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20 And every island fled stones and pearls, having away, and the mountains a goiden cup in her hand were not found.

full of abominations and 21 And there fell upon filthiness of her fornicamen a great hail out of tion: heaven, every stone about 5 And upon her forethe weight of a talent: head was a name written, and men blasphemed God MYSTERY, BABYLON because of the plague of THE GREAT, THE MOthe hail; for the plague THER OF HARLOTS thereof was exceeding AND ABOMINATIONS great.


6 And saw the woman 3,4 4 rooman arrayed in purple of the saints, and with

drunken with the blood and scarlet, toith a golden cup in her hand, kitteth upon the beast, the blood of the martyrs 5 tohich is great Babylon, the mo- of Jesus: and when I saw ther of all abominations. 9 The interpretation of the setti heads, her, I wondered with great 12 and the len horns. 8 The pu admiration. nishment of the whore. 14 The victory of the Lamb.

7 And the angel said unto

me, Wherefore didst thou ND there came one marvel? I will tell theo

which had the seven vi- man, and of the beast that als, and talked with me, carrieth her, which hath saying unto me, Come the seven heads and ten hither; I will shew unto horns. thee the judgment of the 8 The beast that thou great whore that sitteth sawest was, and is not; and upon many waters: shall ascend out of the bot

With whom the kings tomless pit, and go into of the earth have com- perdition: and they that mitted fornication, and dwell on the earth shall the inhabitants of the wonder, whose names were earth have been made not written in the book of drunk with the wine of life from the foundation her fornication.

of the world, when they 3 So he carried me away behold the beast that was, in the spirit into the wil- and is not, and yet is. derness: and I saw a wo- 9 And here is the mind man sit upon a scarlet co- which hath wisdom. The loured beast, full of names seven heads aro seven of blasphemy, having se- mountains, on which the ven heads and ten horns. woman sitteth.

4 And the woman was 10 And there are seven arrayed in purple and kings: tive are fallen, and scarlet colour, and deck- one is, and the other is ed with gold and precious not yet come; and when

which thou sa west are ten AND after these things

he cometh, he must con- CHAPTER XVIII. tinue a short space.

2 Babylon is fallen. 4 The people 11 And the beast that of God commanded to depart out was, and is not, even he

of her. 9 The kings of the earth,

11 with the merchants and mariis the eighth, and is of ners, lament over her. 20 The the seven, and goeth into

saints rejoice for the judgments perdition.

of God upon her. 12 And the ten horns

I saw another angel kings, which have received come down from heaven, no kingdom as yet; but having great power; and receive power as kings one the earth was lightened hour with the beast. with his glory: 13 These have one mind, 2 And he cried mightily and shall give their pow- with a strong voice, say. er and strength unto the ing, Babylon the great is beast.

fallen, is fallen, and is 14 These shall make become the habitation of war with the Lamb, and devils, and the hold of the Lamb shall overcome every foul spirit, and a them: for he is Lord of cage of every unclean and lords, and King of kings: hateful bird. and they that are with 3 For all nations have him are called, and cho- drunk of the wine of the sen, and faithfuí.

wrath of her fornication, 15 And he saith unto me, and the kings of the earth The waters which thou have committed fornicasa west, where the whore tion with her, and the sitteth, are peoples, and merchants of the earth multitudes, and nations, are waxed rich through and tongues.

the abundance of her de16 And the ten horns licacies. which thou sawest upon 4 And I heard another the beast, these shall hate voice from heaven, saying, the whore, and shall make Come out of her, my peoher desolate and naked, ple, that ye be not parand shall eat her flesh, and takers of her sins, and burn her with fire.

that ye receive not of her 17 For God hath put in plagues. their hearts to fulfil his 5 For her sins have reachwill, and to agree, and ed unto heaven, and Ged give their kingdom unto hath remembered her inithe beast, until the words quities. of God shall be fulfilled. 6 Reward her even as

18 And the woman which she rewarded you, and thou sa west is that great double unto her double city, which reigneth over according to her works: the kings of the earth. in the cup which she



hath filled fill to her 13 And cinnamon, and double.

odours, and ointments, and ? How much she hath frankincense, and wine, glorified herself, and lived and oil, and fine flour, and deliciously, so much tor-wheat, and beasts, and ment and sorrow give her: sheep, and horses, and for she saith in her heart, chariots, and slaves, and I sit a queen, and am no souls of men. widow, and shall see no 14 And the fruits that thy

soul Justed after are de8 Therefore shall her parted from thee, and all plagues come in one day, things which were dainty death, and mourning, and and goodly are departed famine; and she shall be from thee, and thou shalt utterly burned with fire: find them no more at for strong is the Lord God all. who judgeth her.

15 The merchants 9 And the kings of the these things, which were earth, who have commit- made rich by her, shall ted fornication and lived stand afar off for the fear deliciously with her, shall of her torment, weeping bewail her, and lament and wailing, for her, when they shall 16 And saying, Alas, alas see the smoke of her burn- that great city, that was ing,

clothed in fine linen, and 10 Standing afar off for purple, and scarlet, and the fear of her torment, decked with gold, and presaying, Alas, alas that cious stones, and pearls! great city Babylon, that 17 For in one hour 80 mighty city! for in one great riches is come to hour is thy judgment nought. And every shipcome.

master, and all the com11 And the merchants pany in ships, and sailors, of the earth shall weep and as many as trade by and mourn over her; for sea, stood afar off, no man buyeth their mer- 18 And cried when they chandise any more : saw the smoke of her burn

12 The merchandise of ing, saying, What city is gold, and silver, and pre- like unto this great city! cious stones, and of pearls, 19 And they cast dust and fine linen, and purple, on their heads, and cried, and silk, and scarlet, and weeping and wailing, sayall thyine wood, and all ing, Alas, alas that great manner vessels of ivory, city, wherein were made and all manner vessels of rich all that had ships in most precious wood, and the sea by reason of her of brass, and iron, and costliness! for in one hour marble,

is she made desolate.


20 Rejoice over her, thou of much people in heaven, heaven, and ye holy apo- saying, Alleluia; Salvastles and prophets; for tion, and glory, and hoGod hath avenged you on nour, and power, unto the her.

Lord our God: 21 And a mighty angel 2 For true and rightetook up a stone like a ous are his judgments: for great millstone, and cast he hath judged the great it into the sea, saying; whore, which did corrupt Thus with violence shall the earth with her fornithat great city Babylon be cation, and hath avenged thrown down, and shall be the blood of his servants found no more at all. at her hand.

22 And the voice of harp- 3 And again they said, ers, and musicians, and Alleluia. And her smoke of pipers, and trumpeters, rose up for ever and ever. shall be heard no more at And the four and all in thee; and no crafts- twenty elders and the four man, of whatsoever craft beasts fell down and worhe bé, shall be found any shipped God that sat on more in thee; and the the throne, saying, Amen; sound of a millstone shall Alleluia. be heard no more at all 5 And a voice came out in thee;

of the throne, saying, 23 And the light of a can. Praise our God, all ye dle shall shine no more at his servants, and ye that all in thee; and the voice fear him, both small and of the bridegroom and of great. the bride shall be heard no 6 And I heard as it were more at all in thee: for the voice of a great multhy merchants were the titude, and as the voice great men of the earth; of many waters, and as the for by thy sorceries weré voice of mighty thunderall nations deceived. ings, saying, Alleluia : for

24 And in her was found the Lord God omnipotent the blood of prophets, and reigneth. of saints, and ot all that 7 Let us be glad and rewere slain upon the earth. joice, and give honour to

him for the marriage of CHAPTER XIX. the Lamb is come, and his 1 God is praised in heaven for wife hath made herself judging the great whore, and ready. aneiging the blood of his saints,

8 And to her was granted 7 The marriage of the Lamb. 10 The angel will not be worshipped. that she should be array17 The fouls called to the great ed in fine linen, clean and slaughier.

white; for the fine linen ANI ND after these things is the righteousness of

I heard a great voice saints.

9 And he saith unto me, 16 And he hath on his Write, Blessed are they vesture and on his thigh a which are called unto the name written, KING OF marriage supper of the KINGS, AND LORD OF Lamb. And he saith un- LORDS. to me, These are the true 17 And I saw an angel sayings of God.

standing in the sun; and 10 And I fell at his feet he cried with a loud voice, to worship him. And he saying to all the fowls said unto me, See thou that fly in the midst of do it not: I am thy fel- heaven, Come and gather lowservant, and of thy yourselves together unto brethren that have the the supper of the great testimony of Jesus: wor- God; ship God: for the testi- 18 That ye may eat the mony of Jesus is the spirit flesh of kings, and the of prophecy.

flesh of captains, and the if And I saw heaven flesh of mighty men, and opened, and behold a the flesh of horses, and of white horse; and he that them that sit on them, and sat upon him was called the flesh of all men, both Faithful and True, and free and bond, both small in righteousness he doth and great. judge and make war. 19 And I saw the beast,

12 His eyes were as a and the kings of the earth, flame of fire, and on his and their armies, gatherhead were many crowns;ed together to make war and he had a name writ- against him that sat on ten, that no man knew, the horse, and against his but he himself.

army: 13 And he was clothed 20 And the beast was with a vesture dipped in taken, and with him the blood : and his name is false prophet that wrought called The Word of God. miracles before him, with

14 And the armies which which he deceived them were in heaven followed that had received the mark him upon white horses, of the beast, and them clothed in fine linen, white that worshipped his image. and clean.

These both were cast alive 15 And out of his mouth into a lake of fire burning goeth a sharp sword, that with brimstone. with it he should smite 21 And the remnant were the nations: and he shall slain with the sword of him rule them with a rod of that sat upon the horse, iron: and he treadeth the which sword proceeded out winepress of the fierceness of his mouth : and all the And wrath of Almighty fowls were filled with their God.


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