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p159 - Lesson in Geology - Intermitting springs.
There are references to the southeastern railway in this account - the quoted publication date of 1767 is therefore incorrect as the SER did not come
into being until at least 1838, and construction was not completed for a few more years after that - the article refers to the railroad crossing the path of the water from the spring. 

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inapropiado

This volume was published between 1867 and 1869. Specifically, it includes comments on admission examinations to Oxford and their schedule for 1869, which suggests that the volume was in print shortly before that. The reason to push it back to 1867 is the Google Books original date tag of 1767--it is possible that they picked up an actual date somewhere but either there was a typo in the copyright date (e.g., the Roman number representation of the year missing a C--as happened in another encyclopedia of the same period and is a fairly common typographic error) or the person entering the date missed the digit and typed in 7 instead of 8. Either way, 1867 is a lot closer to the correct publication date than 1767. And, by law, copyright date had to be within a year of the actual publication date. 

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