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The reumatism is a painful distemper, supposed to procede from acrid humors.

The beautiful and accomplished, are too apt to study behaivour rather than virtue.

The peazant's cabbin contains as much content as the soverein's pallace.

True valor protects the feeble, and humbles the oppresser.

David, the son of Jesse, was a wise and valient man.

Prophecies and miracles proclamed Jesus Christ to be the Savior of the world.

Esau sold his birthright for a savory mess of pottage.

A regular and virteous education, is an inesteeni- . able blessing.

Honor and shame from no condition rise:

Act well your part; there, all the honor lies. The rigor of monkish disciplin often conceals depravity of heart.

We should recollect, that however favorable we may be to ourselves, we are rigourously examined by others.

SECT. 5.

Key, p. 18. Virtue can render youth, as well as old age, honorable.

Rumor often tells false tales.
Weak minds are rufled by tri Ming things.

The cabage-tree is very common in the Caribbee ilands, where it grows to a prodigious heighth.

Visit the sick, feed the hungry, cloath the naked. His smiles and tears are too artifitial to be relied


The most essensial virtues of a Christian, are love to God and benevolence to man.

We should be chearful without levity.

A calender signifies a register of the year; and a calendar, a press in which clothiers smooth their cloth.

Integrity and hope are the sure paliatives of sor


Camomile is an odouriferous plant, and possesses considerable medicinel virtues.

The gaity of youth should be tempered by the precepts of age.

Certainty, even on distresful occasions, is somtimes more elligible than suspence.

Still green with bays each antient alter stands,

Above the reach of sacriligious hands. The most acceptable sacrifise, is that of a contrite and humble heart.

We are accountable for whatever we patronize in others.

It marks a savage disposition, to tortur animals, to make them smart and agonise, for our diversion.

The edge of cloath, where it is closed by complicating the threads, is called the selvidge.

Soushong tea and Turky coffee were his favorite beveridge; chocolade he seldom drank.

The guilty mind cannot avoid many melancholly apprehensions.

If we injure others, we must expect retalliation. Let every man be fully perswaded in his own mind.

Peace and honor are the sheeves of virtue's harvest.

The black earth, every where obvious on the surface of the ground, we call mold.

The Roman pontif claims to be the supream head of the church on earth.

High-seasoned food viciates the pallate, and occasions a disrelish for plain fare.

The conscious receivor is as bad as the thief.

Alexander, the conquerer of the world, was, in fact, a robber and a murderer.

The Divine Being is not only the Creater, but the Ruler and Preservor of the world,

Honest endeavors, if persevered in, will finally be succesful.

He who dies for religion, is a martyr: he who suffers for it, is a confessour.

In the paroxism of passion, we sometimes give occasion for a life of repentence.

The mist which invelopes many studies, is dissipated when we approach them.

The voice is sometimes obstructed by a hoarsness, or by viscuous phlegm.

The desart shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose,

The fruit and sweetmeats set on table after the meat, are called the desert.

We traversed the flowry fields, till the failing dews admonished us to return.

SECT. 6.

Key, p. 15. There is frequently a worm at the root of our most florishing condition.

The stalk of ivey is tough, and not fragil.

The roof is vaulted, and distills fresh water from every part of it.

Our imperfections are discernable by others, when we think they are concealed.

They think they shall be heared for there much speaking

True criticizm is not a captious, but a liberal art.

Integrity is our best defense against the evils of life.

No circumstance can licence evil, or dispence with the rules of virtue.

We may be cyphers in the world's estimation, whilst we are advancing our own and others' value,

The path of virtue is the path of peace.

A dipthong is the coilition of two vowels to form one sound.

However forceable our temptations, they may be resisted.

I acknowlege my transgression; and my sin is ever before me.

The colledge of cardinals are the electers of the pope. He had no colorable excuse to palliate his conduct.

Thy humourous vein, thy pleasing folly,

Lie all neglected, all forgot. If we are so conceited as obstinatly to reject all advice, we must expect a direliction of friends.

Cronology is the science of computeing and ajusting the periods of time.

In groves we live, and lay on mossy beds,

By chrystal streams, that murmer thro' the meads. It is a secret cowardise which induces us to complement the vices of our superiors, to applaud the libertin, and laugh with the prophane.

The lark each morning waked me with her spritely lay.

There are no fewer than thirty two species of the lilly.

We owe it to our visitors as well as to ourselves, to entertain them with useful and sensable conversation.

Sponsers are those who become sureties for the children's education in the christian faith.

The warrier's fame is often purchased by the blood of thousands.

Hope exhilerates the mind, and is the grand elixer, under all the evils of life.

The incence of gratitude, whilst it expresses our duty, and honors our benefacter, perfumes and regails ourselves.




Containing instances of false SÝNTAX, disposed under

the particular Rules.

[blocks in formation]

A verb must agree with its nominative case, in number and person: as I learn;" Thou art improued;" The birds sing.'

Grammar, p. 139. Key, p. 18. DISAPPOINTMENTS sinks the heart of man; but the renewal of hope give consolation.

The smiles that encourage severity of judgment, hides malice and insincerity.

He dare not act contrary to his instructions.

Fifty pounds of wheat contains forty pounds of flour.

The mechanism of clocks and watches, were totally unknown a few centuries ago.

The number of the inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland, do not exceed sixteen millions.

Nothing but vain and foolish pursuits delight some persons.

A variety of pleasing objects charm the eye.

So much both of ability and merit are seldom found.

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