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Ærat. 31. Minist. 2.

" and the other fifty. And when they Galilee.

had nothing to pay, he frankly for-42. Luke vii.

them both. Tell me therefore
« which of them will love him most.
Simon answered and said, I suppose 43.
that he to whom he forgave moft. And
he said unto him, thou hast rightly judged.
And he turned to the woman, and faid 44.
unto Simon, Seeft thou this woman? I
entred into thine house, thou gavest me
no water for my feet : but she hath wash-
ed my feet with tears, and wiped them
with the bairs of her head. Thou gaveft 45,
me no kiss : but this woman, since the
time I came in, hath not ceased to kiss
my feet. Mine head with oil thou dost 46.
not anoint; but this woman bath anointed
my feet with ointment. Wherefore I say 47.
unto thee, her fins, wbich are many, are
forgiven for the loved muchbut
to whom little is forgiven, the same
loveth little. And he said unto her, Thy

fins are forgiven.

And they that sat at meat with him, 49,
began to say within themselves, Who is
ihis that forgiveth fins also? And he said
to the woman, Thy faith bath saved thee,
go in peace.

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Luke viii.

Ætat. 31.
Minift. 2.


Jefus preaches the Gospel in several

Cities. Cures one that was pöffes-
sed with a Devil blind and dumb.
Jesus answers the calumny of the
Pharisees, who said he did these
things by Beelzebub.


ND it came to pass afterward,

that he went throughout every
city and village, preaching and shew-
ing the glad tidings of the kingdom of

God : and the twelve were with him ; 2. and certain women which had been heal.

ed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary

called Magdalene, out of whom went
3. seven devils. And Joanna, the wife of

Chuza, Herod's steward, and Sufanna,
and many others, which ministred unto

him of their substance. Mar. xii. 22.

* Then was brought unto him one

possessed with a devil, blind and dumb: Miracle.

and he healed him, insomuch that
the blind and dumb both spake and

And all the people were ama-

zed and said, Is not this the Son

24. Z of David ? But when the Pharisees Mar. iii. 22 and the Scribes which came down from Mat. xii. 24. Jerusalem * heard it, they said, This

fellow doth not call out devils, but by Mar. iii. 22. Beelzebub the prince of the devils. * He

bath Beelzebub, and by ihe prince of the Már. xit 25. devils cufterhout devits. ** And Jesus - Mar. iii.

knew 23.




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Mat. xii.


knew their thoughts, and said unto Galilee. Aipati 3. unto them * in parables," How can Sa. 23. Mar. iji. Minift, 2.

calt our Satan? Every king. 25. Mat. xii.
• Mar. iii.“ dom divided against it self is brought
24, 25, 26.56

to desolation, and every city or house
divided against it self, thall not stand.

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is di. 26.
“ vided against himself; how shall then

his kingdom stand? And if I by Beel- 27.
zebub cast out devils, by whom do
your children cast them out ? therefore

they Thall be your judges. But if I 28.
! cast out devils by the Spirit of God,
" then the kingdom of God is come

unto you.
« * No man can enter into a strong 27.

Mar. iii. « man's house, and spoil his goods, ex

cept he will first bind the strong man, " and then he will spoil his house. * He 30. , Mat. xii. " that is not with me, is against me :

" and he that gathereth not with me,
d Mar. iii. « scattereth abroad. Wherefore I fay

unto you, all manner of sin and blat
phemy shall be forgiven unto men ;

but the blasphemy against the holy
“ Ghost, it Thall not be forgiven unto

And whosoever speaketh a 32.
“ word against the son of man, it shall
e Mar. iii. “ be forgiven him: . buľ whosoever

speaketh against the holy Ghost, it
" shall not be forgiven him, neither in
is this world, nor in the world to come.
« * Because they said he has an unclean 39. Mar. iti.


“'* Either make the tree good, and 33. Mä. xii. “his fruit good; or elfe make the tree








Mac. xii.

Ærat. 31.




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corrupt, and his fruit corrupt : for the Anno
tree is known by his fruit.

Minist. 2. “O generation of vipers, how can

ye, being evil, speak good things? " for out of the abundance of the heart, « the mouth speaketh. A good man

out of the good treasure of the heart,

bringeth forth good things; and an
" evil man out of the evil treasure ,
36." bringerh forth evil things. But I say

unto you, that every idle word that
men Thall speak, they shall give ac-

count thereof in the day of judgment.
37.6 For by thy words thou shalt te justi.

fied, and by thy words thou shalt be c condemned.

Then certain of the Scribes and Pha-
risees answered, saying, Master, we
would see a (a) sign from thee. But he
answered and said to them, “ An evil
" and adulterous generation seeketh af-

ter a sign, and there shall no sign be
given to it, but the sign of the pro-
pher Jonas. For as Jonas was three
days and three nights in the whale's
belly, so shall the Son of man be three

days and three nights in the heart of
es the earth. The men of Niniveh shall
« rise in judgment with this genera:

tion, and thall condemn it, be-
"cauté they repented at the preaching

of Jonas, and behold a greater than
Jonas is here.


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(a) Signs that is, Miracle.


C6 here.

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“ The Queen of the South shall rise Galilee. Ætat. 31. 66 Minist. 2.

up in judgment with this generation, 42. Mat. xii. « and shall condemn it : for the came “ from the uttermost parts of the earth " to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and “ behold a greater than Solomon is

“ When the unclean spirit is gone 43.

out of a man, he walketh through
“ dry places, seeking rest, and findeth
“ none. Then he faith, I will return 44.
“ into my house whence I came out;
« and when he is come, he findeth it

empty, swept and garnished. Then 45.

goech he and taketh with himself fe« ven other spirits more wicked than “ himself, and they enter in and dwell " there: and the last state of that man

is worse than the first. Even fo shall < it be also unto this wicked genera

66 tion.

While he yet talked to the people, 46.

* behold his mother and brethren stood & Mar. iii. 31. without, defiring to speak with him, Luk.viii.19* and the multitude fat about him, 32. Mar. iii.

* and (they] could not come at him for 19. Luke viii.

the press. Mar. iii. ** Then one said unto him, Behold 47. Mat. xii. 32, 33, 34, thy mother and thy brethren stand with. Luke viii. Olt, defiring to speak with thee

. But 48.
he answered and said unto him that told
him, Who is my mother ? and, who are
my brethren?' And he stretched forth 49.
his hand towards his disciples, and said,
Behold my morber and any brebren. For


20, 21.

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