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theraker, tho' our

Cables, when it was Calm, which brought them to 1700. -)

us. And after we had supply'd ourselves with what we wanted, we put to Sea again, and had fair Winds till

we got as far as the Western-Islands, where Captain Weftern of

. Cant being in Company with us, he spoke with our Mands, Captain in the Evening, and the two Captains concluded it would be stormy that Night, which happened

accordingly. They took in their Sails, and we all d

but our Mainfail ; notwithstanding which, the Storm was such, that we lost our Main-maft, sprung the Head of our Fore-mast, and broke our Cross-jackyard, and thus lay rowling upon the Sea for about two Weeks: The Ship Bristol Merchant coming by in that Time, lent us a spare Top-maft, of which we made a Main-maft, and a Top-mast of our Top-gallant mást, and so refitted out as well as we could, and had

a pretty good Passage afterwards. We were about 1

Capes of eight Weeks from the Lands-End to the Capes of

Virginia. Virginia ; had Meetings twice a week on board, and Bodies were toffed to and again on the mighty Waters. We went on Shore at Patuxent River, and went by Maryland, Land to Herring-Bay, where I, my Wife and Family, tarried that Winter; and 1, with my three Sera vants, followed my Calling In the Spring we tranfported ourselves, our Goods, and Servants, from 1701. Maryland to Pensylvania, where we intended to settle when we came from our native Country: At Phila- phidae delphia I bought a Lot of Ground upon the River Delaware, and there I followed my Calling that 'Summer, and in the Fall I had an inward Call to visit Friends in Barbadoes, which I proposed to our Monthly-meetins, and they certified on my Behalf, that they had Unity with me in my Proposal, Conversation and Miciftry: So I'took Ship at Philadelphia (about the 20th of the 7th Month, 1701) on board the Abra

Street, Commander, and was about a Month on our Voyage; yolah Langdale was with


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1701. me. We had several good Meetings in the Ship tò

our Satisfaction; and were well received, and had Barbadoes.

many Meetings at Barbadoes, which were often very large and open, and some of the People loving and tender. We had several Meetings at Bridge - Town, Speight's-Town, the Spring, and the Thickets, and at

9 Pumkin-Hill; and after being there about fix Weeks, we went in a Sloop to Bermudas, where we found but very few Friends, yet had Meetings in several Places, and at the Houses of some People who were not of our Profession; and the longer we carried, the larger our Meetings were ; and many began to be affected, and spoke well of us and our Devotion, but some were disturbed, and spoke to the Governor to break up our Meeting (which at the Desire of one of the Inhabitants we had appointed at his House) upon which he sent Orders by one of his Colonels to break up our Meeting, which troubled divers fober People. After this I met with the Governor at the House of one Judge Stafford; and he being a moderate Man, we had the following Discourse, viz.

Gov. How do you like our Country? We are but a little Spot in the Sea.

T. C. I like it well for its moderate Climate. If the People were moderate also, it would be wel).

Gov. Doth it answer your End in coming ?

T.C. My End in coming, was to vitit the People in Christian Love.

Gov. Do you think the People will be brought over?

T. G If they are brought to Truth and Righteousness, it will be well with them. That is the End of our coming.

Gov. If you had acquainted me with your Design, when first you came, you had done well. It was your Duty

T. C. If we had known the Governor's Will herein, or that thou wouldst have spoken with us, we should

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bave readily have answered it: But knowing nothing 1701. of it, we could not tell but that it might be taken for Rudeness in us, considering our homely Way and Manner of addressing such Men.

Gov. Then your Design in coming here was to preach. Had you no other End?

T. C. Yes. As we found a Concern upon us to preach, and a Desire in the People to hear.

Gov. Why don't you tarry with them? That looks ftrange. Here the People are affected with you, and you go away and leave them: Upon my Word I blame you for that.

T. C. We don't direct them to Man, but to the Lord Jesus Chrift, their Teacher, and Bishop of their Souls. And why should our leaving them look strange to the Governor? For it was the Practice of the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his own Practice and Command to his Followers. And further the Apostles (which Word signifies Ambassadors or Messengers) fay, Follow us, as we are Followers of Christ. And they travelled up and down the World preaching the Gospel; and that our great Lord himself had not whereon to lay his Head.

Gov. The Apostles were inspired Men : Inspired by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel. I suppose you don't pretend to be inspired.

I. Č. Every true Christian ought to pray for the Pouring out of the holy Spirit, or holy Ghost upon him. The Church of England * also prays for it, the Receiving of which is Inspiration,

Gov. Your Reasons being grounded on Scripture, you are well grounded; for no Man can deny the Scriptures. Then you say you are inspired ?

T.C. I hope I am. I pray for it with great Earneftness.

Gov. Then it is but ask, and have, you think.

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T. C. If we ask in Faith, without wavering, we hall receive according to the Doctrine of Christ and his Apostles in the New Testament.

Gov. Well, If any have a Desire to hear you, you may preach and welcome.

After I had this Discourfe with the Governor, it was reported on the Inand, that the Governor had given us a License to preach (which Report was not true, further chan the aforesaid Discourse) and then we had larger Meetings than before. We had a Meeting at Judge Stafford's House, and one at a House not far from his.

It is observable, that this Inand hath formerly been a very healthy and fruitful Place. Red Cedar, or Sweet Wood,' is all the Timber they have in the Inand, with which they build their Houses, make their Houfhold Goods, build their Ships and Sloops, and make their Fires ; so that there is continually a fragrant and pleasant Smell, which we could smell at Sea fome time before we saw the Land; and it is yet a pretty healthy and fruitful Inand, but not so healthy and fruitful as formerly. In one of the Meetings I was concerned to let them know, that it was the Evil of their Ways and Doings that had caused the Almighty to with-hold from them the Fruits of the Earth, and to make their Inand more unhealthful than formerly it was. After Meeting the Judge told me, I had said truly, for that was the Cause; and if I I had spoke more to that Matter, or on that Subject, I had done well. Several were convinced at this Time on this Inland.

Soon after an Opportunity offered, in a Sloop be. longing to this INand, that was bound for Philadelphia, in which we (being clear) embarked, and on our Voyage had indifferent good Weather, only one hard Gale of Wind, which caused us to hand our sib. A Molatto Man named Slavo (being the Master's Ser. vant) went out upon the Bowsprit to hand the Sail,


At Sea.


and there came a Sea and washed him off ; and the 1701. Vefsel ran over him; and, in all probability, he had w certainly been drowned, had he not been a good Swimmer ; for he swam, as we judged, three Quarters of a Mile, before he got to the Sloop, it not coming into any one's Mind to lower the Sails, until I sharply order'd it to be done, which they then did readily ; and the Course of the Vefsel being Roppid, he foon got on board, having stripp'd himself of his Cloaths in the Sea, and brought them in his Mouth. I was very thankful for the poor Fellow's Life, and praised the Lord in the Secreç of my Soul, for his Preservation. In about two Weeks Time we arrived at Philadelphia, and I had great Peace in

my Labours in this Visit, in which I was from Home phia. about five Months. The Friends of Barbadoes were so well satisfied with this Labour of Love, that they certified the same by Way of Certificate, more than is proper for me to mention. But thoʻthey thought so well of me, yet I had occasion to think very meanly of myself, for I was emptied to exceeding great spiritual Poverty at Times.

After I came Home from Barbadoes and Bermudas, 1702, I followed my Calling, and kept to Meetings dili- in gently ; for I was not easy to be idle, either in my spiritual or temporal Callings; and at Times travelled in the Work of the Ministry in our own Province (in which there are many large Meetings of Friends, and chey increase and multiply from time to time.). Since my settling in this Province, which is now about a Year, some Hundreds of People are come here to settle, and divers Meeting houses are built; and I do certainly know from above, that this Province of Pensylvania, and City of Philadelphia, will flouris: both spiritually and temporally, it the Inhabitants will love (and live in) Righteousness, and in the Fear of God; otherwise the Hand that planted them can soon pluck them up.


After some time I was drawn forth


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