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meritorious worth obtains—a gratifying instance of which occurred on the evening of Wednesday, October 22nd, when a numerous body of friends assembled at Bedford Road Chapel, to testify the high sense they entertained of the character and labours of Mr. Charles Austin, previous to his departure for New Zealand. Mr. A. for many years has laboured zealously and indefatigably as a leader and Local preacher, in fact, he might be deemed the father of the cause there; and by his counsels, the stern, uncompromising independence of his spirit, and the excellence of his moral worth, have endeared him to all who had the pleasure of his friendship. After partaking of the "Cup that cheers, but not inebriates," liberally provided by one of his most attached friends, Mr. Cropp was called to the chair; and after the devotional services were concluded, a handsome writing desk, furnished complete in every particular, including the entire proceeds of the tea, was, at the request of the chairman, presented to him by Mr. J. C. Keen, who expressed the pleasure it afforded him in being the medium of conveying such a practical expression of the kindness of the friends, as the handsome testimonial then before them so feelingly conveyed; and begged his acceptance of it, as a just though small appreciation of his labours amongst them, as well as a memento of their attachment.

Mr. Austin replied in most affectionate terms for the kindness displayed, rejoicing that his humble though earnest endeavours had received the stamp of their approbation, and trusting they would be sealed by the Spirit to their everlasting salvation — devoutly praying that their prosperity as a church might be uninterrupted, that they might increase in the best gifts, possessing "the fulness of Him that filleth all in all; " and though they should never meet on earth again, that they might one day meet at the Eternal throne, where as his crown of rejoicing, he should be enabled to say, "Here am I, and the children thou has given me."

Several other friends testified their deep respect for Mr. Austin, wishing him a prosperous voyage. And thus passed an evening of plea

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On Sunday, the 9th of November, two sermons were preached at the above-named place, by our respected minister, the Rev. Edwin Wright. The sermons were very impressive and appropriate, the congregations moderate.

On Monday night following, we held our Annual Missionary meeting, David Whitehead, Esq., of Holly Mount, took the chair. After the meeting had been opened by singing and prayer, the chairman called on the Secretary to read the report, which was of a very encouraging nature; then followed Mr. Wright, who in a very lucid and graphic speech, advocated the claims of Christian missions on the support and sympathy of the public and Christians in particular.

Mr. Howe, Baptist, then addressed the meeting on the obstacles in the way of Christian missions.

The Rev. John Guttridge, of Preston, gave us a thrilling and stirring address on the certainty of the universality of the.Redeemer's kingdom.

After a few pithy observations from the chairman, on the duty of supporting the cause of God, the collection was made, which amounted to 12/. 0*. 4\d.

On Tuesday night, the llth instant, a Missionary meeting was held at Water, Mr. Henry Green, of Bacup, in the chair. Messrs. E. Wright, J, Howarth, A. Brunskill, and J.

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Hast thou ever found a friend—
One faith tul, constant, kind;

"Whose spirit with thine own doth blend,
As music with the wind 1

Whose con verse never leaves

The artlessness of truth,
And every varied accent breathes

The earnestness of youth?

Whose sympathy can quell
The gath'ring storm of grief;—

The gloomy clouds of fear dispel,
Which hide Hope's sweet relief.

Whose gay smiles grow less gay,
As sickness pales thy cheek:

Who proves thy strongest earthly stay
When pain hath made thee weak?

Who leads thee out from home,
When Spring displays her wealth;

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Shadows of the Put and Dawnings

of the Future 1

True Worship 11

The KDglish Reformation 36

The Pouer of Conscience 86

Character of Apostolic Preaching.. 67
Biography and Autobiography .... 66
The karth, as the theatre where God
displays the Glories of his Charac-
ter 78

Influence of Character on Destiny.. 80
Usefulness of the Scripture Idea of

Retribution 81

Man's Immortal Destiny 81

Moral Argument for the Eternity of

Future Punishment 82

Scripturality of a distinct order of

Salaried Teachers 85

The Perpetuity of the Ministerial

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The Difficulties of a Religious Life 134

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The Blessed Dead 163

"There is a Spirit in Man," 167

The " To-morrow" of the Dying.. 168

Human Discovery 172

Home 175

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A Group of Orators , 226

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Contrast between the Platform and

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