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to disturb us, and hinder us in our Service, but were 1708. • at last asham'd and disappointed. At this place my w

dear Friend and Fellow-traveller, Richard Gove, and I parted : I was for going by the East Sea-Coast up for London, and he inclin'd towards Cumberland, after we had travelled about a Year in the Work of the Ministry, in great Love and true Friendship, in which Work we were true Helpers one of another; and as we had laboured together in the Work of Christ, so we parted in his Love. Now from Berwick I travelled along to Newcaftle; had one Meeting by the Way, and several good Meetings at Newcastle, Sunderland, Sboten, and Newcalle

Sunderland. Durham, and several other Places in the Bishoprick of Durbam. The Winter coming on apace, it began to be bad travelling ; and I being already much spent by it, designed to go fpeedily up to London ; and taking some Meetings in my Way, as at Stockton, Whitby, Scarborough, Burlington, Hull, and Brigg, and so on through Lincolnshire, where I went to visit a

shire, Friend that was Prisoner in the Castle of Lincoln, because for Conscience Sake he could not pay an ungodly Priest the Tythe of his Labour. From Lincoln I proceeded to Huntington, about which Place we had several large Meetings, fo on to Baldock, where I met with my Father and John Gopfil, who came from London to meet me, which was a joyful Meeting, for I had not seen my Father for about nine Years. The Love and Tenderness between us, and the Gladness in seeing each other again, cannot well be expressed (but I believe it was somewhat like Jacob and Joseph's meeting in Egypt ;) it was affecting and melting : Blessed be the Almighty that gave me once more to see my tender and aged Parent ! So from Baldock we went to Hitching, and had a Meeting there, as also at Hertford, from whence, with feveral Friends, I went to Enfield, where I met with my dear and only Brocher George, and there were with us several of my Relations, and divers others of our

Friends :

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1708. Friends: We were heartily glad to see one another. wFrom Enfield we went forward for London, and by

the Way we met with several Friends (of the Meeting
of Horslydown, to which I did belong from my Child-

hood) who came to meet me, and accompanied us to London. London.

I stay'd in and about the City most of the Winter, visiting Meetings when I was well and in Health ; for thro' often changing the Climates, I got a severe Cold, and was ill for leveral Weeks, so that I was not at any Meeting, which Time was very tedious to me; not so much because of my Illness, as that I was deprived of divers Opportunities and Meetings (which are in that City every Day of the Week except the

last.) When I was a little got over this Jllness, I Hentford. went into Hertfordshire, and some Parts adjacent, Uxbridge,

and had Meetings at Staines, Longford, Uxbridge,
Walford, Hempstead, Bendis, Albans, Market-Street,
Hitching, Hertford, Hoddesdon, and then return'd again
to London.

After I had been at London a while, I visited several
other Country Meetings, as Wincbmore-Hill, Totten-
bam, Wandsworth, Plaistow, Deptford, and Epping,
and then staid about London fome Weeks waiting for
a Passage for Holland, which I intended to visit before
I left my own Habitation.

And on the 14th of the First Month, 1708-9, I,
with my Companion John Bell, after having ac-
quainted our Friends and Relations (having their Con-
sent) and taking our solemn Leave of them, we went
· down to Gravesend, and staid there two or three Days
for a fair Wind. We went on board the Ship Anne,
Jobn Duck, Master, bound for Rotterdam, in Com-
pany with a Fleet of Vessels waiting for Wind, &c.
When the Wind was fair we failed tor the Coast of
Holland, and when we arrived on that Coaft the Wind
was contrary, and blew very hard, so that some of
the Ships in Company lost their Anchors; but on



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the 27th of the fame Month we arrived safe at Rotter. 1709.
dam in Holland. On the First Day Morning we went
to Meeting at Rotterdam, where Friends have a Meet-

ing house; and we staid at this City seven or eight safe at Rom
Days, and had fix or seven Meetings, and were com. terdan.
forted with our Brethren and Sisters, and greatly re-
freshed in the Lord Almighty. At this City we spoke
without an Interpreter, because most in the Meeting
understood English. From Rotterdam we travelled by
the Trackscoot, (or Boat, being drawn by Horses,
which is a pleasant eafy Way of travelling) to a
large Town called Harlem, where we had a Meeting, Harleka.
and spoke by an Interpreter ; to which Meeting came
divers of those People called Menonists: They were
very sober and attentive, and stay'd all the Time of
the Meeting, and spoke well of it

. From Harlem we went to Amsterdam, the Metropolis of Holband, where

Amfterdam Friends have a Meeting-house. Here we had several Meetings and stay'd about a Week. On the firft Day we had a large Meeting, to which came many People of divers Persuasions and Religions, as Jews, Papists, and others; and we had a good opportunity among them, and several were tender. A few came next Day to speak wich us, and did acknowledge, 6. That Christ was the Minister of that Sanctuary and “ Tabernacle that God had pitched, and not Mans " and that he was sensible of the Ministry of Christ in " his Soul; and, said be, my Heart was broken while “ that Subject was spoken of in the Meeting.” I was glad to see the Man tender and reached ; but cao generally speaking, the poor Jews (the Seed of good Jacob) are very dark and unbelieving. I have met with but very few of them in my Travels that have been tender, but I do love them for Abrabam, Ifaac, and Jacob's Şake. At this Meeting William Sewel (the Author of the History of the Rise and Progrefs of the People called Quakers) a tender-spirited upright Man, interpreted for me. From Amsterdam we went to


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North. Holland.


1709. North-Holland, and John Claus and Peter Regard went in with us to interpret for us; so by Boat, or Scoot,

we travelled to a Town called Twisk, where we had Twijk. two Meetings, Friends having a Meeting-house there ;

from Twisk we went back again to Amsterdam, and had two large Meetings there on the First Day, and

Second Day in the Evening we went on Ship-board, Herlingen. in order to cross the South Sea to Herlingen, at which

Place we had two Meetings, and we and Friends were glad to see one another : And indeed, we being as one Family all the World over, are generally glad to see each other. From this place we travelled Eastward through East-Friesland, and went through several great Towns and Cities until we came to Embden, the the chief City in Eaft-Friesland, where we had a comfortable Meeting by the Bed-side of one of our Friends that lay fick ; and several of her Neighbours came in and stay'd till the Meeting ended; some of them were very tender and loving, and wished us well, and were well fatisfied. After Meeting we set forward for Hamburgh, it being four Days Journey by Waggon, and passed along through divers Towns and Cities :

We also travelled through the City of Oldenburgb, Oldenburgh

and a Place of great Commerce called Bremen. A and Bre: Magistrate of this City took Notice of us, joined him

self to us, and went with us to the Inn, and then very lovingly took leave of us, and desired God to bless

The People at our Inns were generally very loving and kind to us, and some would admire at my coming so far only to visit my Friends, without any

Views of Advantage or Profit outwardly. When we Hamburphe got to Hamburgh we had a Meeting at Jacob Hagen's,

and those that were there, were well fatisfied with the Doctrine of Truth, blessed be God, who, I may say, was with us at that Time and Place! At Hamburgh there was at Meeting one who had preached before the King of Denmark; who, as I understood by our Interpreter, was turned out of his Place, for




preaching the fame Truths that we had preached 1709. there that Day; at which Meeting were Papists, Lu. iber ans, Calvinists, Menonists, Jews, &c. All of them were sober, and generally expressed their Satisfaction. I had so much Comfort in that Meeting, that I thought it was worth my Labour in coming from my Habitation, the Answer of Peace was such to my Soul, that I greatly rejoiced in my Labour in the Work of Christ. From hence I travelled to Frede

Frederick rickstadt, it being two Days Journey (where Friends ftadi. have a Meeting-house.) We stay'd about ten Days, and had nine Meetings in this City. Some of the Meetings were very large, and the longer we stay'd, the larger they were. This Frederickstadt is a City in the Dominions of the Duke of Holstein, and was the farthest Place we travelled to Eastward ; and from hence I wrote a small piece, called, A loving Invitation unto Young and Old in Holland and elsewhere ; which was translated into the German and Low-Dutch Languages; and divers Impressions of them were also printed in England.

We travelled in this Journey thro' fome Parts of the Emperor of Germany's Dominions, as also of the Kings of Denmark and Swedesland, and of the Duke of Oldenburgh's and Prince of East-Friesland's Territories, besides fome Parts of the Seven Frovinces of the united States. We parted with our Friends of this City of Frederickstadt,' in much Love and Tenderness, and with our Hearts full of good Will one towards another, and so went back to the City of Embden a nearer Embders. Way, by two Days Journey, than to go by Hamburgh.

We crofs'd the Rivers Eyder, Elfe, and Weiser; over which last we were rowed by three Wo-.

The Women in those Parts oj the World are frong and robust, and used to bard 'Labour. I have seen them do not only the Work of Men, but of Horses; it being common with them to do the most laborious, and the Men the lightest and easiest flork. I remember that


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