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1741. bave fought a good Fight, I have finished my Course, I bar

kept the Faith, henceforth there is laid up for me a Cross of Righteousness: Which Words, and most part of the laft Sermon, was delivered in great Brokenness ; tror. whence I judged that he was sensible that he had not long to live, though, I believe, he was not afraid to die.

On Second-day Morning, the Feverabated a liçcle, and he complied with the Doctor's Prescription of taking a Vomit, which seem'd to have its proper Effect; but cha: Night the Fever return’d, and continued on him unti he dy'd; which was between two and three o'clock ca Fourth-day Morning, the fourth Day of the Ninth Month, being speechless about seven Hours before,

A general Invitation was given to Friends and others 'to his Funeral; where three Testimonies were born, all in great Brokenness, under a juft Sense of our grea: Lofs. After which he was decently interr'd on the Evening of the same Day, in a piece of Ground whici is fince given to Friends for a Burial Place, and on which a Meeting-house is built, by John Pickering, the Governor of the Island at that Time.

It is said in the Scriptures, That the Righteous are taken away, and no Man layeth it to Heart; but, I hope, it may be truly said, this was not the Case at this Time; for Friends, in general, much lamented their great Loss, in being so soon deprived of fo instructive a Friend and Elder, whose Care over us was very great; and who, by his loving and exemplary Life, and Tendernefs to People of all Ranks and Professions, engag'd the Love and Respect of most of the People in the INand. We are fully assured, that his Labour among us was not in Vain, and that many have felt the good Effects of it, so that we believe some of the last Words he express’d in Publick, may juftly be apply'd to him, and that he now enjoys a Crown of Righteousness,

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