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Maps; constructed by W. HUGHES, and edited by G. LONG. New Edition, with

coloured outlines, and an Index of Places. Imp. 8vo. 128. 6d. A GRAMMAR SCHOOL ATLAS OF CLASSICAL GEO

GRAPHY. The Maps constructed by W. Hughes, and edited by G. LONG.

New Edition with coloured Outlines. Imp. 8vo. 5s. THE FIRST BOOK OF BOTANY. Being a Plain and Brief

Introduction to that Science for Schools and Young Persons. By Mrs. LOUDON.

Illustrated with 36 Wood Engravings. Second Edition. 18mo. ls. THE MANUAL OF BOOK-KEEPING; by an Experienced Clerk.

12mo. Eighth Edition. 45.



OTES AND QUERIES: a Medium of Intercommunication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, &c.

Published every Saturday. 4to. 4d., stamped, 5d.

Vols. I to VI. Second Series now ready, 10s. 6d. each.
A few sets of the First Series, 12 Vols. 61. 6s. are still to be had.

General Index to the First Series, 5s.
THE MISSION FIELD: a Monthly Record of the Proceedings of

the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel at Home and Abroad. Vols. II. and

III. post 8vo. 3s. each. (Vol. I. is out of print.) Continued in Numbers, 2d. each. THE GOSPEL MISSIONARY. Published for the Society for the

Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, Monthly at £d. Vols. II. to VIII.

cloth, 1s. each. (Vol. I. is out of print.) MISSIONS TO THE HEATHEN; being Records of the Progress

of the Efforts made by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts for the Conversion of the Heathen. Published occasionally in a cheap form for distribution in fcap. 8vo. at prices varying from ld. to 1s. 6d. each. Nos. 1 to

35 are already published. CHURCH IN THE COLONIES, consisting chiefly of Journals

by the Colonial Bishops of their Progress and Special Visitations. In fcap. 8vo.

from 2d. to 1s. 6d. each. Nos. 1 to 36 are already published. THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND MONTHLY REVIEW. In Parts 1s. each.

“ It is not our custom to criticize critiques, or to do more than register the titles of Periodicals whose province is more purely Theological. The Review before us, however, is so frank and fearless in tone, its spirit is so wisely progressive, and its articles seem to be marked by such manifest ability, that we willingly give sentence in its favour. The volume for the Year consists of fifty-one essays and reviews:-on Preaching, Education, Family life, Workbouses and Womens' Work, Crime, and the State of the Streets, with interesting Biographical Notices. The work is under a new direction, and is in every way deserving of encouragement.”.

Athenæum. ST. PAUL'S SERMONS. Authorized Edition. Published weekly.

Price One Penny each, and in Monthly Parts. WESTMINSTER ABBEY SERMONS, (1859.) New Series.

Authorized Edition. Published weekly. Price One Penny each, and in Monthly Parts.


Notes, and Life by Izaak WALTON. Revised, with additional Notes, by Mr. J.

YEOWELL. (Library of English Worthies.) SPENSER'S COMPLETE WORKS; with Life, Notes, and Glos

sary, by John PAYNE COLLIER, Esq., F.S.A. (Library of English Worthies.) THOMSON'S POEMS, with Memoir by Sir H. Nicolas, and addi

tional Poems; the whole very carefully revised, and the Memoir annotated by

PETER CUNNINGHAM, Esq., F.S.A. 2 vols. (Aldine Edition.) COWPER'S POETICAL WORKS, including his Translations from

Milton, &c. Edited, with Memoir, by John BRUCE, Esq., F.S.A. (Aldine Edition.)

PARNELL'S POEMS, with Memoir, edited by Bolton CORNEY, Esq.,

M.R.S.L. (Aldine Edition.) POPE'S POETICAL WORKS, with Memoir, edited by W. J.

Thoms, Esq., F.S.A. 3 vols. (Aldine Edition.) BACON'S NOVUM ORGANUM. Newly translated, with short Notes, by the Rev. ANDREW JOHNSON, M.A.



[Immediately. THE WHITE LADY AND UNDINE. Translated from the

German by the Hon. Miss LYTTELTON, with numerous Illustrations by the

[Shortly. NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECUM, Textus Stephanici, 1550.

Accedunt variae lectiones editionum Bezae Elzeviri, Lachmanni, Tischendorfii,

Tregellesii, curante F. H. SCRIVENER, A.M. A GUIDE-BOOK FOR STUDENTS; a Series of Short Familiar

Lectures upon Language and Literature, &c. &c. By the Rev. T. STANTIAL, M.A.,

forming a Key to the Test-Book for Students.” SERMONS ON CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE AND PRACTICE,

AND ON THE CHURCH. By C. J. BLOMFIELD, D.D., late Lord Bishop of London. (Hitherto unpublished.) 8vo.

[Immediately. PROGRESSIVE LATIN DELECTUS. By J.T. V. HARDY, B.A., London. Fcap. 8vo.

[Nearly ready. EURIPIDES, ex recensione F. A. PALEY, A.M. Vol. III. (Cambridge Greek and Latin Texts.)

[In the

press. HERODOTUS, ex recensione J. W. BLAKESLEY, S.T.B. (Cambridge Greek and Latin Teats.)

[In the press. THUCYDIDES, ex recensione J. G. DONALDSON, S.T.P. (Cambridge Greek and Latin Texts.)

[In the press. VERGILIUS, ex recensione J. CONINGTON, A.M. (Cambridge Greek and Latin Teats.)

[In the press

ADAMs on the English Language, 20. Goldsmith's Copy Books, 21.
Aeschylus, Paley, 16, 17.

Gordon's Sermons, 10.
Aids to a Holy Li e, 11, 12,

Gorham': Reformation Gleanings, 13.
Aken-ide's Poetical Works, . Gospel Missionary, 22.
Athenæ Cantabrigienses, t.

Gower's Confes ív Amantis, I.
Bacon's Essays, 3.

Graham's Maud Bingley, 4. - Novum Organum, 3.

Grapels Roman Civi Law, 9. Baird's Homeric Dialect, 18.

Gray's Poetical Works, 2.
Greek Verbs, 18.

Works, 3.
Barnes on the Christian Religion, 13. Visitarjon Tour, 15.
Baron's cudatore Organs, 8.

Greiton's Reddenda, 19.
Beale's English History, 21.

Haines's Latin Nouns, 19. Bell's Art Instruction, 20.

Halcombe's Church Reading, 14. Bickmore's Chronology, 21.

Hall's 4 phorism, 11. Historical Instrnction, 21.

On ihe New Testament, 13. Blencowe's Sermons, 10.

Harcourt's Psalmorly, 14. Blomfield's Sermons, 10.

Hardy on Light, 20. Boyce's Sermons, 10.

Hardi's Latin Delectus, 19. Boyes's Life and Books, 9.

Hawkins's Book of Psalms, 14. Bowes's English History, 21.

Prayers, 14. Brett's Guiana Missions, 15.

Historical Notices, 15.
Brom head on the Romans, 13. Helps tu Daily Devotion, 11.
Broughton's Sermons, 10.

Herbert's oems and Reinains, 2, 3.
Buckler's Churches of Essex, i. Herodotus, Buskeslet, 16, 17.
Butler's Analogy of Religion, 1, 3. Herrick, Macleane, 19.
Caesar, Long, 17. ();

Holy Thoughts and Prayers, 12.
Caldwell's l'innrvelly Missions, 15. Hook's Seribons. 10.
Carew's Life and Times, 9.

Short Meditations, 11, 12.
Chester's Poems, 6.

Christian Tanght. &c. 11, 12.
Children's Picture Book of English Hymn Book, 12, (2).
History, 9.

Companion to the Altar, 12.
Choice Notes, 9.

Horace, Macleane, 16, 17, (2). Church Hymnal, 14.

- illustrateri, 19. Church in the Colonies, 22.

Household Prayers, 14. Chorch of England Monthly Rev. 22. Hugher's England!, 9. Cicero's Cato Major, Long, 17.

Hume and Smollett's England, I.
Orations, Long, 16.

Husk's St. Cecilia's Day, 8.
Colenso's Psalms and Hymns, 14. Hymns, &c. 14.
Colling's Gothic Ornaments, 6. Ingledew's North Allerton, 8.
Architecture, 6.

Irregular Greek Verbs, 18.
Collins's Poems, 2.

Isham's Ecclesiastical'ontlines, 13. Cooper's Shorthand, 9.

Jebb's Choral Responses, 14. Cowper's Poetical Works, 2.

Jubilee Year 1851, 15. Cumming's Runic Remains, 8.

Justinial, Institutes by Grapel, 9. - Rushen Castle, 8.

Juvenal and Persins, Macleane, 16.
Dampier's Sympalhy of Christ, 13. Key's Latin Grammír, 18.
Davies's Sermons, 10.

Short ditto. 18.
Demosthenes, Whiston, 16.

King's Architecture and Art, 7. Denison on Church Building, 7.

Chalices, 7. Devotional Library, 11, 12.

Orfevrerie, 7.
Devotious for Domestic Use, 12.

Modeler, 7.
Devout Musings on the Psalms, 12. La Fontaine, Fables of, Gasc, 18.
Dolman's Domestic Architecture, 6. Latham's Wayfarers, 4.
Drew's Astronomy, 20.

Latin Ver-iticativn, 18.
Dryden's Poetical Works, 3.

Accidence, 19.
Edmunds vn the Thessalonians, 13. Life's Problems, 9.
Euclid, Hose, 20.

Littlewood's Garland, 6.
Graduated Exercises, Hose, 20. Locke's Conduct of the Understand.
Enunciations, &c. 20.

Enunciations and Figures, 20. Long's Atlas, 21
Euripides, Paley, 16, 17,

Grammar School Atlas, 22.
Filipowski's Anii-Logarithms, 20. Loudon's Botany, 22.
Florileylum Poeticum Anglicanum,21. Macleane's Sermons on Christian Life,
Foster's Copy Hooks, 21.

10. Fowler's Auxilia Graeca, 18.

Sermons, 10. Fox's Rare Greek Coins, 8.

Sermons on Various Subjects, 10. French Drama, Gombert, 20.

Selections from Ovid, 19. Frost's Greek Accidence, 18.

Magdalen Staffordd, 4. - Latin Accidence, 18.

Magee's Sermons, 10.
Latin Prose Composition, 19. Mallet's Poems, 6.
Gasc's French Prose, 19.

Mant's Ballads and Lays, 6.
First French Book, 19.

Manual of Book-keeping, 22.
Gatty's Parabl. s trom Nature, 5. Mayeur's French Language,Murgeaud,
Worlds not Realized, 5.

Fairy Godmothers, 5.

Memoirs of Musick, 8.
Proverbs Ilustrated, 5.

Merriman's Katir, &c. 15.
Legendary Tales, 5.

Metrical Hymns, 14.
Poor Incumbent, 5.

Mission Field, 22.
Aunt Judy's Tales, 5.

Missions to the Heathen, 22.
The Bell, S.

Morris's Poems, 6.
20 Plain Sermons, 10.

Newton's Map of London, 8.
Sermons, 2nd series, 10.

Nixon's Cruise of the Beacon, 15.
Geographical Text-Book, 21.

Notes and Queries, 22. Gibson on Baptism, 14.

Nouveau Tresor, 19. Gilderdale's Disciplina Rediviva, 21. Novum Test Scrivener, 17. Essay, 13.

Macmichael, 17.

Noons's Sermons, 10.
Ovid, Paley, 17.
Parnell's Poems, 3.
Pear-on, Conspectns of, 14.
Petit's Architectural Studies in France,

Phillips's Sermons, 10.
Philosophy of Evangelicism, 13.
Photographic Ton among the Ab.

beys of Yorkshire, 7.
Picciola, Dnbuc, 18.
Pigott's Sermons, 10.
Plain Word to the Wise in Heart, 14.
Pluto, Thomp.on, 16.
Plumptre's Sermons, 10.
Poetry Bok for Children, 6.
Poetry Book for National Schools, 6.
Pope's Poetic ! Works, 3.
Prince Consort's Addresses, 8.
Principles of Latin Syntax, 18.
Proc edings of the Archæological
Justitnte at Newcastle in 1851, 8.

of the Philological Society, 8.
Procter's Legends and Lyrics, 6.
Reading's History of our Lord, 11.
Readings on the Morning Prayer, 13.
Redfield, 4.
Richa dsun's Dictionary, 4.

On Languages 4:
Rimbault's Daily Service at West-
minster Abbey, 15.

Pianoforte, 21.
Roadside Sketches, 9.
Romance and its Hero, 4.
Sabbath Bells, 6.
Sabrinae Corolla, 18.
Sale's Psalms and Hymns, Music, 15
Selden's Table Talk, 8.
Sewell's Thoughts on Man, 9.
Shakespeare'Dramatic Works, 3.

Poenis, 2.
Shepherd's Sweet Psalmist, 13.
Short Explanation of the Epistles, 14.
Sophocles, Blaydes, 16.
Spenser's Complete Works, 2.

iacy's Parochial Sermons, 10.
Stantial's Ginide-Book, 20.

Test-Book, 21.
Steere's Essay, 13.
St. Paul's Cathedral Sermons, 15, 22.
Symonds's Principles of Beauty, 8.
Tacitus, Butler, 16.
Tasso, Torquato, Bent, 6.
Tate's Ovidian Distich, 19.

Classical Maps, 21.
Taylor's hol Living and Dying, 2, 2.

Physical Theory, 2, 3.

Logic, 3
Telemaqne, Delille, 18.
Terence, Parry, 16.
Thomson's Poems, 2.
Thought and Study, 9.
Thucydides, Don ildson, 17.
Townsend's Passion Week, 6.
Vaughan's Sacred Poenis, 3.
Verses for Hol Seasons, 13.
Virgil, Conington, 16, 17.

Kennedy, 19.

Singleton, 19.
Voltaire's Charles XII. 18.
Wallace's Voices from the Green
Wood, t.

Princess Ilse, 4.
Watson's Arithmetic, 20.
Westminster Abbiy Sermons, 15, 22
White Lady and Undine, 4.
Woortrvoffe's Shades of Character, to

Michael Kemp, 5.
Di 10, Sequel, 5.

Cottage Dialogues, 5.
Worsley's Life of Luther, 8.
Wrighi's Alyebra, 20.
Young Ladies' School Record, 21.
Yong's Poems, 2.
Xenophontis Anabasis, Macmichael,

Cyropaedia, Gorbam, 16.

ing, 3.

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