to pay; by which Means divers of those topping, beggarly Beaus, and Spenders, have brought both themselves and Relations, Parents and Friends, to Shamę and Disgrace, and sometimes to Poverty, where their Relations and Parents have been coo liberal. Let all indulgent Parents note this allo.

And if any concerned Person should advise those inconsiderate Youchs of their Evils, 'tis much if they gain not their lasting Ill-will, and the Epithets of Niggards and Covetous, ill.natured, censorious, sour, morose, &c. However I fall venture co tand the


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1729. Shock of their Displeasure, and in as moving Terms uñas I can, confiftent with the Matter on my Mind, en

treat them to consider the End of their spending, Noch-
ful, idle Life (which if continued in) must needs end
in their Ruin, and they may repent when it is too
late, crying out, Ob! that I had bearkened to the Ad.
vice of my Father, and my indulgent Mother! Oh! that
I had taken the Counsel of my good Friends in Time,
then I bad not been in this Condition, nor in those
Straits I am now in. This, or worse, muft at last
inevitably be the Condition of those unthinking Time-
wafting and Money-spending, evil Company-keeping
young People, of both Sexes. Some of whom, if
they can get it, will spend more in a few Hours, thari
their Parents can get in so many Days, which is very
unreasonable, as well as unthinking í for if the indul.
gent Parents do not hold their Hands, truly they must
all sink together; and where the Parents have been,
what these forts of Youths call liberal, whole Families
have by such Liberality been undone, which is a Case
to be lamented by all sober People.

I pray our spending Youths to consider, how many brave, fine young Men and Women, whose Parents have left them Estates and handsome Incomes, have by such Extravagancies soon spent all, and sometimes more than all, and Disgrace and a Goal have been their Porcion ; and how many, by living too fast, have died too soon, much sooner than might be expected, according to the Course of Nature,

Wherefore I would advise them to regard what the wise King Solomon said, Go to the Ant thou Sluggard, consider ber Ways, and be wise ; she gaibereth ber Food in the Summer (i. e, she prepares against the Winter) Though this may be despicable in the Eyes of our fine Gentlemen, and learned 1pending Wits, yet there appears more Wisdom in these little industrious Animals, than in those great Spenders, who, in the Spring and Summer of their Years, take so little Thought of


saving what hath been with so much Care gotten for 1729: them, or of getting more against the Winter or Old w Age, which, if they live, will certainly overtake them, when their Youch or Summer is gone.

But many Youths object against this Advice, crying out, as I have often heard, The Aged give this Advice when they are old, but did as we do when they were young as we are ; although this may be true in fome, yet it will not hold good in the general, and if it do in some, is not that Maxim good ? Let others Harms learn us to beware, before it be too late, that we fall not into the same Snare, which hath entangled or caught Thousands, to their great Shame and Reproach. Again, those who have been so overtaken in their Youth, and are escaped out of the Snare, are more fit to caution or advise how to escape it, or to Thew those Paths which led them into that Labyrinth of Woe and Misery.

The Author of all Evil ufeth his utmost Skill and Power to promote the Practices of excessive Drinking, &c. among Mankind, it being a mighty Support to his Kingdom; for when the Nobility of the Understanding is clouded thereby, then Oh! how many wicked Oaths, Oh! what corrupt Language, what unhando some, unbecoming Words and Actions, are brought forth! How is good Manners corrupted ! How is the sober, chaste Soul offended, and above all other Con. siderations, how is God dishonoured, and the End of our Creation frustrated, and Man condemned !

When People are in those Excesses, how do they take the sacred Name in vain, and so bring themselves

in guilty before God, and Man ; tor he has positively said, He will not hold them guiltless, who take his Name in vain ; so that let him plead never so many Excuses, he is pronounced guilty by the Judge of Heaven and Earth: Therefore lec me perswade the Youth to remember what the Lord by his Servants said concerning drinking to Excess, Woe so the Drunkards ; and chat no


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1729. In this Voyage we had several Meetings on board,

the first of which was at the Request of my fecond Mate, co call the Sailors together in the Cabbin ; I not being forward to propose it to them, left they should suspect me of some Vanity, in desiring to preach to them; they not knowing the Cross of Christ in that Exercise.

On the 24th Day of the Seventh Month, at Noon, our Ship, by Observation, being exactly in the Latitude of Barbadoes, we steer'd away West for the Inand, and on the 26th we saw it, after five Weeks and one Day leaving Sight of Cape Henlopen ; we having, after the first few Days, light Winds, Calms, and Head Winds, which made our Passage long, and our Sea Stores ale moft fpent; but now the Sight of Land made the People forget all Uneasiness, and, for this Favour, my Heart was thankful to the great Preserver of Men, i

This Time we came to a tolerable Market with our

Provisions, which made our Stay but short, yet I was Barbadoes. divers times at the Bridge Meeting of Friends, as al

fo at Speights-Town (where my Concerns chiefly lay) and once at Pumkin-Hill Meeting, in which Meeting it was observed to the People, That the Salvation of the Soul is precious, and that true Religion is a solid Thing, a Thing of the greatest Moment to both Body and Soul, and that people ought to be very serious and solidly concern'd about it, taking special Care to lay, or build, their Religion on a fure Foundation ; it was shewed them, that Christ Jesus was the fure Rock and Foundation of all the Righteous, in all Ages; he was the Rock that followed Israel, which they drank of; any other Foundation than bim, no Man can lay ; .who isin the truly Religious, and the true Believers, the Flope of their Glory. Many other precious Truthis were manifested to us, in that Meeting, for which we praised the Lord.

Soon after I went to Bridge Town to clear out the Bridge.

Vessel, and was at their Week-day Meeting: The
Subject-matter I had to treat of in that Meeting, was,



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At Sea.

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That the Lord bringeth low, and he raiseth up again ; 1729. and that, in divers Řespects, as to Kingdoms, Families, and particular Persons; and as to Health, Wealth, Honour, &c. Divers in that Meeting were appealed to as Witnesses of it. After this Meeting I went to visit the Governor who was courteous to me, and took my Visit kindly, and desired to be remembred to our Governor, and several others, and wished me a prosperous Voyage, and well back again, which he hoped would be in about three Months. He said, Whoever lived to see it, Pensylvania would be the Metropolis of America, in Some Hundreds of years. He said, He loved dozen-right, honeft Men; but he hated Deceit and Hypocrisy. A great Man, and a great Expression!

The zift of the Eighth Month 1729, we, having done pur Business, weigh'd Anchor, and went to Sea: And on the 26th we had a good Meeting with the Ship’s Company, for the Service and Worship of God; in which the Gospel of Christ was declared without Partiality, and the reigning Sins of Sailors openly exposed, according to the Doctrine of the Gorpel, and the most high Lord entreated to carry on in the Earth the greac Work of Reformation.--Hithèrto we had fine, pleasant Weather.

The Beginning of the Ninth Month we had a very : blustering, stormy Time, for many Days, so that we

could not carry Sạil, but sometimes lay by, and sometimes went with a reeff'd Main-lail and Fore-fail; the Ship had such a violent Mocion, that it broke our Gladres, and about a Dozen Bottles of Wine, and our

Earthen-ware, and strained our Hogsheads and Casks, 3 so that we pump'd our Molasses into the Sea, and beat

us back many Leagues, and blew our Sails out of the Bolt-ropes.

After those Scorms we had a Calm, and the Wind - sprung up westerly; our Course being North-west, or

thereabouts, we could bearly lay our Course ; yet, it
being moderate, we had cause to be thankful.


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