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INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS school, on an extensive scale, and on the

PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. improved plan of the Madras system, June 30. A fine new brig was launched founded and endowed at the sole expense from the yard of Mr. Ramsay, jun. of Bos of the Right Hon. the Earl of Essex. Nearton, Lincolnshire. It is supposed that up ly 200 children of the poor are already wards of 150 persons

ere on board at the

admitted, who may be said to have bithertime. The vessel went off in grand style; to existed in a state of ignorance borderbut not being properly triinmed, she un: ing on barbarison, and, but for this laudable fortunately upset, and nearly the whole of instirution, must have remained so. They the persons on board were precipitated will now be brought up in the habits of into the river! Great and praiseworthy religion, moralily, and industry; and we exertions were immediately made, and may look forward with a pleasing hope of sanguine expectations are entertained that their becoining useful members in the no lives are lost ; but the alarm and con community. Too much praise cannot be fusion that followed the accident can given to the munificence and liberality of hardly be imagined. The vessel was got the Noble Earl, whose example is worthy up again without much damage.

The imitation of every great and good man, June 30. A cow belonging to farmer and will hand duwn to posterity a monuEvans, of West Harptree, Somerset, hav ment more durable than the inarble bust, ing been ill for a few days, attacked or the most eluquent inscription on the him, and threw him over a heap of tomb. stones; very fortunately he made his es A Meeting was held on New Hall-hill, cape. Another man, going to see her Birmingham, on this day, which is said to soon after, was also attacked in a more have been attended by cot fewer than violent manner; and, had not the farmer's 15,000 people. Mr. Edmonds, a schoolson been present, she would, no doubt, inaster, proposed, that Sir Charles Wolsehave killed him on the spot.

In the course ley should be sent to Parliament, in the of an hour after, the beast was taken in novel character of “ Legislatoriai Attora stupor and fell down dead.

ney and Representative of Birmingham.” July 4. This afternoon, a considerable He stated, that the issuing of a writ being district of the county of Norfolk was compulsory, they hall not awaited the visited by one of the most tremendous form of the mandate, but anticipated the thunder-storms, accompanied by a bor- right. The privilege constitutionally bericane of rain and hail, ever recorded. Jonged to them; and they were fulfilling The storm displayed itself in terrific forms their duty as good subjecis, in proceeding at Matlishall, East Dereham, Reephain, to advise the Sovereign by their represenAyisham, and adjoining villages. Pieces talive. If they had not been comipanded of ice fell at Hackford and Whitwell, some so to do, the error resled with others ! The of which measured two inches long, ani Baronet was then nominated pro forma, inch wide, and an inch thick.-Al Heving and declared duly elected. A remonham several trees were blown down), houses strance to Parliament was read, wbich partly unroofed, and windows broken by the new.elected Member was to present the hail. Mr. Bircham, of Bioton, had to the house, and deinaud of the Speaker at least 501. worth of damage done by the his place in the Commons Assembly. A hail-stones breaking the glass of his green deputation was proposed to wait on Sir houses, &c.

Charles Wolseley, and give hiin the neJuly 6.

At night, an alarming fire cessary instructions of his constituents. broke out at Isleham, Cambridgeshire, Sir Charles had previously promised their which totally destroyed the White Horse to go and claim his seat in the House, if Inp. A poor sellow of the name of Plea they elected him. sance, wheelwright, of Mildenhall, perished The Grand Jury, at the Quarter Sese in the flames.

sions, the next day, found true bills of July 8. A combat unparalleled in the bru. indictment against Sir Charles Wolseley, tal agnals of boxing, took place this even bari, and Joseph Harrison, a Dissenting ing, at Luton, near Chatham, between two Minister of Stockport, for turbulent and young men, named Loveli and Andrews, seditious speeches made by them on the in consequence of a dispute which had 26:11 June, at Stockport, with intent to extaken place on a preceding evening in a cite tumult and jusurrection within this skitile-ground; and after a most deter- realı. mined contest of three hours and three Extract from a leter, dated Holyheal, quarters, in which both were severely pu- July 15.--"The Talbot steam vessel, which nisbed, they were separated, unsubdued. arrived here this morning from Howlla,

July 12. This day was opened, near took fire while lying close to the pier; but the entrance of Cashiobury Purl, Herts, a by great exertions of the persons then pre


sent, she was saved from total destruc extraordinary number of miles performed tion: a considerable part of her deck, by Joseph Meads, a mail.guard. We have however, has been cut away to prevent the now further to state, that the same indifire spreading. A poor fellow who was vidual has completed five years, viz. from employed in this work, had his finger Monday July 11, 1814, to Sunday July 11, chopped off in the hurry and confusion 1819, betwixt Northampton and London, inseparable from so alarming an accident. persorming the distance of 66 miles every The vessel bas, fortunately, in this in- night, without halting one night ; which, stance been saved, as it was perfectly including the bissextile, amounts to 120,516 calm; had there been a breeze, she must miles; being above forty times the comhave burned down to the water's edge. puted length of Europe. The same indi. She has just now been hauled out into the vidual has travelled with mail-coaches, as middle of the harbour, to prevent the guari, 547,742 miles; which is above crowd of spectators witnessing the extent iwo-and-twenty times the computed cirof the damage sustained by the accident; cumference of the globe." which, had it happened earlier in the day, The following is quoted as a specimen when she was a few miles distant from the of the distress of the times : 52 clothiers land, unavoidable destruction must have have, during the last 20 years, carried eusued to her and all on board."

on business at a borough town in Wilta July 16. Two donkeys were found in shire, and at their various manufactories Joiner's Wood, Kent, belonging to Sir afforded employment to a numerous poJohn Fagg, adjoining Chislett-park, tied pulation ; but bow, the inhabitants of the with chaise-reins to the shrubs, completely place are sunk into pauperism and wretchstarved to death, having devoured every edness; for of their 52 employers, 9 are edible substance within reach, It is sup- dead, 17 have failed, 24 have declined, posed that they were stolen and tied there and ovly 2 remain in business. Nor is by some villain or villains, who have been this a singular case ; for there are, within siuce apprehended, and have consequently eight miles of the above place, four other left the wretched animals to perish thus , manufacturing towns, in each of which miserably.

the depression of trade has been equally July 20. A dreadful circumstance took severe. place at Brighton, in the Barrack-yard in The Corporation of Guildford have una. Church-street, facing the royal stabling, nimously elected Mr. Serjeant Onslow Rethis afteruoon. At about half-past four corder of that borough, vacant by the reo'clock the military, the 90th infantry, signation of Sir W. Draper Best, Knight, turned out there for the afternoon's pa. The following is a remarkable fact in rade. A private, who had been confined the history of the apiary.-A hive of bees in the morning for being absent from at Manse, of Dun, in the neighbourhood duty, was released by the orderly ser of Montrose, swarmed on the 15th of May, jeant, Watson, to fall-in for the parade. again on the 1st June, and again on the The fellow, meditating revenge for the 3th instant. confinement he had endured, no sooner A dreadful accident happened lately at had his musket in his possession, than, as New Mill, near Holmfirth, Berkshire, by it seems, he charged it with

a ball

which two persons lost their lives. While cartridge; and as Serjeant Watson de. the servant of Mr. Micklethwaite, of that scended from his room to the Barrack, place, carpenter, was loading a cart with yard, he deliberately took aim at him, wood, the horse took fright ; and the and shot him through the body. The ball wheels passing over his body killed him entered on one side, near about the ribs, on the spot. The master, seeing the acand came out of the other.-Surgical as cident, ran up to the horse, and attempted sistance was useless. He did not survive to arrest iis furious progress; but while the fatal wound more than 20 mivutes. he was engaged in this effort, the cart The horrible deed was perpetrated in the came in contact with a wall, against which midst of the soldiers mustering for the Mr. Micklethwaite was jammed, and so parade; many of them supposed the gun dreadfully bruised, that after languisbiog had been fired from the other side of the till the Monday following he expired, leayyard wall, and were in the act of scaling ing a widow and a numerous family to it to discover by whom; when the mis. lament his loss, creant threw down his piece, and ex It is a melancholy fact, that no less than claimed, that he was the man, and that he 140 deaths have taken place in Norwich had then had his revenge, and was in 'no during ihe last four weeks, by small-pox. wise sorry for what he had done. He was At Blachburn, near Manchester, a fe. then secured. The deceased bore a very male reform society has been established; excellent character. He has left a wife from which a circular has been issued to and three children to deplore his loss. other districts, inviting the wives and

The Cambridge Chronicle says: “ We daughters of the workmen in the different inserted some time ago an account of an branches of the manufacture to form them.


selves into similar societies. They are POISON IN BEER. - A very eminent not only to co-operate with the different brewer, in the county of Susser, was classes of workmen in seeking redress of proceeded against, by information, dutheir supposed grievances, but “to instil ring the present sittings of the Court of into the minds of their childrení, a deep and Exchequer, at Westmiuster, upon rooled haired of the Governineut and charge of having received into his pósHouses of Parliainent," whom they are session upwards of 7010s. of the cuculus pleased to call “our tyrannical rulers." indicus, for the purpose of being used as

Suine wiseacres at Henley-upon-Arden, a substitute for malt in his beer. This a few days ago, having rubbed a living composition, taken in certain quantities, rat over with spiriis vf turpentine, set it is a deadly pursun. un fire, and let it loose in a barn overrun with those vermin, thinking it would Royal Visit to CAMBRIDGE. drive the rest out. The plan succeeded, July 3. At eight o'clock she Duke of but in a different way from what they Gloncester, Chancellor of the University, intended; the barn being burnt to the with the Princess Mary his Duchess, and ground!

the Princess Sophia of Gloucester, arrived Four hundred and eleven lambs have in his Royal Highness's carriages, each this year been raised by Thomas Tyr. with six horses; shortly after which, the whitt Drake, Esq. at Shardeloes, Bucks, Vice-Chanceller, the Hon. George Neville, from 277 South Down ewes.

Heads of Houses, &c. went in procession We are happy to slate, that apples from Magdalen Lodge to Trinity, to conpromise so fine a crop in the Western gratulate their Royal Highnesses on thur counties, that cider continues to fall, arrival. and empty pipes and hogsheads rise July 4. . Sermons were preached at in price

Great St. Mary's Church by two Doctors; The bankers of Edinburgh hare una. In the morning the Rev. J. B. Hollingsnimously resolved to give drafts on Lon worth, of St. Peter's Culege, and in the don at iwenty days date, for money paid afternoon the Rev. T. T. Walmsley, of in there, instead of fifiy days date as St. John's College; before the distinguish. formerly.

ed visitors, who that day dined at MagdaAt Tuam, in Ireland, the Catholic Arch.

len Lodge.

The party consisted of about bishop has refused to confirm a young 80. After this the Royal Personages at inan, because he worked on Saints' days! tendeil service at Trinity College Chapel, of which the calendar contains about 50 ! and in the evening gratified the public

EXPLOSION OF A STeam Boar. A se. by walking on Clare Hall Piece, amidst rious accident of this pature happened on a great concourse of visitors and inhathe 5th inst, at Grangemouth. The steam. bitants of the town.-- In the evening they boat Stirling, Captain Sutherland, having supped with the Bishop of Bristol. undergone some repairs, was preparing July 5. After a Levee, at which the to start froin the harbour of Newhaven ; presentations were very numerous, the when, ii consequence of the safety-valve Chancellor went to the Senate in bis full not being opened sufficienily to allow the robes, accompanied by the Duchess and escape of the accumulativg sleam, the Princess, and followed in procession by boiler exploded, and nine persons were the Earl of Hardwicke, High Steward of more or ass scalded, three of them se. the University ; Lord Erskine, Lord Herverely; but akhough a number of pas vey, and the Hon. B. 0. Noel. The folsengers were on board, and many people lowing Honorary Degrees were conferred: ou the wharf opposite as the time, pri). The Right Hon. John Beckett, Trinity videntially no lives were lost.

College, LL.D.-Lord Carrington, Mag. CUSTOM - House OATHS. Memorials dalen College, LL.D.-Lord Braybrooke, have been lately sent to the Lords of the Magdalen College, LL.D.-Marquess of Treasury, from many of the principal uckinghain, Magdaleo College, LL.D.merchants of Liverpool and Hull, praying Earl of Rosebery, Pembroke Hall, LL.D. for a revision and correction of those sia -Sir Thomas B. Lennard, Bait. Downiug tutes which enforce the taking of certain College, M.A.- Hon. H. S. Stopford, Triuseless and unmeaning oaths in- Custum. nity College, M.A.-Sir F. Sykes, Bart. House transactions, intended to secure St. John's College, M.A. Hon. R. J. the revenue from fraud ; but which, in Eden, Magdalen College, M.A. Mr. fact, cannot be taken without the com George Nevill, Magdalen College, M.A. mission of virtual perjury. The memu Sir H. Williamson, Bart, St. John's Cola rials having been favourably received, lege, M.A.- Hon. E. G. Moore, St. John's there is reason to hope that this practice, Cottege, M.A.-Hon. A. Cavendish, Mag- : which has long been a proverbial disgrace dalen College, M.A.--Hon. G. Spencer, to morality and religion, will soon be Trinity College, M.A.-Sir W. W. Wyon, abolished.

Bart, Magdalen College, M.A. -Hop. $. Gent. Mag. July, 1819.

E. Eardley,

E. Eardley, Caius College, M.A. - Hon. A. company, after a short promenade in Tri. Calthorpe, Pembroke Hall, M.A. - Sir nity Library, retired to the Hall, where Culling Smitb, Bart. Trinity College, M.A. the dancing was kept up until the Royal

After the Chancellor had conferred the visitors retired. There was another con. several other degrees with his usual dig. cert at the Senate House in the evening. nity, Mr. Thomas Babiogton Macaulay, July 7. This morning the Royal party, of Trinity College, recited his English after having attended an Oratorio at King's poem on Pompeii, which had gained the College Chapel, departed froin the UoiChancellor's gold medal.

versity, and proceeded to Audley End, On his return, the Mayor and Corpo- the beautiful seat of Lord Braybrooke, ration waited on his Royal Highness at to dinner. Trinity Lodge, and presented an Address from the body. The Royal Party then proceeded to St. Mary's Church, to hear

A Monument, by the celebated Chanthe Oratorio of Judas Maccabeus. At the

trey, of the late Henry KIRKE White, of conclusion of the part then in perform

St. John's College, Cambridge, has been

erected in All Sajuts' Church, by an Ame. “ God save the King” was played aoce, by the whole band, and sung by the choir, rican gentleman of the name of Boolt.

The wellconsisting of many of the first perform. The particulars are these :ers of the day.

knowo Life of Henry Kirke White, writThe Royal Party, with a number of

ten by Southey, being as popular a wosk distinguished persons, dived at Trinity

in America as it is in this country, ex. College. In the evening their Royal

cited in the mind of Mr. Boott, a desire Highnesses attended a Concert which was

to visit the place of Mr. White's interheld in the Senate House. Professor

ment; and, going to Cambridge for this Hague led the band, and was ably sup

purpose, he was surprised to find that no ported by Messrs. Mori and Lindley, Mrs.

mark of respect had been shewn to his Salmon, Mad. Bellochi, and Messrs. Bra

memory, either by monument or inscrip. ham, Knyveti, Bellamy, and Vaughan.

tion, in the place where he was buried. They were encored in most of their songs,

Mr. Boott, therefore, 'requested and obaud 2000 persons were present.

tained permission to erect a monument July 6. This being Commencement

in the Church, “as a tribute to departed day, on which the creation of Doctors

genius.” 'The artist applied to was Mr. and Masters of Arts lakes place, a con

Chantrey, who has fullilled his commis.

sion with the utmost classical taste and gregation was held by the Proctors at eight o'clock, when they created the

merit as a sculptor. The monument has Masters of Arts, in order that H. R. H.

been erected on the West side of the the Chancellor and the illustrious visi.

Church, facing the allar. It cousists of tors might not be detained too long at

white marble; and exhibits within a me. the usual congregation. At ten o'clock, . relief. Below the medallion are the ful

dallion the portrait of Mr. While in basthe Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, lowing lines from the pen of the Rev. Wm. with the Princess Sophia, went in State to the Senate House, where his Royal Seyin, the Professor of Modern History : Highness distributed the Prizes 10 Messrs.

“ Warm with fond hope and Learning's H. Waddington, T. Hall, and Oakes,

sacred flame,

[came; After the creations were concluded, the

To Gianta's bowers the youthful poet Public Orator presented the Right Hon.

Unconquer'd pow'rs th' immortal mind · Charles Grant, of Magdal College, for display'd,

(deca y'd. adinission to the Honorary Degree of But, worn with ansious thought, the frame Doctor in Civil Law, which was conferred Pale o'er his iamp, and in his cell retir'd, upon him by his Royal Highness.-Upon The Narlyr studeut faded and expir'd. leaving the Senate House, their Royal

O Genius, Taste, and Piety, sincere, · Highnesses visited the Public Library, and Too early lost 'midst duties too severe ! the fitzwilliam Museum, where i hey ap

Foremost to mourn was generous SOUTHEY peared highly delighted with the magni

[had been: bicent collectiou of pictures and books.

He told the tale, and shew'd what WHITE About four o'clock a superb dejeune Nor told in vain ; for o'er the Atlantic was given in the cloisters of Trinity Col.

(grave, lege. No less than 1500 Ladies and Gen A wanderer came, and sought the Poet's tlemen sat down to a very elegant cold On yon low stone be saw his lonely name, collation, followed by a fine dessert of

And rais'd this fund memorial to his fame." fruit, ices, &c. with a variety of wines. It In the execution of the portrait, Mr. was originally intended that there should Chantrey has been eniinently successful : have been a dance in the open air, and a it is a striking likeness of the man ; but platform had been erected for inat pur. the style and beauty of the sculpture may pose in one of the avenues of Trinity be compared to the best works of Grecian Walks; but the weather proving unfa. artists; and in the manner of executing sourable, their Royal Highnesses and the the medallion the sculptor has bern

seen ;


guided by the purest models of taste. The whom he bag employed some years in works both of Grecian and Egyptian sculp his office at Bermuda, and who has emtors afford examples of relievos protected bezzled a considerable sum of money (it by being, as it were, inbedded within is said 6,0001.) The cause bas been dean excavated surface. The Hieroglyphic cided in the Cockpit before the Lords sculpiure is all of this kiud ; and the Pa. of Appeal; and Mr. Moore being deemteræ of Greece and Rome ofien exhibited legally responsible by Their Lordships, instances of a similar nature.

an attachment was decreed against his T'wootherímonuments by Mr. Chantrey, person. The office, which was conferred both of wbite marble, have also been on Mr. Moore by Lord Moira in 1803, has erected in the Chapels of Trioity and St. no salary annexed to it.

The triding John's Colleges. The first, to the me emoluments arise from casual fees; which, mory of the late Professor PORSON, is in the course of the fifteen years that he distinguished by a bust of the most ex has held the office, hare not amounted to quisite sculpture, remarkable for the one fifth of the sum for which the defal. Jikeness it exhibits of that illustrious scho calion of his deputy has made bin aular; which is such as to astonish tho:e swerable. who have seen it, and who well remember By the last Stamp Act, a much higher the characteristic trails of thought and duty is made payable on an administramildness in bis countenance. The other tion where there is no will, than is liable monument, also supporting a busi, is to to be paid on the proving of a will. the memury of Mr. Fox TOWNSHEND ; and According to an Act passed the 2d inst. this is not inferior, either jo point of re for nding the laws respecting the Setsemblance or sculpture, to either of lhuse tlement of the Poor, no person can ac. already described.

quire a settlement unless by renting a

house or land of the annual value of ten OCCURRENCES IN LONDON pounds, and bona fide hired by such perAND ITS VICINITY.

son, and the rent actually paid by him for July 3. The following Bulletin was

a year. exbibited at St. James's Palace :

One of the new Acts of Parliament Windsor Castle, July 3. His Majes. makes the wpyholds of lunatics liable for ty's bodily health continues to be firun; their debts. and there has been no sensible alteration An official return to an order of the in the state of his Majesty's disorder dur. House of Commons of the effectire strength ing the last month."

of the British Army, on the 25th May, A Privy Council was lately held at the states it at 14,116 cavalry, 5,412 footTreasury - chambers, presided over by guards, and 84,812 infantry. - Graud Lord Harrowby, aud consisting of the lotal, 101,349. Lord Chief Justices of the Courts of By an order in Council of the 12th inst. King's Bench and Common Pleas, and it appears, that a prohibition is laid upon the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, the export of gunpowder, saltpetre, and Sir William Scott, and Sir Williain Grant, every sort of ammunition, from ihis kingand attended by the Attorney-General, dom, to all the ports in the Spanish do&c. to investigate the circumslances al minions. The order is a corollary to the tending the death of a Maltese at Athens, proposition of the Foreign Enlistment Acı; who was shot by Mr. W. Kinnaird (the aud, indeed, it was only fair, that as we son of the Magistrale) in January last. would not permit our countrymen to fight Mr. Kinnaird had presented himself at in the armies of the South Americans, 80 Malia for trial, and was sent home a we ought not to supply their opponents prisover to England. After a full inves. with ammunition. tigation and examination, Mr. Kinnaird The case agreed to be laid before the was discharged; being honourably ac four Judges of the Court of King's Bench for quitted of any charge against him. It their opinion, respecting a cause between appeared by the evidence transmitted Lord Clinton, the Hon. Mrs. Damer, and by the Consuls of the Levant, that the the Marquis Cholmondeley, on which proevent of firing on the deceased was in perty to the amount of 14,0001. per annum absolute self-defence.

depends, was taken into consideration, a 'The Lord Chief Justice laid it down, few days ago, when Mr. Justice Hoiroyd a few days ago, that a person brought and Mr. Justice Best coincided with the from the country to London to give evi Master of the Rolls in favour of Mrs. dence, is entiiled to be paid for his loss Damer and the Marquis; while Mr. Jusof time, as well as his expenses, before tice Bayley was of a contrary opinion. he is sworn; and the Counsel for the A discovery has lately taken place, plaintiff undertook that it should be done. which has disappointed the fond wisbes of

A serious calamity has befallen Mr. iwo lovers in high lise, and totally-deMoore, of poetical celebrity, in conse ranged the liopes and expectations of the quence of ihe misconduct of a deputy, family of one of the parties. A young


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