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1716. caught enough to eat plentifully of till we got into the

M Capes of Delaware. Thus I saw it was good to depend upon, the Almighty, and rely upon bis eternal Arm ; which, in a particular Manner, did preserve us safe to our desired Port, blessed be bis great and glorious Name,

through Cbrift for ever ! Philadel. I now ftay'd at, and about Home for fome Time ; bia.

after which I was concerned to visit Friends in several Maryland. Places, and in the adjacent Provinces, as Maryland; New Jersey. New Jersey, &c. and was at many Marriages and Fu

nerals, at which, many Times, we had good Opportunities to open the Way, and also the Necessity to be married to Christ Jesus, the great Bridegroom of the Soul ; and also to exhort the People to consider and prepare for their latter End and final Change ; which many Times was fanctified to divers Souls, and the Lord's Name was glorified, who is worthy thereof.

In the Year 1717 I went into Maryland, to look

after my Affairs in that Province, and as I travelled I Notting had divers Meetings at Nottingham, and at Bush-River, Bush and about which Time at Bus-River, several were conGunpowder vinced. The Meeting I found in a growing Condition Maryland. in that which is good, several Perfons meeting toge.

cher in Silence to worship God, according to Christ's
Institution, which was, and is, and ever will be, in
Spiric and in Truth : And for the Encouragement of
all such, Christ hach said, That such the Fatber seeketh
to worship bim : And again, Where two or three are met
together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them.
And if Christ be in the midst, there is no absolute Needs
of Vocal Teaching, except it be the Will of the Lord
to call any to it. Let the spiritual Christian read and

After my Return I had several Meetings in the
Country near Philadelpbia ; and about the latter End
of the Eighth Monch I was at divers Marriages, one
of which was on the Third Day of the Week, about
Áfreen Miles above Pbiladelphia, over Delaware River.!


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The next was over the River again, about twenty 1917,
Miles below the City : The third was about twenty
Miles further down the River, and on the opposite
Side at Salem (on the following Days ;) so that I cros-
ed Delaware River three Times in three Days, and
rode about one Hundred Miles. The Meetings were
all Jarge, and Master suitable to the Occasion freely
opened to the People. These Remarks are not intend-
ed to set up Man, or exalt Flesh, but to stir up others
to come up to the Work of Christ in their Generation;
All the Glory and Godliness of Man is but as the Grass,
which soon withers, without we dwell in the Root of
true Religion, and holy Life of Christ, and that God
may have the Glory of all his Works, is the End of
all the Labours and Travels of the Servants and faith-
ful Ministers of Christ.

In the Tenth Month 1717, divers Considerations Takes a
moving me thereto, I took a Voyage to Barbadoes, Moraeso
in the Snow Hope, J. Curtis Master, and from
thence to Great Britain and London ; partly on ac-
count of Business, and hoping once more, it ic pleaf-
ed God, to see my aged Father, my Brother, Rela-
tions, and Friends, which Voyage I undertook in the
folid Fear of God. I desired the Concurrence of my
Wife, and my Friends and Brethren of the Meeting to
which I did belong, in this Undertaking, the which I
had in a general Way, and the good Wishes and Pray.
ers of many Particulars, with a Certificate from our
Monthly-meeting, signifying their Unity with my Con-
versation and Ministry, and present Undertaking :
And felt the Love and Goodness of God therein, buc
in many Respects it was a great Cross to me, as the
leaving my beloved Wife and Children, and many of
my dear Friends, whom I loved well in Chrift: And
the Crossing of the Seas always was troublesome to me,
being fickly at Sea, especially in windy or stormy Wea-
ther, and the Confinement was worse to me for the Time
than a Prison; for it would be much easier to me to


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Terrel, wc Ar 90: Kia Tzige Dars: ele Beringmi, *Uz to Sez, bos á oc: Boss, went scar W238 ja toez or Ere Days we goc into Warner Vientia,

In tus Vogaze I wrote lowering on the Common Brajer, u'es by forrt of the Church of Exgian, whose Cuveriztions were very loose and corrups, which I entities, One truly render Scruple of Condence, about ibal form of Prazer called the Common Prayer, as used by the Church of England and ber Members, &c.

la this our Voyage we saw several Ships but spoke

With none; and in twenty-seven Days from our Capes, Barbados, we arrived at Barbadoes, and came to an Anchor in

Carlife. Bay.

I had been twice in Barbadoes before, but this was the quickelt Pallage by one Day. Here I was lovingly and tenderly received by my Friends. I took my food friend, Joseph Gamble's House, for my Quar(cry, most of the Time whilft I ftay'd on the Inand and I visited Friends Meeetings leveral Times over,


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there being five of Friends Meeting-houses in the 1717.
Iland, and our Meetings were sometimes large and

Our Stay was longer here than we at first expected, by Reason of a great Drought, they having no Rain for more than a Quarter of a Year, which was a great Hindrance to Trade on the Illand. While I was this Time in Barbadoes, our ancient Friend George Gray died. I was at his Funeral, at which there were many People ; and on this Occasion we had a large Meeting at our Meeting-house at Speights-Town, where I had a seasonable Opportunity with the People, opening to them the Neceffity of preparing for, and thinking of their latter End; and pressed them earnestly thereto. They were generally attentive and fober, and some were broken into Tenderness. While we

were burying the Friend, there appeared a dismal - Cloud hanging over the Isand, such an one as I never saw before: It was to my thinking, of the Colour of the Flame of Brimstone, and I expected there would have been a great Storm, or some mighty Guft, and much Rain, they having had very little for many Weeks, or Tone Months; but it went over, and there was no Rain, nor Wind, as I remember. Soon after some People came in from Sea, and they said, that from that Cloud it rained Afhes; and they brought some of the same to the Island, some of which Alhes I have now before me: The Taste of them seems to me to be a little sulphurous, and have some glittering Particles in them, in Colour and Smell I think they differed little from common Ashes. Herein the Almighty and Infinite Being signally shewed his Mercy and Favour to poor Mortals ; for had not his Mercy prevented, he could as easily have raiped down, the Fire as the Ashes, who rained down Fire and Brimstone on the Cities and Inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrab, for their Pride and Idleness, much of which abounds among the Inhabitants of Barbadoes, the Peo


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1717. ple being very luxurious. Oh! may the luxurious In

habitants of that Ife, as also all others, consider their Ways and Doings, and not provoke the great Lord, the Sovereign of Heaven and Earth, as many of them do by their evil Lives, and voluptuous Conversations ; and that they would kiss the Son, though not with a Judas's Kiss, of Profession, or speaking well or fair of him only, but with divine Love manifefted through Obedience, while his Wrath is but a little kindled against them, before it break out into a Flame.

After this Funeral I was sent for to Bridge Town, to the Burial of a Master of a Ship, a young Man, who was very fresh and well a few Days before. There was a great Appearance of People, and I was pretty largely opened in the Meeting, on the Words of the Prophet, where he says, All Flesh is Grass, and all the Goodliness thereof, is as the Flower of the Field. The Grass withereth, the Flower fadétb, because the Spirit of the Lord blowerh upon it : Surely the People is Grass. The Grass withereth, the Flower fadeth ; but the Word of our God shall stand for ever, Ifaiah xl. 6, 7, 8. And I treated of this Word, its Wonderfulness, its Duration, and its Work in Man: As also of the fading Conftitution of mortal Man, though young and strong, as that young Man was a few Days before, whose Corpse was then before us.

I was at divers other Burials on this Iand, which indeed doth prove a Grave to many New-comers, it being a hot Climate, makes those who are not accustomed to it, very thirsty, and by Reason of the extream Heat, it is not easy to quench their Thisít ; so that what is called moderate Drinking, throws many Strangers intoʻa violent Fever, and oftentimes is the Cause of their Death. I'note this as a Caution to any who may transport themselves there (that may fee this) that they may Thun that Danger, which might be avoided by drinking cool Drinks, of which they have many Sores very pleasant, viz." Cane, Sugar.reed, and

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