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Life, Labours, Travels, &c*


tJAVING great 'Cause to acknowledge the Ren. gard and Protection of Divine Providence in the several Stages of my Life, I think it may be of Service to others, to leave behind me the following AcHunt of my Life and Travels.

WAS born on the Third Day of the Third Month 2 js 7

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■ 1675, in Southward and descended of honest I and religious parents, who were very careful of f'<j JL me, and brought me up in the Fear of the. V Lord; and oftentimes counselled me to Sobriety, and reproved me for Wantonness; and that light Spirit, which is incident to Youth, they were careful to nip in the Bud: So that I have cause to bless God, through Christ, on the Behalf of my tender parents.

And I may not forget the Dealings of God with me 1684 in my very tender Years. When between eight and


1684: ten Years of Age, my Father and Mpther sent me ^•■V^near cwo Miles An School, to Richard Scorer, in the Suburbs of London. I went mostly by myself to the School; and many and various were the Exercises I went through, by Beatings and Stonings along the Streets, being distinguished to the People (by the Badge of Plainness which my Parents put upon me) of what profession I was; divers telling me*' "Twas no more Sin to kill me, than it was to kill a Dog. R'thtrhitB. About this Time the Lord began to work strongly frutwaric. on my Mind by his Grace, insomuch that I could not forbear reproving those Lads who would take the Name of the Lord God in their Mouths in vain, reminding them of the third Commandment, Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his Name in vain; and of Christ's Saying, Every idle Word that Men shall speak, they shall give an Account thereof in the Day of Judgment; for which I was mocked and derided by some, and others would sometimes refrain from such bad Words when I reproved them.

One Time I remember I was amongst some Men, one of whom I had reproved, and he told the rest of it, and turned to me, and said, That I was no Christian, and asked me, when I said the Lord's Prayer? I asked him, if he said it? He said, Yes. I then asked him how he could call God Father, and be so wicked as to swear and take God's Name in vain? which I had heard him often do; and I told him what Christ 1685. said to the Jews, Tou\ are of your Father the Devil, hey"V>-' cause his Works ye do; and that those that did the Devil's Work could not truly call God Father, according to Christ's Doctrine. So being convicted in . their Consciences that what I said was true, they were all silent, and wondered that I, being so young, should speak in such a Manner; in which I remember I had great Peace and good Satisfaction: And from thenceforth these Men let me alone.


Notwithstanding I hated to hear wicked Words, I 1685. loved Play exceedingly, being persuaded that there wON was no Harm in that, if we used no bad Words. One Time I was at Play ata Neighbour's House with the Children, and in the midst of my Sport I was reach'd to with strong convictions, insomuch that I could not forbear weeping, The Childrens Mother observing that I wept, said, Why do you weept Tommy? I told her I could not tell, except it was because I was a naughty Boy. Oh ! said she, don't believe him, for that's the Devil tells you so, for you are the best Boy in all our Street. But I knew I was told the Truth by Conviction, and tha^Jie was mistaken: For I plainly understood by cle^Pl^iction, and by the holy Scriptures (which I had been train'd up in the Reading of) that I was too vain and wanton; for I loved Mustek, Dancing, and playing at Cards, and too much delighted therein betimes, and was followed with the judgments of God therefore in the Secret of my Soul.

What I did in those Sports and Games, I always took care to do out of the Sight, and without the knowledge of my tender Parents; for I was afraid of their Reproofs and Correction, the which I was sure to have, if they had any Intelligence of it.

I remember that, unknown to my Parents, I had bought a Pack of Cards, with Intent to make use of them when I went to fee my Relations in the Country, where there was Liberty in the Family so to do, at a Place called Woodford, about seven Miles from Lon- w 4f . don, where I got Leave sometimes to go j and at the in Ejstx. Time called Christmas, I went to see them, and five Miles on my Way went to a Meeting, at a Town call'd Wanstead-, at which meeting, a Minister of fr«*fin*. Christ declared against the Evil of Gaming, and particularly of Cards; and that the Time which People pretend to keep Holy, for Christ's Sake, many ofthem spend mostly in Wickedness, Sports, and Games; even



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1685. some pretending to be Religious: And, generally v/V*-' speaking, more Sin and Evil is committed in this Time, than in the like space of Time in all the Year besides \ so that the Devil is served instead of honouring Christ. From this Meeting at Wanstead, I went to the House of my Relations, where the Parson of the next Parish lodged that Night, who used to play at Cards with them sometimes; and the Time drawing near that we were to go to our Games, my Uncle called to the Doctor, (as he called him) to me, and to my Cousin, to come and take a Game at Cards j at which Motion I had strong Convictions upon me not to do it, as being Evil; and I secretly cry'd to the Lord to keep me faithful to him ; and lifting up my Eyes, I saw a Bible lie in the Window, at the Sight of which I was glad, I took it, and fat down, and read to myself, greatly rejoicing that I was preserved out of the Snare, Then my Uncle called again, and said, Come, Doctor, you and I, and my Wise and Daughter, will have a Game at Cards, for I fee my Cousin is better disposed. Then he looked upon me, and said, He was better dispofed also. So their Sport for that Time was spoiled, and mine in that Practice for ever; for I never (as I remember) play'd with them more, but as soon as I came Home, ofter'd my new and untouch'd Pack of Cards to the Fire. And of this lam certain, the Use of them is of evil Consequence, and draws away the Mind from Heaven and heavenly Things j for which Reason all Christians ought to shun them as Engines of Satan: And Mustek and Dancing, having generally the fame Tendency, ought therefore to -be retrain'd from. The Sentiments of the Waldettses,T^People in greet •Esteem among Protestants, are worthy the Consideration of all true Protestants and Christians; which were " That as many Paces, or Steps, as the Man tc or Woman takes in the Dance, so many Paces or «* Steps they take towards Hell.*

I very well remember the Work of God upon my 1685. Soul, when I was about ten Years of Age ; and par- see" licularly at a certain Time when I had been rebelling against God and my Parents, in Vanity and Lightness: tad as I had offended both, so I was corrected by loth: For I had not only the Anger of my Parents, met the Lord frown'd upon me, insomuch that I tremiled exceedingly, and was as tho' I heard a vocal Voice iy to me, What will become oftbee this night, if I mild take thy Li/e from thee ? At which I was amazed, and in great Fear. Then I covenanted with God, that they would be pleased to spare my Life (for I thought 'od would have taken my Life from me that very moment) I would be more sober, and mind his Fear lore than I had done before.

Nevertheless I broke Covenant with. God my Ma-
;er, my Adversary tempting me so to do, telling me
[was but a Child, and that it was natural for Children
0 be brisk and to play, and that God would wink at
117 Childhood and Youth, and it was time enough for
ne when a Man, to become religious. But still God
allowed me with his chastising Rod, and often put .,
nein Mind of my Covenant that I made with him in
ny Distress; arm that he had granted my Request
'hich I then made to him j and unless I would take up
'Cross to my own corrupt Will and Inclinations, he
hould take me out of the World. Then, Oh thenI
'cryed, Lord help, or I die! Save Me, or I peri/b
r ever! I cannot keep thy Covenant, nor do thy
;'i 11, without thy Help and Assistance! And indeed
[the Lord had not helped, I had been undone for

So I continued bow'd down in my Mind, calling on
te Lord; thinking and meditating on Heaven and
avenly Things: But, as I am sensible, I had an in-
ird Enemy that always fought my Hurt and Over-
row, I have cause to bless God, who by his Grace
mine Ky« was turned to it) helped me to do his

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