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The 2oth of the First Month, being the first of the

Week, we had a comfortable Meeting tor divine di sono Worship, in which the Goodness of God was extend.

ed to us as we were rowling on the nighty Waters of
the great Deep, after which we had pleasant Weather,
and a fair Wind for several Days.

On the 26th the Wind sprung up at East North-East,
a hard Gale, which lafted several Days ; and having
but little Sea-room for about thirty Hours, it blew so
hard, that we could dress no Victuals; I then thought
on the Words of Fob, when he spoke to his impatient
Wife, saying, Shall we receive Good as the Hand of God,
and shall we not receive Evil also? (or that which is
accounted or looks like Evil in the Eye of Man)
In this Time of Exercise the Love and heavenly
Life of God, in his beloved Son, filled my Heart, and
caused an Overflowing of Praises to his holy, glorious,
and blessed Name. Oh! it was exceeding precious to
my Soul at that Time!

The 1st of the Second Month we saw Land, being driven to the Southward near 250 Miles in this last hard Weather, but we soon after arrived at our desired Port.

After which I visited the Meetings of Friends ac phia.

Philadelphia, Burlington, the Falls, Abington, German-
Burlington, town, Bristol, and Frankfort, and found the People

had been under a general Visitation of the Small-pox,
insomuch that many Hundreds, especially of Chil-
dren, were taken off the Scage of this Life in the City
of Philadelphia, and I was concerned to exhort Friends
in that City to bring their Children to Meetings, and
educate them, when young, in the way they should
go, that they might not depart from it when old; and
that he who had taken many away, could, if he pleafed,
take many more ; for though he might have laid
down his Rod at present (the Distemper in the City
being much abated) he could soon take it up again.

Belief thai the Lord Almighty will still continue
to visit the City and People (if there is not a Reforma-

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tion) with further, if not forer, Visitations, because 1731, he hath known them to do them good, and make them w 1. a Blesing to many Inands and People ; giving them

the Fatness of the Earth, and that which is far more, i the Dew of Heaven; so that he may justly say to us, as to Ifrael of old, You have I known of all the Families of the Earth; therefore I will visit upon

you for all your Iniquities. In the Beginning of the Fourth Month, Robert Fordan was married to Mary, the Widow of Riche ard Hill (all three worthy Friends.) The Meeting on this Occasion was large, and the Marriage solemni. zed in the Fear of God. Divers Friends were concerned to speak to the People, and it was greatly det fired that those prefent (who were then spoke to) might be married to Christ, the great Lover of Souls, who laid down his Life (the most precious Life that ever was on Earth) and shed his precious Blood for our Salvation. A few. Days after which I again took Shipping for 4. liath

Voyage as the Isand of Barbadoes (being the sixth Voyage) in the Matter. New Bristol Hope, and left the Capes of Delaware che eighth Day of the Month. The 22d of the said Manch, Ac Sea. I being weary, laid me down to rest, and fell afleep, and was awakened out of my Sleep with the Words, Ob Heart in Heaver ! 'Tis an excellent Thing to bave an Heart in Heaven! Which Words were comfortable to me,

and left a Sweetness on my Mind all the Day after, for which I was thankful, and greatly desired that my Heart and Mind might be set and fixed more and more on Heaven and heavenly Things, and that my Treasure might be in Heaven, that my Heart might be there allo, according to the Doctrine of my Saviour, Mat. vi. 6, 20, 21. Lay up for yourselves Treasure in Heaven, for where your Treasure is, tbers will your Heart be also.

The 27th Day (being the First Day of the Week) we had a comfortable Meeting, the Weather being moderate ; and on the 7th of the Fifth Month, we ar- Barbatoas. rived at Bridge-town in Barbadoes, where we unloaded


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1731. Part of our Cargo, and from thence we went to

y Speight's-Town ; where, after a Stay of about five

Weeks, we accomplished our Affairs. I also visited all our Friends Meetings, and some several Times, in which we were edified and comforted, and divers of us had Occasion to bless the holy Name of God for his

Mercy to us : Before we left the Island, there happened Hurricane.

a great Storm or Hurricane, which did much Damage to the Ships, and to the Inand, blowing down many Houses, and spoiling much Provisions, destroying almost all the Plantain Trees on the Island, which is a very wholsome and pleasant Fruit, and much used by many instead of Bread.

I was clearing out our Veffel when this Storm happened, and being twelve Miles off, could not hear of or concerning her, but thought it altogether unlikely that she should ride out so great a Storm, in so bad a Harbour or Road, it being open to the Sea, and such a Storm as had not been known for many Years, and fome faid, never but one (to their knowledge) though much more Damage hath at some other Times been done to the Shipping, by reason that the hardest of the Wind was not that Way, which was most dangerous to them in Carlise-Bay, where they mostly lay ; for they all got out to Sea, except two or three that were loft by the Violence of the Weather. It was indeed a very dismal Time, the Vessels which rode it out were much damnified, and one being loaded, ready to fail, sunk right down, and was lost in the Bay. When I had cleared our Ship, I set forward in order to see what was become of her ; but the Floods were so out, and the Ways were so bad, I could not without some Danger get to her that Night; but next Morning I set out from Joseph Gamble's, and, to my Admiration, from the Top of a Hill (on which a House in the Scorm was blown flat to the Ground) I saw our Ship at an Anchor, having rode out the Storm, with one


sloop by her, for which Cause my Soul was humbly 1731. thankful

On the 17th of the said Month, with some more than e ordinary Fatigue, we got up our Anchor, and took

in our Boat, and got our Paffengers and Provisions on board, the Sea breaking high on the Shore, so that se

veral of our People and our Boat were in Jeopardy of : being loft; but at length being all on board, we set Sail, Sails from

and having failed slowly about lix or leven Miles, we Barbadoes, met with a Sloop who had lost her Mast in the Storm, and next Morning we met with two large London Ships, who had put out

to Sea, not venturing to ride it out. We had fine pleasant Weather for several Days afi ter we left the Iland, and on the 22d of the Sixth : Month ( being the first Day of the Week) we

had a Meeting for the Worship of God, which was comfortable and satisfactory to us. The 4th and 5th of the Seventh Month, we had very fresh Gales from the North-East to the North, and was near a Water Spout (about a Stone's throw off) which surprized some on board, on which I came out of my Cabbin, and 'faw the Water run up out of the Sea into the Cloud, as plain as ever I saw the Water run into the River, till it

filled the Cloud with Blackness, and then it would e break in great Quantities into the Sea, which is dans i gerous, when falling on Vessels. The 5th of the

Month, being the first Day of the Week, we had a good religious Meeting for divine Worship, wherein our People were earnestly exhorted to a holy Lite, and to be earnestly concerned for the true Faith, which is

in Christ; that Faith which works by Love, and is the 3 Evidence of Things not visibly seen, being manifeft by

Works of Piety and Virtue. In this Voyage we were
twenty two Days from the Inand of Barbadoes to the Phiradell
Sight of Cape Henry in Virginia, and had a pleasant phia.
Paffage in the main to Philadelphia, where, in the
Seventh Month, was held our Yearly-meeting, at which
I had a Desire to be, my watery Employment having


A seventh

1731. hinder'd my being at a yearly Meeting for several,

Years: At this Meeting I met with my old Acquaintance, and dear Friends, Jobn Richardson of Yorkshire, and Paul Johnson of Dublin, both on a Gospel Visit to the Brechren and Friends in America: The Meeting was large, and attended with divine Grace and Goodness, and ended with Thanksgiving and Praise to God and the Lamb.

While our Ship was loading I was at several Meetings in the Country, as at Abington, German-town, Fair-bill, and Frankfort, in Philadelphia County ; and at the Falls of Delaware, Buckingham, Neshaminy, and Bristol, in Bucks County. I was also at Burlington, at the Marriage of William Callender, junior, of Barbadoes, with Katherine Smith, Daughter of Daniel and Mary Smith of Burlington.

On the 16th of the Ninth Month I proceeded on Voyage to the seventh Voyage to Barbadoes, in the Ship New BriBarbadet

: stol Hope, as Master, having on board several Passengers, one of whom (Elizabeth Martindale) was on the Passage convinced of the Principles of Truth, and afterwards suffered, in divers Respects, for her making Profession with us.

We had a long Passage down the River, the Wind being high and boisterous. On the 22d of the Ninth

Month, we left the Capes of Delaware, and saw the Arrives at Inand of Barbadoes the 21st of the Tenth Month, beBarbadoes

fore it was Day, and in the Afternoon came to an Anchor in the Bay of Speight's-Town. In this Voyage I met with an Accident that was painful and troublesome to me, which happened in a hard Gale of Wind, I be. ing to the Windward, and the Ship having a large Motion, and missing, my Hold, was canted from my * Place to the other side of the Vessel, against the Edge of a Chest, and so bruised my Leg that I could not do my Business as I usually did, which was a great Hindrance and Disappointment to me: But in about a Month's Time, with the Afliftance of some of my


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