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except Second and Seventh Days (when in Health, and 1710. nothing extraordinary hindered) and travelled by Sea in and Land Fourteen Thousand Three Hundred Miles, according to our English Account. I was kindly and tenderly received by my Friends, who longed to fee me, as I did them, and our Meeting was comfortable and pleasant,

After this 'long Travel and Voyage I stay'd at Home, and looked after the little Family which God had given me, and kept duly 'to Meetings, except something extraordinary hindered. Divers People, when I came Home, raised a false Report of me, and said, I had brought Home a great deal of Money and Goods, that I had got by Preaching ; which was ut-. terly falfe and bafe ; for I brought neither Money or Goods, so much as to the Value of Five Pounds, ex-' cept my wearing Apparel ; so much the Reverse, that I borrowed Money at London to pay for my Accommodations Home, the which I faithfully remitted back again to my Friend that lent it me, to whom I was much obliged for the fame : And if I might have gained a Hundred Pounds per Annum, it would not have tempted me to undertake that, or such another Journey. Soon after my Return Home again, I visited a few neighbouring Meetings, which were large and édifying, Friends being glad to see me again return'd Home from that long Journey. And I did (as I had Reason to do) bless the holy Name of the Lord, for his many Preservations and Deliverances by Sea and Land.

After some Stay at Philadelphia, I went down with my Wife and family into Maryland, to a Corn-Mill Maryland. and Saw-Mill, which I had there, in order to live some Time, and seccle my Affairs: And after being there some Time, my dear Wife was taken ill of a sore Disease, which some thought to be an Ulcer in the Bladder, and I had her up to Philadelphia, she being carried as far as Chester in a Horse-liccer, where she continued for some Months in much Misery, and

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NOW-gave up my Time moftly to travelling, 1713

for about the Space of two Years, in which I Pensylva.

visited the Meetings of Friends in the Provinces

of Pensylvania, East and Weft-Jersey, MaryMaryland. land, Virginia, and North Carolina, and back again Virginia, to Philadelphia, and then to New Jersey again : Allo

10 Long-Island, Rhode Island, Conanicut-Island, Nan

tucket-Island, and New-England, and thro' those Parts Lonig-Iland, on my Return to Philadelphia. In these Provinces, Rhode. &c. ''I travelled some Thousands of Miles, and had mand, &c.

many large Meetings (some in Places where there had
not been any before and some were convinced, and
many would acknowledge to the Testimony of Truch,

North-Ca. yolina, Philadel thia.


which was declared by the Help and Grace of Christ ; 1713. and many Times, my Heart was, by the Asistance of that Grace, wonderfully opened to the People. If I should be particular in the Account of these Journies, it would enlarge this part of my Journal more than I am willing

In Virginia I had a Meeting at James's River, "where a Priest of the Church of England, with some of his Hearers, made some Opposition (after our Meeting was over) and were for difputing about Religion; and he openly declared, “ The Spirit was

not his Guide, nor Rule; and he hoped, never “ should be. But, be said, the Scriptures were his

Rule, and that there was no need of any other'; " and that they were as plain as Gunter's Line, or as “ 1, 2, 3." I told him, The Scriptures were a good secondary Rule, and that it were well if Men would

square their Lives according to their Directions; which we, as a People, exhorted all to : But that the holy Spirit, from which the holy Scripturès came, must needs be preferable to the Letter, that came from it; and without which holy Spirit, The Letter kills, as faith the Apostle. I also asked him, How be, or any else, without the Light, or Influence of the holy Spirit, could understand the Scriptures, which were parabolically and allegorically expressed, in many Places? And further to use his own Expreslion, How could any understand Gunter's Line, without Gunter's Knowledge? Or without they were taught by Gunter, or some other? Neither can we be the Sons of God, without the Spirit of God. Which he answered not, but went away,

In New-England, one Joseph Metcalf, a Presbyterian Teacher at Falmouth, wrote a Book, intitled, Legai Forcing a Maintenance for a Minister of the Gospel, warrantable from Scripture, &c.

. Which Book a Friend of Sandwich gave me, and desired I would answer it; which, after finding some Exercise on my Mind, for the Cause of Truth, I was willing to un

dertake ;


1713. dertake ; and accordingly, wrote an Answer thereto,

which I called, Forcing a. Maintenance, not warrantable from the holy Scriptures, for a Minister of the Gospel. In which I endeavoured to set the Texts of Scripture in a true Light, which he had darkened and misrepresented by his chimerical Doctrines.

In this Year 1713, I went from Philadelphia, in the Hope Gally, John Richmond Master, for South-Caro-,

lina. We were about a Month at Sea ; and when it South Caro- pleased God that we arrived at Charles-Town, in

South Carolina, we had a Meeting there, and divers others afterwards. There are but few Friends in this Province ; yet I had several Meetings in the Country:. The People were generally loving, and received me, kindly. What I had to declare to them, I always desired to speak to the Witness of God in the Soul, and according to the pure Doctrine of Truth in the holy Scriptures, and there was Openness in the People in several Places. I was several Times to visit the Governor, who was courteous and civil to me. He said, I deserved Encouragement; and spoke to several to be generous, and contribute to my Affistance. He meant an outward Maintenance ; for he would have me encouraged to stay among them. But I told him, that tho' it might be a Practice with them, to maintain their Ministers, and pay them Money for preaching, it was contrary to our Principles to be paid før preaching : agreeable to the Command of our great Master, Christ Jesus, who said to his Ministers, Freely you have received, freely give : So that we are limited by his Words, whatever others are: And those who take a Liberty, contrary to his Doctrine and Command, I think, must be Antichrist's, according to holy Scripture. The longer I staid there, the larger our Meetings were ; and when I found myself

free and clear of chose Parts, I took my Passage for iziniai Virginia in a Sloop, Henry Tucket Master. I had a comfortable and quick Pallage to James's River, it

being about two Hundred Leagues. The Master of the 1713. Veffel told me, That be believed he was blessed for my Sake. I wished him to live so as that he might be blefled for Christ's Sake. And fome Reformation was begun on him in our Voyages which was che Goodness of God; thro' Chrift; to him, and not to be actributed to me, any farther than an Instrument in the divine Hand; for of ourselves we cannot do any Thing that is Good, it being by Grace, thro' Faith, that we are saved, which is God's Gift to the Soul.

After I had been fome Time in Virginia, I got a Passage up the Bay of Chesapeak, and had several Meetings in Maryland, Friends being glad to see me ; Maryland. and we were comforted in Chrift our Lord. I made some little Stay at a Place I had in that Province, called Longbridge, and then returned to Philadelphia, Philadel where I lodged at the House of 'my very kind Friends phie. Richard and Hannab Hill; and was oftentimes at di. vers neighbouring Meetings, and sometimes had good Service therein. About this Time I had an Inclination to alter

my Condition of being a Widower, to a married Scate; and the most suitable Person that I (with some of my good Friends) could think upon, was Martba, the Widow of Josepb Brown: And on the 15th of the Second Month 1714, we were joined together in 1714: Marriage, with the Unity of Friends in general. We w had a large Meeting at our Marriage, the Solemnization thereof being attended with the Grace and Goodnefs of God; and, for Example-fake, we made buc little Provision for our Guests: For great Entertainments at Marriages and Funerals, began to be a grow. ing Thing among us, which was attended with divers Inconveniences. !

My Wife was a sober and religious young Woman, and of a quiet natural Temper and Disposition ; which is an excellent Ornament to the fair Sex!. And indeed it is so boch to Male and Female; tor according to the


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