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EXERCISES* of bad English,

to be corrected for the Im.' proveinenţof the young Scholar,


Hates, thou doth laugh, he def

play; we weepeth, ye does walk, they doth read.

I art trying, thou is idling, he are talking; we art going, ye is seeking, they am tarrying.

I didi ask, thou denied, he performedft; we did demanded, ye did sleeps, they did return.

The Learner is desired to take Notice, that such Words, as in these Exereises require Correction, will be found printed in Italics,

I was

I wasi marching, thou were writing, he walt exercised; we was pafling, ye wast speaking, they was running.


Hoft heard, thou hath broken, he

have behaved, we has belied, ye hath fworn, they has counterfeited.

[ocr errors]

I hath been betrayed, thou has been deceived, he have been tempted; we has been compared, ye hath been taken, they hafı been despised.

I had t escaped, thou had been condemned, he hadst been confounded ; we shalt deliver, ye shult have pofseffed, ihey wilt succeed.

I mayest continue, thou will enlarge, he mighest have bleft; we shouldest envy, he oughtesi to hath finished, they Joalt hath entertained.


HE Drums beats. The Dog bark.

Birds flies. The Child are crying. The Parrot chatter. Cats mews, The Mice is playing.


Many Days has past. I were very sorrowful. My Father waft angry. Such Perfons is much esteemed. Vir tue gain Credit,

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I and my Sister walks often together, Thou and thy Cousin is always wrangling. Honour and Respect waits on Goodness.

This Fellows wilt be troublesome. My Mother loves him better than I. John deliverest the Letter to thou. That is the Man, who thou saw Yefterday,


THIS Book is more thicker than THIS

thine. She is the most w left of the three. Get me your Brother Knife. That wilt add to your Son Disgrace. It is a most shockingest Thing.

Years sides fast away, and old Age treep on apace. Use make Artists, and insensibly give Dexterity. Flattery are odious, but have many Admirer. Vices imitates Virtues, and by that Means deceives us. Prosperity has numerous Followers, but Adversity bring Contempt.

Whilft we was hunting, ye was ftudying. She have always highly valued thou, though thou has not believed it. They says that the King am coming, and that he wilt make a grand Appearance.


Wise Man wilt hear, and will

A increaseth Learning ; and a

Man of Understanding shalt attains unto wise Counfels.

My Son, forgets not my Law, but let thine Heart keeps my Commandments.

Withholds not Good from they to who it art due, when it are in the Power of thine Hand to does it.

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Hear, ye Child, the Instruction of a Father, and attendeth to knows Understanding.

Keepeth thy Hearts with all Diligence, for out of it is the Iflies of Life.


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