The Loves of the Angels: A Poem

A. and W. Galignani, 1823 - 148 páginas

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Página 107 - And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth : and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
Página 7 - Nature's dawn Rejoicing, men and angels met On the high hill and sunny lawn,— Ere Sorrow came, or Sin had drawn 'Twixt man and Heaven her curtain yet! When earth lay nearer to the skies Than in these days of crime and woe...
Página 79 - Her precious pearl, in sorrow's cup, Unmelted at the bottom lay, To shine again, when, all drunk up, The bitterness should pass away.
Página 4 - I have endeavoured to do in the following stories,) the fall of the soul from its original purity — the loss of light and happiness which it suffers, in the pursuit of this world's perishable pleasures — and the punishments, both from conscience and divine justice, with which impurity, pride, and presumptuous inquiry into the awful secrets of God, are sure to be visited. The beautiful story of Cupid and Psyche owes its chief unarm to this sort of
Página 80 - I've fed the altar in my bower With droppings from the incense tree; I've sheltered it from wind and shower, But dim it burns the livelong hour, As if, like me, it had no power Of life or lustre, without thee ! " A boat at midnight sent alone To drift upon the moonless sea, A lute, whose leading chord is gone, A wounded bird, that hath but one Imperfect wing to soar upon, Are like what I am, without thee...
Página 3 - ... as an episode for a work, about which I have been, at intervals, employed during the last two years. Some months since, however, I found that my friend Lord Byron had, by an accidental coincidence, chosen the same subject for a Drama; and, as I could not but feel the disadvantage of coming after so formidable a rival, I thought it best to publish my humble sketch immediately, with such alterations and additions as I had time to make, and thus, by an earlier appearance in the literary horizon,...
Página 34 - tis slaked— Still urged me onward, with desire Insatiate, to explore, inquire— Whate'er the wondrous things might be, That waked each new idolatry— Their cause, aim, source from whence they sprung, Their inmost powers, as though for me Existence on that knowledge hung.
Página 97 - But should we, in our wanderings, Meet a young pair, whose beauty wants But the adornment of bright wings, To look like heaven's inhabitants — Who shine where'er they tread, and yet Are humble in their earthly lot, As is the wayside violet, That shines unseen, and were it not For its sweet breath would be forgot — Whose hearts, in every thought, are one, Whose voices utter the same wills — Answering, as Echo doth some tone Of fairy music 'mong the hills, So like itself, we seek hi vain Which...
Página 113 - The belief of an intercourse between angels and women — founded upon a false version of a text in Genesis — and of an abundant progeny of demons in consequence, is one of those monstrous notions of St. Justin and other Fathers, which show how little they had yet purged...

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