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As knowledge of an author, and the circumstances under which he writes, not unfrequently imparts interest to his prrductions, it is deemed requisite that some account of the writer of these Poems should be giv. en. In appearing before the public, it is not with the expectation of ranking with those recent poetic writers whose celebrity is almost unrivaled ; neither does she ex. pect to abide the rigid criticism of this refined age; nor 10 afford entertainment to those who can be gratifyed with nothing but what is arrayed in the richest and most dazzling garb of literature.

This preface is not designed to commend the Poems to which it is prefixed. Leaving the reader to judge of their merit, it is presunied that those who love, through the mediuin of verse, to contemplate the inspiriting theines of religion, will not be unedifyed. And if her readers reap but half the satisfaction in their perusal, that she has enjoyed in their production, her labur will not be lost and she will be happy in reflecting that she has been in any degree useful 10 others, deprived as she is, in a great measure, of one of the most important faculties for bene, fitting either herself or her fellows.

'The authoress is one of those unfortunate persons «ho are cut off from all the privileges and enjoyments afforded. by the sight of the eye. Her native place is New Haven, Vermont, and the only daughter of Robert and Diana G1188. She became totally blind at the age of fourteen, when the mind just began to taste the streets of seioncu,

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