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The Benediction.
Peace be around thee wherever thou rovest,

May life be for thee one summer's day,
And all that thou wishest, and all that thou lovest,

Come smiling around thy sunny way! If sorrow o'er this calm should break,

May even thy tears pass off so lightly, That, like spring showers, they only make

The smiles that follow shine more brightly! May Time, who sheds his blight o'er all,

And daily dooms some joy to death, O'er thee let years so gently fall,

They shall not crush one flower beneath! As half in shade and half in sun

This world along its path advances, May that side the sun's upon

Be all that e'er shall meet thy glances !


The Mother's Stratagem. While on the cliff with calm delight she kneels,

And the blue vales a thousand joys recall, See to the last, last verge her infant steals!

O fly—yet stir not, speak not, lest it fall. Far better taught, she lays her bosom bare, And the fond boy springs back to nestle there.


To Fool or Knave.
Thy praise or dispraise is to me alike:
One doth not stroke me, nor the other strike.


Τώνδ' όνησιν εύχομαι. . Te circum Pax alma volet, qvocumqve vageris,

Unum eat aestivum vita imitata diem; Qvidqvid et in votis fuerit tibi, amabile qvidqvid,

Adveniat, laetas concelebretqve vias. Qvod si forte dolor placidum maculaverit aevum,

Splendet ut ex verno gratior imbre dies, Non aliter lacrimis fuga maturetur, ut ipsos

Plenior in risus accumuletur honor. Qvae nihil obducta non vi robiginis aetas

Proruit, inqve dies singula nostra rapit, Te super invisos tam leniter ingerat annos

Innocuum ut teneris floribus addat onus. Dum medius noctis patiens mediusqve diei

Qvod semel instituit volvitur orbis iter, precor

illa tuo tantum versetur in ore Qvae pars assiduis solibus aucta nitet.


W. G. C.

Dum sedet in scopulo mater, vallesqve revisae

Tot referunt laetos, qvi periere, dies,
Parvus ad extremam rupem prorepserat infans.

Qvin rapis ? immo mane, ne cadat; immo sile. Haec tamen arte sagax nudat meliore papillas:

Ponit ibi cupidum redditus erro caput.

W. I.

Utrum horum mavis.
Culpane dignum an laude me putas ? neutram
Moramur: haec non mulcet, illa non mulcat.

R. S.

The Deluge. Meanwhile the south wind rose, and, with black wings Wide-hovering, all the clouds together drove From under heaven; the hills to their supply Vapour and exhalation dusk and moist Sent up amain. And now the thickened sky Like a dark ceiling stood; down rushed the rain Impetuous; and continued, till the earth No more was seen: the floating vessel swum Uplifted, and secure with beaked prow Rode tilting o'er the waves; all dwelling else Flood overwhelmed, and them with all their pomp Deep under water rolled; sea covered sea, Sea without shore; and in their palaces, Where luxury late reigned, sea monsters whelped And stabled; of mankind, so numerous late, All left in one small bottom swum imbarked.


Τον τριετή παίζοντα περί φρέαρ Αρχιάνακτα

είδωλον μορφας κωφών απεσπάσατο.
εκ δ' ύδατος τον παιδα διάβροχον άρπασε μάτης

σκεπτομενα ζωας εί τινα μοιραν έχει. Νύμφας δ' ουκ έμίηνεν ο νήπιος, αλλ' επί γούνων

ματρος κοιμαθείς τον βαθύς ύπνον έχει.


Goodness and Greatness. Nur zwei Tugenden gibts, D wären sie immer vereinigt; Immer die Güte auch Groß, immer die Grösse auch Gut !


Omnia Pontus erant. Interea egreditur Notus et nigrantibus alis Imminet, agglomerans pendentia nubila caeli : Ollis aerium umorem tenebrasqve ministrant Continuo colles. Piceus superastitit aether More lacunaris: venit ingens agmen aquarum Et tandem obruitur crescenti gurgite tellus. It ratis insultans haud setius aeqvore summo, Et secura natat rostrata concita prora, Sola hominum domus; at prorumpens abdit aqvae vis Cetera : subsidunt ipsi luxusqve sub undas Omnis it in cassum : simul unda supervenit undam Immensiqve fremunt late sine litore Auctus. Qvae modo regifica splendebant atria pompa Nunc horrenda tenent ululantum monstra ferarum : Relliqviaeqve hominum (de tot modo millibus eheu Pars qvota) naviculae parva conduntur in alvo.

R. J. M.

"Όψε μάλα. . Margine fonticuli trimus cum luderet infans,

Decidit heu vitreis captus imaginibus.
Eripuit madidum rapido de gurgite mater,

Anxia num vitae qvid superesset adhuc.
Haud leto Nymphas temerantem in pectore matris

Urget perpetuus Laomedonta sopor.

F. E. G.

Bona Magnaqve.
Sunt duo virtutes, qvas semper iungere vellem,

Congruerent magnis ut bona, magna bonis.


For Winter came. The mill-wheel's frozen in the stream,

The church is decked with holly; Misletoe hangs from the kitchen beam,

To fright away melancholy; Icicles clink in the milkmaid's pail,

Younkers skate on the pool below, Blackbirds perch on the gardenrail ;

And hark, how the cold winds blow! There goes the squire to shoot at snipe;

Here runs Dick to fetch a log;
You'd swear his breath was the smoke of a pipe

In the frosty morning fog.
Hodge is breaking the ice for the kine;

Old and young cough as they go;
The round red sun forgets to shine;

And hark, how the cold winds blow!


Lines from the German.
Let me wander where she walks

In the blessed calm of even;
Let me listen when she talks ;

Jove, I envy not thy heaven.
Love within my bosom's cell
Hermit-like doth ever dwell:
Hope and Joy may leave my heart;
Love and I will never part.

S. A.

Land and Sea.
That is a farmer's, this a sailor's grave:
One end awaits the land, and one the wave.

S. A. (from the Greek).

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