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1. The length of a slated roof is 45 feet 9 inches, and its girth 34 feet 3 inches; what is the content ?


By Decimals. 45.75 x 34.25=1566.9375 sq. ft.=174:104 yds.

By Cross Multiplication.

feet in.
45 9
34 3

1555 6

11 5 3

9)1566 11 3

174 011 - 3

Ans. 174 yds. 2. What will the tiling of a barn cost at $340 per square, the length being 43 feet 10 inches, and the breadth 27 feet 5 inches, on the flat, the eave boards projecting 16 inches on each side, allowing the roof to be of a true pitch ?

Ans. $65 26.



PLASTERERS' work is of two kinds, viz., plastering upon laths, called ceiling, and plastering upon walls, called rendering; and these different kinds must be measured separately, and their contents collected into one sum.

Note. Proper deductions must be made for doors, win. dows, &c.



If a ceiling be 59 feet 9 inches long, and 24 feet 6 inches broad; how many yards does it contain ?

By Decimals. 59,75 x 24.5=1463.875 sq. feet=162.6528 sq. yds. Ans.

By Cross Multiplication.

feet in.

59 9 24 6

1434 0

29 10 6

9)1463 10 6

162 5 10 6

Ang. 162 yards 5 feet,

* Plasterers' plain work is measured by the square foot, or yord of 9 square feet; and enriched mouldings, &c., by running or lineal measure.

2. If the partitions between rooms are 141 feet 6 inches about, and 11 feet 3 inches high; how many yards do they contain ?

Ans. 176.87. 3. The length of a room is 14 feet 5 inches, its breadth 13 feet 2 inches, and height 9 feet 3 inches to the under side of the cornice, whose girth is 81 inches, and its projection 5 inches from the wall on the upper part next the ceiling; what will be the quantity of plastering, supposing there be no deductions but for one door, whose size is 7 feet by 4 feet?

53 yds. 5ft. 3. in of rendering. Ans. 18 yds. 5 ft. 6 in. of ceiling.

And 39 ft. 0}} in. of cornice.



PAINTERS' work is measured in the same manner as tbat of Carpenters; and in taking the dimensions, the line must be forced into all the mouldings and cornices.

The work is estimated at so much per yard, except sashes, which are done at so much per light; in carved mouldings, &c. it is customary to allow double the usual

Glaziers' work is done at so much per light, that is, computed at a given price for putting in each pane of glass, according to the size.



1. If a room be painted, whose height is 16 feet 6 inches, and its compass 97 feet 9 inches; how many yards does it contain ?

Balustrades and most other works of that kind are measured as in Joiners' work, excepting for doors, window-shutters, &c. where the Joiner is only allowed the area and half area; but the Painter has always double the area of one side, because every part that is painted must be measured.

Note.—Painters take their dimensions with a string, and measure from the top of the cornice to the floor, girthing the string over all the mouldings and swellings; and their price is generally proportioned to the number of times they lay on their color.

All work of this kind is done by the square yard, and every part where the color lies must be measured and estimated in the general account of the work.

Deductions are to be made for chimneys, casements, &c. and the price is generally proportioned to the number of times they lay on their color.

By Decimals. 97.75 x 16.5=1612.875 sq. feet =179.208 sq yds. Answer.

By Cross Multiplication.

97 9
16 6

[blocks in formation]

179 1 10 6

Ans. 179 yards 1 foot. 2. The height of a room is 14 feet 10 inches, and the circumference 21 feet 8 inches : how many square yards does it contain ?

Ans. 35.71. 3. Suppose a room, that was to be painted at 8d. per yard, measures as follows: the height is 11 feet 7 inches ; the girth or compass 74 feet 10 inches; the door 7 feet 6 inches, by 3 feet 9 inches; five window.shutters, each 6 feet 8 inches, by 3 feet 4 inches; the breaks in the windows 14 inches deep and 8 feet high; the chimney 6 feet 9 inches by 5 feet; a closet, the height of the room, 31 feet deep, and 44 feet in front, with shelving; at 22 feet 6 inches by 10 inches; the shutters, doors and shelves being all colored on both sides; what will the whole come to?

Ans. 41. 188. 9d.

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