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which form the terminus of the Great Northern Railway is de- J'ai laissé tomber mon couteau, I have let my knife fal (dropped). picted in our first illustration. This roof is supported by large J'ai entendu dire cela,

I have leard that said. semi-circular girders, formed of battens of wood jointed by iron

RÉSUMÉ OF EXAMPLES. bolts, and crossed transversely by horizontal iron rods, which

Je connais des personnes dormant I know persons sleeping (who sleep) complete the framework for the covering. As an example of

d'un sommeil si profond, que le 80 profoundly that the noise of the use of wood in this form, this station is very remarkable ;

bruit de la foudre no lus réveil- thunder would not awake their. but in later constructions of the same kind, iron has quite superseded the other material, and the roof before us is now in Les eaux dormantes sont meil. Sleeping (still) waters are better for progress of reconstruction in wrought iron. Massive plates, leures pour les chevaux que les horaes than running waters. formed in segments of a circle, are bolted together, and thus eaux vives. are formed roofs of the largest span and the most durable Nous avons trouvé cette femme We found that woman dying.

mourante. character. It is a fundamental principle in the construction

Cette feinme, mourant dans la of all roofs, that their weight should be so disposed as to

That roman, dying in the fear of

crainte de Dieu, ne craignait God, did not fear death, exert only a vertical pressure upon the walls, and not in any

point la mort. degree a force that would tend to thrust them outwards. In

On est heureux en se contentant One is happy in contenting one's sely the case of the circular-span roofs, this object is secured by

title lillle. distributing the weight and pressure of the girders over a con- Avez-vous laissé passer ce voleur? Have you let that thief pass ? siderable portion of the wall in a vertical direction. It will be Je l'ai lai sé passer.

I let him pass. seen by reference to the engraving that the semi-circular girders Pourquoi avez-vous fait faire un Why have you had a coat made? rest on strong supports, placed at a considerable distance below habit?

I have had no coat made. the top of the wall, while, from the top, supporting beams spring Je n'ai pas fait faire d'habit. diagonally to the upper surface of each girder, receiving a portion Lui avez-vous entendu dire cela?

J'ai laissé tomber quelque chose. I let something fall. of its weight, and carrying the pressure downward. Thus the Je le lui ai entendu dire.

Have you heard him say that?

I heard him say it. pressure falls, not upon any one portion of the wall, but perpen- Je l'ai entendu dire.

I hoaid it said. dicularly upon the whole of the upper half of it. The span of the Je l'ai entendu dire à ma seur. I heard my sistor say it. roof of the Great Northern Railway terminus is 105 feet, and its height from the floor 76 feet, but those dimensions are far

VOCABULARY. exceeded in the terminus of the Midland Railway.

Appliqu-er (s'), 1, ref.,' Essay-er, 1, to try. Prévenant, -e, obliging. Besides the principal area, which is covered by a roof of this

to apply.

Hât-er (se), 1, ref., to Préven-ir, 2, ir., to ar

hasten. description, a terminal station usually consists of a great number Besoin, m., want.


Répét-er, 1, to repeat. of buildings devoted to different purposes connected with the changement, m.,altera. Lecture, f., reading. traffic. In the proper arrangement of these buildings, so that Emouss-er, 1, to blunt. Plai-re, 4, ir., to please. Suiv-re, 4, ir., to follow.

Obligeant, -e, obliging. Suivant, -e, follosing, all the business of the line may be carried on in the readiest Empêch-er, i, to pro- Pleuv-oir, 3, ir., to rain. Voyant, -e, bright, possible way, the skill of the architect is shown quite as much vent.

Pointe, f., point.

shorcy. as in the more imposing features which strike the public atten

EXERCISE 187. tion. Among the subjects to be considered and provided for in a railway terminus, or chief station, are the board-rooms for the

1. Ma cousine est-elle aussi obligeante que la vôtre ? 2. Fille directors, the apartments for the station-master and his assistants, est aussi obligeante, et bien plus charmante que la mienne. 3. the ticket-offices, waiting and refreshment rooms, platforms, tous mes besoins, ne me laissent rien à désirer. 5. Lisez bien

Vos enfants sont-ils prévenants ? 4. Mes enfants, prévenant signal-boxes; goods departments, engine-houses and carriage sheds, foundries, workshops, and store-rooms, with the apparatus attentivement les pages suivantes. 6. Ces demoiselles, suivant necessary for renewing the supply of fuel and water to the loco l'exemple de leur mère, s'appliquent à la lecture. 7. Les couleurs motives. The entire range of these works frequently covers

voyantes ne me plaisent point. 8. Mes seurs voyant qu'il allait many acres of ground, and to place them so that each is ready pleuvoir, se hâtèrent de revenir. 9. Qu'avez-vous laissé tomber of access, and the whole occupy as little space as possible, con

10. J'ai laissé tomber ma plume ; la pointe en est émoussée. sistently with efficiency and convenience, is a problem which

11. Les avez-vous fait parler ? 12. Je les ai fait parler, mais avec does not always receive sufficient attention. On the Continent,

difficulté. 13. Avez-vous fait faire des changements dans votre

maison ? although railway engineering generally is not in advance of our

14. J'y en ai fait faire. 15. À quoi en avez-vous own, greater skill is frequently shown in making the best use of fait faire ? 16. J'en ai fait faire à la salle à manger et au salon. space at the smallest outlay.

17. Avez-vous laissé passer cet homme ? 18. Je n'ai pas essayé de l'en empêcher. 19. À qui (vrhom) avez-vous entendu dire

cela ? 20. Je l'ai entendu dire à mon père. 21. Je le lui ai LESSONS IN FRENCH-XLVIII.

entendu répéter. 22. Il vous l'a entendu dire. 23. Il vous 2

vu faire cela. 24. Il vous l'a vu faire. 25. Je l'ai vu passer. SECTION XCVI.-THE PRESENT PARTICIPLE-THE VERBAL ADJECTIVE.

EXERCISE 188. 1. The present participle is invariable, and ends always in

1. Are still waters good for horses ? 2. Buffon says that they ant. It expresses action, not situation. It cannot be rendered

are better for horses than running waters. 3. Are your sisters into English by an adjective, but is rendered by the participle

cautious ? 4. They are not very cautious. 5. My sisters, fore present, or by the present of the indicative preceded by a rela- seeing that it was going to rain, brought their umbrellas. 6. tive pronoun. The present participle has often, or may have, a

What have you let fall? 7. I have let my knife and book fall. regimen ($ 641.

8. Do very bright colours please your brother ? 9. Very bright Ces hommes, prévoyant le danger, Thoso, men, forecering the danger, pages? 11. Have you seen the dying woman? 12. Your sister

colours do not please him. 10. Have you read the following s'enfuirent,

fed. 2. The part of the vorb used after the preposition en is always dying in the fear of God, was very happy. 13. Your sister, folthe present participle :

lowing your example, applies herself to study. 14. Have you En écrivant, en ligant,

made them read ? 15. I have made them read and write. 16. In criting, in reading.

I made my brother write. 17. I have had a book bound (relier). 3. When the wording ending in ant is used to express the 18. Has your father had alterations made in his house ? 19. He qualities, propertins, or moral or physical situation of a noun,

has had some made in it. 20. In which room bas he had some it is a verbal adjective, and assumes in its termination the made? 21. He has had somo made in my brother's room. gender and number of the nonn which it qualifios. It must in whom have you heard say that? 23. I heard my sister


it. this case be rendered into English by an adjective.

24. Have you heard him say that? 25. I have not heard him Ces hommes sont prévoyants, Thore men are roulious, prorident. say it. 26. Hare you seen my father pags? 27. I hare not soen

4. The verbs entendre, to hear; faire, to cau8?, to make; him pass. 28. I have heard him speak. 29. Make him speak. laisser, to let, etc., followed by anothor verb completing t:eir 30. Let it fall. 31. Do not let it fall. 32. What has yoor meaning, are not in French separated from that verb. In the brother dropped ? 33. He lias dropped nothing. 34. Whom corresponding sentences in English the tvo verbs are usually have you heard say that? 35. I heard your brother sur it. 36. separated by other words.

I have heard you repeat it. 37. We have seen you do that.

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1. Cette demoiselle ne se trouve-t-elle pas bien fatiguée? 2. The participle past is VARIABLE under any of the following Elle est fatiguée et découragée. 3. Votre scur est-elle allée à conditions :

l'église suivant sa coutume ? 4. Ma mère et ma sœur y sont 1. When employed as an adjective; in which case it agrees in allées. 5. Votre sæur est-elle revenue plus tôt que de coutume ? gender and number with the noun which it qualifies.

6. Elle est revenue plus tard qu'à l'ordinaire. 7. Cette pauvre Les livres imprimés,

Printed books.

malade est-elle tombée ? 8. Elle est tombée dans la boue. 9. Ces temmes paraissent bien abattues, Those women appear very dejected. Ma mère est-elle parvenue à déchiffrer ma lettre? 10. Elle n'y

2. When used in the formation of the tenses of passive verbs; est pas parvenue. 11. Quelles fleurs avez-vous cueillies ? 12. when it always agrees with the subject of the proposition. Les fleurs que j'ai trouvées sont plus belles que celles que vous Elles sont bien reques de tout le Thoy are well received by everyboly.

m'avez envoyées. 13. Votre cousine ne s'est-elle pas bien portée? monde,

14. Elle s'est portée à merveille. 15. De quel livre vous êtes. 3. When employed in forming the compound tenses of neuter vous servie, Mademoiselle ? 16. Je me suis servie du vôtre. verbs having être as an auxiliary; in which place, as in the pre- | 17. Nous nous sommes servies des nôtres. 18. Quelles fautes

vetre fils s'est-il reprochées ? 19. Les fautes qu'il s'est roceding case, it agrees with the subject or nominative. Votre gear est partie ce matin, Your sister went away this morning. prochées ne sont pas sérieuses. 20. Les avez-vous vus rire ?

21. Je les ai vus sourire. 22. Les avez-vous vus voler des fruits ? 4. When employed in forming the tenses of active verbs

24. Les avez-vous avertis having avoir as an auxiliary; in which connection it agrees not | 23. Je les ai vus voler des pommes. with the subject, but with the direct object or regimen, provided de leurs fautes ? 25. Je les en ai avertis. 26. Je ne les en ai

pas avertis. that object precedes it.

EXERCISE 190. Les maisons que nous avons achetées, The houses which we have bought.

1. Are your books well bound ? 2. They are well bound and 5. When used along with être in the formation of the com

well printed. 3. Did not your little girl find herself discouraged ? pound tenses of reflective verbs, wherein the reflective pronoun 4. She found herself tired, but not discouraged. 5. Have your is the direct object; in which position it agrees with that pro- sisters come to an understanding ? 6. They have not come to noun or direct object.

an understanding. 7. My brothers have come to an understandCes dames se sont flattées, Those ladies have flattered themselves. ing. 8. Who came to you ? 9. Your friends came to us. 10.

6. When used along with être (as in Rule 5) in the formation is not your sister gone to church ? 11. My sister is gone to of the compound tenses of those reflective verbs, in which the church as usual. 12. Did your sister return sooner than usual ? reflective pronoun is not the direct, but the indirect object of | 13. My sister returned later than usual. 14. Are the fields the proposition ; in which event it agrees with the direct object, which you have ploughed large? 15. 'The fields which I have provided (as in Rule 4) that object precedes it.

bought are very large. 16. Where are the gentlemen whom you Les histoires qu'elles se sont racon. The stories which they related to each saw pass ? 17. The ladies whom I heard sing are in their room. tées,


18. Did your poor sister fall ? 19. Did that poor sick woman 7. When forming part of a compound tense of a verb govern: book? 21. She succeeded in reading it. 22. Have you warned

fall in the mud ? 20. Did your sister succeed in reading that ing & succeeding infinitive, it is at the same time preceded by

23. I have warned them of it. a direct object which is represented as performing the action your sisters of their danger ? denoted by the intinitive; in which condition it agrees with that 24. I have not warned them of it. 25. What pen has your direct object.

mother used ? 26. She has used mine. 27. Have not those

young ladies used my book ? 28. They have not used it. 29. les dames que j'ai entendues The ladies who.n I heard sing (sing. Has your mother been well ? 30. She has been perfectly well. chanter, ing).

31. Has she remembered her promise ? 32. She has remembered 8. When in a sentence containing the pronoun en, the par. it. 33. Have you seen those boys laugh ? 34. I have seen ticiple is preceded by another object or regimen which is direct; them smile. 35. Have you seen them play? 36. I have heard in which case it agrees with that direct object.

them play. Je les en ai avertis,

I have warned them of it.
Voas les en avez informés,
You have informed them of it.


AFRICA (continued).
Vous avez des livres bien reliés. You have well-bound books.
Vos filles sont estiinies.
Your daughters are esteemed.

AFRICA, unlike the other great continents on the world's surCes terres sont bien labourées. Those lands are well plougled.

face, is not divided into great independent states and empires, Mes voisines sont toi..bées d'ac- My neighbours have come to an un.

or territorial districts of considerable size, which are dependcord. derstanding.

encies of European powers. It is true that the French have Elles sont venues pous trouver. They came to us.

obtained a footing in the north, and have established there the La victoire que nous arong rem- The victory which we have gained. colony of Algeria ; that the Portuguese hold portions of the east portée.

and west coasts, and profess to have a claim, by right of priority les champs que vous avez labourás. The fields which you have ploughed.

of discovery, over immense tracts in the interior; and that the Vous vous étes repentis de votre You hare repented (you) of your British, after dispossessing the Dutch, have acquired the flourishfaute.

fault. Ele s'est souvenue de sa promesse. She remembered her promise.

ing colonies of the Cape of Good Hope and Natal at the southern Les sol·lats que j'ai vus passer. The soldiers whom I saw pussing.

extremity of Africa. But while the three nations already named las musiciennes que j'ai entendues The musical ladies whom I heard | have planted themselves on the coast at these and other points, jouer. playing.

the fierce and savage races of the country have prevented free L'indiscrétion que nous nous som- The indiscretion with which we re- ingregs into the interior by force of overwhelming numbers, mos reprochée. proached one another.

nature aiding the native owners of the soil in the defence of es éénements qu'elles se sont The events which they related to one their territories, by the desert wastes that stretch for miles in racontés. another.

the north and south, and the dense forests that line the tropical Les fruits que j'en ai reçus.

The fruits which I received from it. Les nouvelles que j'en ai apportées.

coasts on the east and west, which act as barriers to hiader The news which I brought from it.

readly intercommunication between the inland regions and those VOCABULARY.

on the coast-to say nothing of the fevers and diseases that are as usual. Fleur, f., flower. Reproch-er (se), 1, ref., engendered by the miasma of the swamps and marshes at the Avuit-ir, 2, to warr.

Malade, sick person. to reproach one's self. mouths of the navigable rivers, for ever lurking, like an invisible Boue, f., nud.

Merveille (à), wondei.! Ri-re, 4, ir., to laugh, foe, to strike down the white pioneer of civilisation, before he Coutume (de), u rallij, i

jullit, perfectly. | Sérieux, -se, serious. unil

can reach the healthier countries of the interior through the Purven-ir, 2, ir., to suc- Souri-re, 4, ir., to smile. sic ly belt that lies between them and the coast. Creill.1r, 2, to gailut.

Suivant, according to. Déchiffr-er, 1, to decia Porter (se), 1, to be, 'Tomb-er, 1, to fall.

The civilisation of Africa by conquest, as in the case of North pler. to do. 'Trouv-er, 1, to find.

America, has been prevented by the causes alrearly mentioned, Décorriger, 1, to ds. Plus tüt, spone, car.! Voler, 1, to steal.

and its inhabitants—that is to say, the barbarous black races of lier.

the interior and south-have never, like the European, and the

À l'ordinaire,

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Approximate Area in

Square Miles.

Approximate No. of


No. of Inhabitants
to every Square Mile.

Asiatic in a lesser degree, shown any signs of ability to work out by the French from the Dey of Algiers in 1830, but not wholly the great problem of civilisation for themselves as a race, or subdued until 1847, when Abd-el-Kader ceased to offer resistindeed to improve by the example and under the tuition of the ance to the French troops. It is divided into three provinces, European. The apologists of the negro, who would place him on Algiers, Oran, and Constantine. The French settlers are chiefly the same level as the white man in every respect, urge that their engaged in the production of cotton and wine, nearly 100,000 statement is true, because Fabre Geffrard, the ex-president of acres having been planted with choice vines from the best wineHayti, and a few others, have evinced considerable administra- growing districts of France and Spain. The other possessions tive ability, and because Africa has produced one negro bishop of France in Africa, or in African waters, of importance, are st. of great learning, and exemplary worth and piety—the Rev. Louis and Goree in French Senegambia, and Réunion or the Samuel Crowther, Bishop of Sierra Leone. But here, as in other Isle of Bourbon, eastward of Madagascar. cases, the exception goes only to prove the rule, and the great Tunis, Tripoli, and Barca, lying eastward of Algeria along the fact remains the same, that the Africa of to-day is much the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and Fezzan, a large oasis to the same as the Africa of a thousand years ago-a vast country south of Tripoli, form a dependency of the Ottoman Empire in teeming with natural wealth, which the inhabitants are unable Africa, the whole being under an officer styled the Pasha of to turn to good account, and cut up into districts held by petty Tripoli, who acts as governor-general, appointing lieutenanttribes, whose chief purpose and pleasure of life seems to be to governors, or beys, in Tunis and the other provinces under his injure, plunder, kill, or kidnap one another for sale to the control. Commerce is carried on between the Tripolitan proPortuguese as slaves, whenever a fitting opportunity offers. vinces and Soudan by caravans, which traverse the Sahara. Hence it is impossible to give the student, as in the case of Egypt, bounded on the north by the Mediterranean, and having other continents, a clearer or more reliable summary of the its eastern coast washed by the Red Sea, is divided into three divisions of Africa than the following--divisions which are for parts-Lower Egypt in the north, which includes the delts of most part arbitrary, and separated from each other by no natural the Nile ; Middle Egypt in the centre; and Upper Egypt in the landmarks, or political boundaries laid down and defined by man. south. Nominally it is a dependency of the Ottoman Empire, It must be remembered, as in the summary of the chief divisions but virtually Egypt is an independent country, the government of Asia, that the figures relative to areas, population, etc., are being hereditary and vested in the family of Mehemet Ali, who only approximately stated, while the cities whose names are rendered himself master of the country by the slaughter of the printed in italics are only the most important or most populous Mamelukes in 1811. Egypt is remarkable for its antiquities, towns in the divisions after which they stanl.

of which the ruined temples of Karnac and Luxor, among THE CHIEF DIVISIONS OF AFRICA-THEIR CAPITALS, AREA, the remains of Thebes, and the gigantic pyramids of Gizeh, are POPULATION, Etc.

the most remarkable. Among the noteworthy engineering works of the present day, the canal cut across the Isthmus of Suez, to enable ships to pass from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, occupies a conspicuous place.

Nubia and Kordofan, situated between Egypt and Abyssinia, Rivers, etc., Divisions or Capitals. on which the

have been, since 1821, subject to Egypt. These provinces are States. Capitals,

governed by an Egyptian viceroy, who resides at Khartoom. etc., stand.

The people of Southern Nubia are a powerful and athletic race of negroes.

Abyssinia is a large country in the east of Africa, divided into

several petty states, the chief of which are the kingdom of MAROCCO Marocco. Tensift

290,000 8,500,000 26

Gondar (or Amhara), the kingdom of Shoa, and the kingdom of ALGERIA Algiers Sea coast 152,000 3,000,000 20

Tigré, of which the chief towns are respeetively Gondar, TUNIS

Sea coast

79,000 950,000 12 Ankobar, and Antalo. The most powerful of the native princes TRIPOLI, WITH BARCA

assumes the sovereignty of the whole of Abyssinia, under the AND FEZZAN Tripoli Sea coast 300,000 750,000 2 title of “negus,” holding the same position among the other EGYPT Cairo.

176,000 5,125,000 29 princes as the Saxon “ bretwalda " held among the princes of NUBIA, WITH KORDO

the Saxon heptarchy. The religion of the Abyssinians is a Khartoom Nile

400,000 500,000 Gondar nr.L.Dembea 245,000 4,500,000 18

debased form of Christianity. SAHARA

2,500,000 100,000

The great desert called Sahara stretches westward across the SENEGAMBIA Bathurst .Gambia

250,000 10,000,000 40

continent, from the western confines of Nubia to the Atlantic. It SOUDAN, OR NIGRITIA Sackatoo Zirmie 12,250,000 10,000,000 17 is a vast table-land, consisting of a sandy surface studded here INBERIA

Monrovia St. Paul 60,000 600,000 10 and there with rocky tracts, and with nothing to break the UPPER GUINEA Abbeokuta . nr. Sea coast 300,000 7,000,000 20 dreary monotony of its appearance except a few islets of verdure LOWER GUINEA . San Salvador near Congo . 250,000 3,000,000 12 called oases, formed in depressions of the desert, and watered REGIONS IN INTERIOR.

3,000,000 30,000,000 10

by springs that are never known to fail. Its inhabitants are EASTERN AFRICA , Shanganny Zanzibar I. 1,000,000 10,000,000 10 HOTTENTOT LAND, ETC

wandering tribes of Berber origin.

250,000 1,000,000 10 TRANSVAAL REPUBLIC Potchef.

Senegambia is a comparatively small district on the west strom.

100,000 50,000

coast of Africa, extending from St. Louis in the north, to the ORANGE RIVER FREE Bloemfon

confines of Liberia in the south. The interior is peopled with STATES

tein nr. Orange R. 50,000 30,000 native tribes. On the coast are the British settlements of NATAL Pietermau

British Senegambia (chief towa, Bathurst) and Sierra Leone (chief ritzberg .nr. Sea coast 16,5001 200,000 12

town, Freetown); the French settlements of St. Louis and Goree, CAPE COLONY

already mentioned, in French Senegambia; and Bissao, in PortuBRITISH KAFFRARIA Cape Town nr. Sea coast 201,000 575,000 27

guese Senegambia. The independent state of Liberia, to the MADAGASCAR Tananarivo Inland

225,000 5,000,000 22

south of Senegambia, is peopled in some measure by blacks re

deemed from slavery, having been established, in 1848, as a safe Marocco, an empire in the north-western corner of Africa, is retreat for negroes rescued from slavers, and for free blacks from one of the Barbary States, the others being Algiers, Tunis, and the United States of America. Liberia may be considered as Tripoli. It is divided into four provinces, Fez, Marocco, Sus, forming a part of Upper Guinea. and Tafilet. The chief sea-ports are Tangier and Mogador. Sondan or Nigritia, the country in which the true negro is Among the manufactures of Marocco, the leather which takes its found, lies to the south of the Sahara, between the desert on one name from the country deserves especial mention, being remark side, and Upper Guinea and the unexplored regions of Central able for its extreme softness and pliancy, and its peculiar bril. Africa on the other. It consists of a great number of petty liancy of colour. The Barbary States, and the oases or fertile states, the principal of which are Bambarra (chief town, Sego), islands in the sandy sea of the Sahara, are famous for dates, Timbuctoo (chief town, Timbuctoo), Borgou (chief town, Boussa), which form the principal vegetable food of the wandering tribes. Sackatoo (chief towns, Sackatoo and Kano), Mandara (chief town,

Algeria, lying on the sea-board of the Mediterranean, to the Delow), Bornou (chief town, Kouka), and Begharmi, or Bagirmi east of Marocco, is a large and important French colony, taken | (chief town, Masena). The people of Sondan are tho farthest





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advanced in civilisation of the aborigines of Africa, possessing It only remains to add that gold was discovered to the north a knowledge of agriculture and the method of irrigation of land of the Limpopo river in 1868, in a district bordering on the from rivers and lakes, and manufacturing cotton cloth and iron Transvaal Republic. The chief who owns the territory has implements of various kinds.

offered to transfer his land to the British Government. This Upper Guinea extends from the northern confines of Liberia to discovery will doubtless lend a fresh impetus to emigration to the mouth of the Calabar river; Lower Guinea from the mouth Southern Africa. Some think that this is the country to which of the Calabar river to the mouth of the river Nourse. The Solomon sent for gold, and that it is the Ophir of the Scriptures. coast of the Gulf of Guinea, from Liberia to the Bight of Benin, is divided into portions called the Grain Coast, Ivory Coast, Gold Coast, and Slave Coast. The chief native states

READINGS IN GERMAN.-XI. are those of Ashantee (chief town, Coomassie), Dahomey (chief

14. Byronlund Polidori. town, Abomey), Yarriba (chief town, Abbeokuta), Benin (chief town, Benin), Eggarah (chief town, Iddah), and Old Calabar

Wié Lord Byron selbst erzählt, fand folgentes Gespräch zwischen ihm uno (chief town, Bongo). The principal British possessions on this Politori

, cinem schr citeln,. italienischen Arzte während einer Rheinreise: part of the African coast are the Gold Coast Colony, the chief statt. Wa8 fönnen Sie denn thun, wozu ich nicht im Stande wate?:3 settlement in which is Cape Coast Castle, and Lagos, an island fragte der Arzt. „Da Sie mich drängen,“ antwortete ter Did ter, nfo not far from the embouchure of the Niger. Elmina is the capital will ich es Ihnen sagen; ich glaube, es giebt brei solche Dinge." Petiteri of the Dutch possessions on the coast of Upper Guinea.

The bestand darauf, daß er sie nennen sollte, und Cord Byron srrad: Id fann nogroes of Ashantee and Dahomey are a cruel and ferocious über diesen Strom schwimmen ; icty fann ein Licht auf eine Entfernung ein race, frequently sacrificing the prisoners they take in war. zwanzig Schritt mit einem Pistolenschusse ausblasen ; 5 und ich habe ei!

A great part of Lower Guinea is claimed by the Portuguese, Vetidt gestrieben, von den an einem Tage 14,000 'Eremplares vertauri who possess some settlements on the coast, St. Paul de Loanda, worden sind." the capital of Angola, being the chief of them. The remaining

VOCABULARY AND NOTES. provinces of importance are Biafra (chief town, Biafra), (') Gitel, adj. vain, frivolous. (*) Drängen, to urge. Loango (chief town, Loango), Congo (chief town, San Salvador), (9) Rheinreise, f. a journey on (6) Auslason, to snuff out. and Benguela (chief town, San Felipe de Benguela).

the Rhine.

( Gremplar, n. copy. Eastern Africa, stretching from the Arabian Gulf to the () Im Stande sein, to be able. northern confines of Natal, may be divided into two districts, north and south of the equator. The former comprehends the 15. Geinrid) der Achte und Thomas More. country of the Gallas on the southern frontiers of Abyssinia, with Ajan, and the country of the Somaulis, in the tongue

Heinrich der Achte von England und Franz ter Grite von Franfreich shaped peninsula terminating in Cape Guardafui. The chief waren beide Bürsten von sehr feurigem Temperament.1 Nun wandte towns in these districts are Zeyla and Berbera, on the Arabian Grsterer cinc sirgerliche Botschaft' an lekteren å zu senten, unt minite Gulf, and Harar in the interior. Zanguebar, comprising the feinen Kanzler Thomas More dazu aus. Nachdem More feine Weijunga provinces of Magadoxo (north of the equator), Jubb, Melinda, empfangen hatte, sprach er: ,, Sire, wenn ich riese Votichait einem so beti Zanzibar, and Quiloa, is under the control of the Imam of gens Manne, wie tem Könige von Franfreich überbringe, so wird es mir tea Muscat, an Arabian potentate, whose African capital is Shan- Kopf fuften." Sein Sie unbesorgt,"G antwortete ter König; , wenn örun ganny, a town on the island of Zanzibar. Mozambique and Ihnen den Kopf abhauen lift, so werte ich jeden Franzojen, det jest in Sofala nominally belong to the Portuguese. Between Sofala and meiner Macht ist, einen Kopfi fürzer machen lassen." ,,Ich bin Om Natal lies a district called Amazula, or Kaffraria. To the west Majestät sebr verbunden," verseßte der Kanzier; „ aber ich beztveifle sehr, ni of Amazula lies the Transvaal Republic, settled by Dutch boers, irgend einer von ticsen Köpfen auf meine Stultern pajjens wird.“ or farmers, who emigrated thither from Cape Colony.

VOCABULARY AND NOTES. To the west of the Transvaal Republic, between it and the () Temperament, n. temper, dis-1 (6) Invesorgt sein, to have to Atlantic sea-board north of the Orange River, lies the country of

position. the Hottentots and Bushmen, a race apparently but little re

6) Butichaft, f. message. moved above the brute creation, so ignorant are they of the jeptern, the latter.

o Ginen forf fürzer machen, to rudest arts and filthy in their habits. They offer a marked con. (4) Weijung f. directions.

make shurter by a head, to trast to the fierce and warlike Kaffirs, who have given consider Heftig, adj. violent.

decapitate. able trouble at various periods to the government and inhabitants

(*) Pasien, to fit. of Cape Colony. South of the Orange River lie the British dependencies called

16. Der Binger Mäuset hur m. Cape Colony and Natal, and the district known as the Orange

Von den Brütern Grimm. River Free States, a republic of Dutch boers, who retired thither from Natal when it was made a British colony, in 1843, in con

Bei Bingen? ragta mitten aus dem Rhein ein hoher Thurm, von tem nection with Cape Colony. Great Britain resigned all jurisdic, Deutschland, daß sie Menschen aus Noth: Kaben und Hunte aßen un tuto

nachstehende Sage umgeht.3 Im Jahre 970 ward große Theucrung* in tion over the Orange River Free States in 1854. Natal was erected into a colony distinct and separate from the Cape in 1856. A Hatto der Andere,? ein Geizhals,8 tahte nur daran, seinen Sda !

viele Leute Hungers starben. Da war ein Bijdhof zu Mainz, ter bus continuation of Kaffraria lies between Natal and Cape Colony. In 1866, British Kaifraria, on the east of Cape Colony, was

mehren, und sah zu' wie die armen Peute auf der Wasse nietcofielen, und

bei Zaufen 10 zu den Brotbinten" liefen und das Brot mit Gewalt nat. incorporated with it. The colony of the Cape of Good Hope is

Aber fein Erbarmen 12 fam in ten Bisor, lontern er irrach: divided into the eastern and western provinces, which are subdivided as follows :

, Casset alle Arme und Dürftige sammeln 13 in einer Edounelt vor kr Start, ich will sie sveisen." Ilnd wie sie in tie Scheune gegangen waren

Tchloß 15 District.

er die Thür zu, ftedte die Scheune mit Feuer an 16 und verbrannte Chief Town. District.

Chief Torin.


sic sammnt 17 den armen Leuten. Als nun die Monchen unter deadlam Clanwilliam Clanwilliam. Cape


men winmerten

unt jammerten, ricf Visoof Gatto : . Sort, bört, wie die

Stell nbosch, Malmesbury Malmesbury. Caledon


Muse preifen!" Allein Gott, der Herr, plagte ihn balt, tas die Mäule Tulbagh Tulbagh. Swellendaın.


Tag und Nacht über ihn liefen und an ihm fraßen unt er sich mit aller Worcester Worcester. George


seiner Gewalt nicht wider sie zu bewahren vermochte. 19 Da wuste er ent Paarl Paarl.

lich feinen andern Rath, als daß er einen Thurm bei Bingen mitten in tant EASTERN PROVINCE.

Rhein bauen ließ, der noch heutiges Tages zu jeben ist; tarin meinte er jih District. Chief Town. District,

Chief Town.

zu fristen, 20 aber die Mäuse schwammen rurch den Strom beran, erflomncu Uitenhage Uitenhage, Beaufort


den Thurm und fragen ten Bischof lebendig auf. Graaf Reynet Graaf Reynet. Albany


Colesberg. Victoria

D'Urban (?).
Burghers. Queenstown Queenstown.

() Vingen, a small town on the (*) Theuerung, f. dearth.
dorp (?). British Kaffraria Williamstown.


(5) Que Noth, from pecessity. Cradock Cradock. Ensutu Laud . . Smithfield (?). (9) Ragt, stands out.

(6) Hungers starben, died of hun. Somerset Somerset.

(3) Ilmgeht, is current.






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