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Being a VIEW of the

Original Constitution,


Subsequent Revolutions,


Government Religious and Civil,

Of that People, out of whom the SAVIOUR
of the WORLD was to arise:

As it is contained in the BIBLE.

By S AM U E L C R 0 X A L L, D. D.
Arch-Deacon of Salop in the Diocese of Hereford.

'ATnjAAofg/aiyxgVoi Tjjs UoAif&xs r& 'io^omja. Eph.ii. 12.


Printed for J.tonson and J.watts,


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HE Design of the following Treatise is to make the Bible more easily under-* stood, and consequently better relifh'd by all Sorts of People.


Were this sacred Book but confider'd impartially and attentively, in its most advantageous Lights; as it contains all the written Revelation of God's Will now extant; as it is the

A 2 Basis

i ■ . ■


®aflPo$our M^ti^al Religidn, aad gives Vigour ; and Spirit tc&aill our Social'ikwt'/SasfflPte > theinoTb m.~ cient, and consequently curious Collection of Historical Incidents, Moral Precepts, and Political Institutions; as the Style of it is, in some Places, nobly Sublime and Poetical* arid in others, Iweetly Natural, Plain, and Unaffected: In a Word, as the being well acquainted with it is highly requisite, in order to make Men useful and ornamental in this Life (to fay nothing of their Happiness in the next) It is to be hop'd that a cool Reflection or two of this Sort, might induce the more ingenuous

to tHfr tal<£ ft^TvPH;^ tb^Lr riper HYjears,: among those. Volumes wKiekpasi through their Hancfoei-r the* for Amusement or Instruction* And mould such an Entertainment once become fashionable, os what mighty Service would it be to the Interest os Religion, and consequently the Happiness of Mankind f

In order to this, I have endeavour'd to range together, under proper Heads, the several dilpers'd Circumstantials relating to the peculiar Constitution both in Church and State, of that People, to whom God more especially vouchsaf'd to dispense

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