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that as our tribulations abound, our confolations in Christ will much more abound.

2. We here fee the happy effects of divine discoveries and favours, v. 6. Thus God mercifully deals with diseased souls; reveals to them those important doctrines which are truth, and imparts that peace, which Christ has procured for them by his sufferings and grace; he heals their spiritual maladies, and restores their comfort and cheerfulness. Let us study the truth as it is in Jesus ; receive it with meekness and love; labour to be in a state of peace with God; and preserve our minds in a state of serenity. This will be the best antidote against the evils of life, and the surest foundation of true pleasure and lively hope... ... 3. Let us bless God for these promises; rejoice that they have hitherto been fulfilled ; and depend upon the further accomplishment of them. We have seen the gospel spread to this day, amidst perfecutions, énemies, and corruptions we have seen a succession of christian ministers, amidst all their discouragements; and are, as christians, the feed of David, that is, of Christ the son of David. Still is God maintaining his caufe ; stirring up the spirit of some to devote themselves to the service of the fanctuary, and raising up in our families a seed to serve him. This, if we are christians indeed, we cannot but behold with pleafure and thankfulness: and as surely as day and night, summer and winter, continue to succeed each other, so surely shall this be the case with the church to the end of the world. Let us rejoice in our relation to that church, whole name is The Lord our righteousness; consulting its interests to the utmost of our power, and endeavouring to be a name, a praise, and an honour to the Lord, wha hath pur. chased us to himself with his own blood.

enemies, anders.

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CHA P. XXXIV. While Jerusalem was besieged, the Egyptians came to help . Zedekiah, and the Chaldeans drew off to fight the Egyp

tians ; during this time the events related in this chapter happened. :


hd, and thine

the eyes of the kino

he shall speak

i T HE word which came unto Jeremiah from the ..

LORD, when Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and all his army, and all the kingdoms of the earth of .

his dominion, and all the people, fought against Jeru. 2 salem, and against all the cities thereof, saying, Thus

faith the Lord, the God of Israel; Go and speak to · Zedekiah king of Judah, and tell him, Thus faith the

LORD; Behold, I will give this city into the hand of

the king of Babylon, and he shall burn it with fire: 3 And thou shalt not escape out of his hand, but shalt

surely be taken, and delivered into his hand; and thine eyes shall behold the eyes of the king of Babylon, and

he shall speak with thee mouth to mouth, in a stern 4 angry manner, and thou shalt go to Babylon. Yet

hear the word of the LORD, O Zedekiah king of i Judah ; Thus faith the Lord of thee, Thou shalt noc 5 die by the sword: [But] thou shalt die in peace : and

with the burnings of thy fathers, the former kings

which were before thee, so shall they burn [odours] for i thee; and they will lament thee, saying,] Ah lord ! ; for I have pronounced the word, saith the LORD; thou

Jhalt die a natural death, and receive the usual marks of re6 fpet which are paid to kings at their decease. Then Jere

miah the prophet spake all these words unto Zedekiah

king of Judah in Jerusalem, (for which he was imprisoned, 7 chap. xxxii.) When the king of Babylon's army fought

against Jerusalem, and against all the cities of Judah that
were left, against Lachish, and against Azekah : for these

defenced cities remained of the cities of Judah. .
8 [This is the word that came unto Jeremiah from

the LORD, after that the king Zedekiah had made a
covenant with all the people which (were] at Jerusa-
lem, to proclaim liberty unto them, when he thought

judgments were coming he began a reformation accord-
9 ing to the law in Exodus xxi. 2; That every man

Thould let his man servant, and every man his maid
servant, [being) an Hebrew or an Hebrewess, go free;

that none should serve himself of them, (to wit,] of ;" a Jew his brother, tho' fold either to pay their debts, or by Jo the judges for their crimes. Now when all the princes,

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and all the people, which had entered into the covenant, heard that every one should let his man servant, and every one his maid servant, go free, that- 110ne

fhould serve themselves of them any more, then they il obeyed, and let (them) go. But afterward they turned,

and caused the servants and the handmaids, whom they had let go free, to return, and brought them into subjection for servants and for handmaids ; when the fiege was raised for a while, they laid hold of them, and brought them into bondage again ; which was worse than if they had

never let them go free. 12. Therefore the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah 13. from the LORD, saying, Thus faith the LORD, the

God of Ifrael; I made a covenant with your fathers in

the day that I brought them forth out of the land of 14 Egypt, out of the house of bondmen, saying, At the

end of seven years, of, within the term of seven years, let ye go every man his brother an Hebrew, which hath been sold unto thee, and when he hath ferved thee six years, thou shalt let him go free from thee : but your fathers hearkened not unto me, neither in

clined their ear. This law, and that concerning the fab15. batical year, have been negleEted for several ages. And

yê were now turned, and had done right in my light, in proclaiming liberty every man to his neighbour ;

and ye had made a covenant before me in the houte 16 which is called by my name: But ye turned and pol.

luted my name, and caused every man his servant, and every man his handmaid, whom he hath set at liberty at their pleasure, to return, and brought them into

subjection, to be unto you for servants and for hand17 maids. Therefore thus faith the Lord, Ye have not

hearkened unto me, in proclaiming liberty, every one to his brother, and every man to his neighbour : be. hold, I proclaim a liberty for you, faith the LORD, to the sword, to the peftilence, and to the famine; and I will make you to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth. A remarkable contrast! Ye have not given liberty to your brethren and neighbours, therefore I will give the sword, the peftilence, and the famine, full com.

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mision and liberty to attack you without controul"; and ye 18 mall be faves among strangers and enemies. And I will

give the men that have transgressed my covenant, which have not performed the words of the covenant which

they had made before me, when they cut the calf in 19 twain, and passed betweeen the parts thereof, The

princes of Judah and the princes of Jerufalem, the

eunuchs, and the priests, and all the people of the 20 land, which paffed between the parts of the calf;' I will

even give them into the hand of their enemies, and.

into the hand of them that seek their life: and their · dead bodies shall be for meat unto the fowls of the 21 heaven, and to the beasts of the earth. And Zede

kiah king of Judah and his princes, will I give into the hand of their enemies, and into the hand of them

that seek their life, and into the hand of the king of , 22 Babylon's army, which are gone up from you. Be

hold, I will command, faith the LORD, and cause them y to return to this city; and they shall fight against it, * and take it, and burn it with fire: and I will make the .cities of Judah a desolation without an inhabitant.



BSERVE a remarkable instance of the good

ness and severity of God, in the cafe of Zede kiah. He was not one of the worst of their kings, but by his disobedience to God, and treachery to the king of Babylon, to whom he swore allegiance, he was dethroned, carried captive, and had his eyes put out. Yet he lived in honour at Babylon, died in peace, and was buried with royal pomp. Thus judgment and mercy were mingled together: God punished his disobedience and falsehood; yet showed him fome favour on account of his freedom from fome of the vices of his predecessors. God will not

suffer • Here is an allusion to their manner of making covenants ; they killed a calf, and before it was laid on the altar, the covenanting parties walked between the parts of it, and so made a kind of imprecation, that God would so cut them asunder if they broke the covenant : this was a common custom among the heathen, and as old as Abraham's time See Gen. xv, 17.

suffer difobedience and treachery to go unpunished; nor any degree of virtue and obedience to go unrewarded.

2. It may be useful to bind ourselves by folemn engagements to our duty. Thus the Jews did, when they were informed what the law of God was concerning the release of their servants. The covenant was folemnly made and ratified in the house and presence of God; and attended with imprecations of his wrath if they brake it. It may be serviceable to us to bind ourselves by solemn vows to what is our duty; and often to remind ourselves of them, and of the authority, omniscience, and power of God; and thus to keep up a due apprehension of his wrath in case of disobedience; and all is little enough to fix our unsteady minds, and keep them firm to his commands. But we learn also, 43. That if we break our vows to God, he will severely punish it. What could be more vile and infamous than the conduct of this people to their servants ! It was not only an injury to them, but a high affront to God, and a contempt of his law. They, as it is here said, polluted his name, and brought a reproach upon his religion ; and therefore he gave them over to all kind of calamities. :This is too often the case with the vows men make in the time of fickness and trouble, they promise, and perhaps begin to reform ; but when the trouble is over, their good resolu. tions are gone; they repent of their repentance, and be come as bad, yea worse than before. But be not deceived, God is not mocked; dissembled repentance, and partial reformation, are highly provoking to him; and therefore only adding deceit and treachery to other sins. In this case God will repent of the good he intended us, and make our punishment more remarkable and dreadful. When thou haft vowed a vow, defer not to pay it. .

CHA P. XXXV. Jeremiah is here ordered to go to the Rechabites, who on the

approach of the Chaldeans took refuge in Jerusalem, and to · try their obedience to the command of their father by offering




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